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Most Talked About Esquire Stories

Should 'Stun Vests' Be Legal?

esquire.com — Stun vests might sound like the name of a super trendy men's fashion accessory, but they are actually terrifying devices of torture used to keep prisoners "in check" by electrocuting them if they get out of hand while they are in court.

Dustin Shillcox Is Paralyzed. Now, He Can Stand.

esquire.com — In almost every aspect other than his spine, Dustin Shillcox is perfectly normal. He's exceptionally nice, an avid outdoorsman, a Denver Broncos fan. The kind of guy who will (and has, often) stop whatever he's doing and watch Bad Boys II whenever it comes on TV.
Hey! I spent a couple weeks on this. Amazing story. “@JustNowAgo: Dustin Shillcox Is Paralyzed. Now, He Can Stand. esqm.ag/60139ls3
RT @Esquiremag: After being told he'd never use his lower half again, this man's standing, thanks to science: esqm.ag/60139ltL http:/…

The Principal of Columbine, Frank DeAngelis, is Retiring

esquire.com — F rank DeAngelis didn't always want to be a teacher, and heaven knows he didn't expect the responsibilities the job would lay upon him. When he graduated from high school in northern Colorado, he thought he would become an accountant.
Great Esquire piece on the Columbine High principal who is retiring, and the "hellish Groundhog Day feel of it all" esquire.com/blogs/news/col…
15 years after the shooting, Columbine's principal is retiring. Annabelle Smith catches up with him. esquire.com/blogs/news/col… via @EsquireMag

How Gay Marriage Is Killing Absurd Adultery Laws

esquire.com — Well, it turns out the Christian conservatives were right - gay marriage is destroying traditional marriage between a man and a woman. The latest evidence comes from New Hampshire, where the state government voted to repeal a very old adultery law after a Democratic congressman pointed out that technically, under the law, gay people couldn't commit adultery because a long chain of legal decisions defined adultery "as between a man and woman."

Those Leaflets Ordering Jews to Register in Ukraine? They're Ukrainian Propaganda

esquire.com — The Internet burned yesterday with reports coming out of east Ukraine that Jews are being ordered to register with the government. Israeli and Ukrainian media first ran the story, which was picked up globally, of Jews leaving a synagogue in the city of Donestk being handed leaflets telling them to register with the "temporary government" or risk getting kicked out of the country.

The Real Deal Behind A Jamaican Sex Resort

esquire.com — Down in Jamaica, there's a place aptly named Hedonism II that features a special brand of inhibition-free "adult" resort action. While this all-inclusive getaway offers your usual all-you-can-eat-and-drink beach-side fun in the sun, there's also a "clothing optional" policy, mirrors above all the beds, and a strong emphasis on pleasure of the "anything goes" variety.

Another Monster Heard From

esquire.com — By Charles P. Pierce on April 18, 2014 Looking forward and not back sends another piece of America's moral high ground sliding into the sea. But [James] Mitchell, who was reported to have personally waterboarded accused 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, remains unrepentant.

Is 'Under The Skin' Scarlett's 'The Shining'?

esquire.com — There's a part in Jonathan Glazer's Under The Skin where, without giving anything away, Scarlett Johannson walks completely naked through a black void. You are not watching The Sexiest Woman Alive, nor the movie star you know and love.

Five Esquire-Approved 420 Must-Haves

esquire.com — Weed may be mainstream now, but the ephemera that surrounds it's still not necessarily, how do we say, elegant. Yet it's America's most popular (barely) illegal drug, so there must be some sophisticated potheads out there that want to celebrate this Sunday's 420 in style. This list is for you then.
The elevated weed-wear: Five Esquire-Approved 420 Must-Haves esquire.com/blogs/mens-fas… via @EsquireMag

Gabriel Garcia Marquez: What I've Learned

esquire.com — People often ask me: Who have you never been able to interview for the What I've Learned column that you'd most like to spend time with? That man died yesterday. Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Well, he didn't really die. Nobody who writes great literature ever dies.
"Don't let yourself die without knowing the wonder of fucking with love." - Gabriel García Márquez fb.me/6SyO1yXcB
RT @TomJunod: "The day shit is worth money, poor people will be born without an asshole." Gabriel Garcia Marquez, via @calfussman. http://t…
RT @TomJunod: "The day shit is worth money, poor people will be born without an asshole." Gabriel Garcia Marquez, via @calfussman. http://t…

RIP: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Greatest Writer of My Lifetime

esquire.com — The greatest writer of my lifetime died just now. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Prize winner, inventor of magical realism, fearless journalist of the evil lunacies of South American politics, passed away at 87. He had been suffering from lymphatic cancer, which he had endured, with appropriate unlikeliness, since 1999.

Live Session with Mike Gordon

esquire.com — Many of you know Mike Gordon as the remarkably bouncy bassist from superstars Phish, but there's something else you should be aware of: his solo stuff is fcking great. Yes, it's got some of that spontaneous groove-tastic vibe, but it also delves deep into avant rock and jazz territory, with a heavy reggae influence as well.
RT @juliamordaunt: RT "@EsquireMag: Live Sessions @mike_gordon Covers @TheFlamingLips "Are You A Hypnotist?" bit.ly/1jNTOEN http://…

The Snowden Effect, Continued

esquire.com — By Charles P. Pierce on April 17, 2014 This, dear boy, is a very bad move. "I've seen little public discussion of Russia's policy of mass surveillance," Snowden said. "So I'd like to ask you: Does Russia intercept, store, or analyze the communication of millions?
RT @joshuafoust: Even his loudest cheerleaders are having a WTF moment over Snowden's performance in Moscow today esquire.com/blogs/politics…
Agree with @esqpolitics: Pretty dumb of Snowden to allow Putin to spout "hilariously arrant bullshit" on surveillance esquire.com/blogs/politics…