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Insubordination - Esquire — "He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power." Here's something interesting about the Declaration of Independence, which we all revere because, you know, freedom. In the long bill of particulars on which the Continental Congress arraigned King George III -- and there are 27 counts on that indictment -- there isn't one mention of taxes.
Dec 22, 2014

"If the NYPD runs a slow-motion coup vs. the NY mayor, it is running a slow-motion coup vs. the people of NY"…

Dec 22, 2014

The CIA & NYPD: Perilous Insubordination In Our Democracy

Peter Jackson: “I Don't Really "Like the Hollywood Blockbuster Bandwagon That Exists Right Now" — Peter Jackson's latest big-budget popcorn movie has already made north of $90 million dollars. The third and final installment of Jackson's franchise, The Battle of Five Armies, took home a reported $90.6 million at the domestic box office over its Wednesday-through-Sunday opening weekend.
Dec 22, 2014

RT @jeffbercovici: Peter Jackson, who made 7 Lord of the Rings movies, is bummed Hollywood has become "very franchise-driven."…

Dec 22, 2014

Peter Jackson, who made 7 Lord of the Rings movies, is bummed Hollywood has become "very franchise-driven."…

Dec 22, 2014

Peter Jackson's latest big budget popcorn movie just made $90 million dollars. He's sick of it:…

Pope Francis Lists Spiritual Diseases at the Curia — On Monday, Pope Francis addressed the Roman Curia-the senior Vatican cardinals, bishops, and priests-and politely laid out everything he thinks they're doing wrong. As reported by Vatican Insider, Francis presented a 15-point "catalog of spiritual diseases" as part of his remarks. We've excerpted some of Francis's points below.

LeBron James Jr. Highlight Reel — The pre-chorus to the 1997 alt-rock hit "One Headlight" is catchy, sure, but Jakob Dylan will never be Bob Dylan. Kiefer Sutherland was fantastic in The Lost Boys and 24, but neither of those hold a candle to his father Donald's work in The Dirty Dozen or Ordinary People.

The Interview IMDB Ranking Jumps to 9.9 — The vast majority of Internet users have yet to see The Interview. Sony nixed the film's theatrical release last week and the studio remains cagey about any potential digital release.

Pope Francis' Christmas Message To Dastardly Clerics — As always, the usual disclaimers are in place, but it seems that Papa Francesco took advantage of his annual Christmas message to give some members of the Clan Of The Red Beanie a good kick right in the chasubles. The pope denounced the lust for powe...

Cliff Van Zandt On Murder Of Two NYPD Officers — By Charles P. Pierce on December 22, 2014 I never know what to make of Cliff Van Zandt, the "former FBI profiler" whom MSNBC takes out of the steamer trunk every time there's a horrible crime so Van Zandt can speculate on the motivation of someone he wouldn't know if the killer sat in his lap.

What Are The Gobshites Saying These Days? — ing our semi-regular weekly survey of the state of Our National Dialogue which, as you know, is what Frederic Austin would have come up with, had he composed the melody for "The Twelve Derps Of Christmas."

Your Morning Dooley — By Charles P. Pierce on December 22, 2014 "Ye may tut-tut till ye lay an egg," said Mr. Dooley, severely, "ye ol' hen; but 'tis so.

Most Important Books 2014 — Books give us pleasure, of course, but they also help us frame what's happening all around us at any given moment. Instead of compiling a "best of" list, we asked Esquire writers and editors to select the five books published this year that, if you were to read them all, would give you a much fuller picture of what humans were dealing with in 2014.

South Dakota Jerk and Drive Signs Lead to Controversy — The South Dakota Highway Safety office had been running a #DontJerkAndDrive public safety campaign in recent weeks, aimed primarily at teen male motorists . Posters ran with catchy slogans like those above, while an ad on TV, narrated in a posh British accent, explained that "overcorrecting only results in chaos.
Dec 20, 2014

South Dakota's "Don't Jerk and Drive" campaign has caught the attention of national magazines…

George Clooney Slams Hollywood and the Media — In an interview today with Deadline, George Clooney sounded off on Hollywood and the media's response to the North Korea-perpetrated Sony hack, and the studio's subsequent decision to cancel the release of The Interview. Clooney passed a petition around Hollywood in an effort to rally support for Sony to stand up to the hackers and ignore their demands.

Stephen Colbert Breaking Character Supercut Video — By John Hendrickson on December 19, 2014 Stephen Colbert took a bow Thursday night to much fanfare. You can watch the massive, celebrity-laden farewell number here, and Colbert's final edition of "The Word" here. When Colbert takes over for David Letterman in September 2015, the right-wing blowhard character on which he made his entire career will be but a memory.