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Roger Goodell, World Class Client of Crisis Communications Experts, Still Needs to Resign — Roger Goodell's latest trainwreck was a Friday afternoon hour of buckpassing under the increasingly transparent guise of "crisis management." He littered a 3 p.m. press conference with the same sort of faux MBA talk that has reaffirmed a corporate American culture wherein all problems can be coached away if the bottom line is unaffected.
Sep 19, 2014

RT @Esquiremag: Roger Goodell, world-class client of crisis communications experts, still needs to resign:

Sep 19, 2014

.@oneunderscore__ with an important note to PR people in his piece on the Goddell presser:…

John Mellencamp Is Still Looking for Trouble — It was sometime around 1988, John Mellencamp recalls, when he found himself having little use for pop music. "I decided that having hit pop records was not a very pleasant road to travel down," says the singer-songwriter, who for each of the preceding six years had notched a Billboard Hot 100 top-10 song and, to that end, etched himself into the American Songbook with radio-friendly heartland rockers like "Jack & Diane," "Pink Houses," and "Small Town."

Classic American Beers, Ranked — Pabst Blue Ribbon, the quintessentially American beer in the red, white, and blue can that tastes more than a little like pennies, has been sold to the Russian beer company Oasis beverages. The sale, for an estimated $700-750 million, includes all of Pabst's subsidiaries, including 22 other iconic American beers that are all slightly different but all taste more or less the same.