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What it’s Like to Eat and Drink an Entire Hotel Minibar — Everyone has a minibar story. Mine took place the morning after a boozy wedding in Boston. I woke up hungover as hell and perhaps still drunk. I was naked, but, unfortunately, no one was with me in my hotel bed. The only thing greeting me were dozens of mystery pebbles creeping up my crack.
Oct 20, 2014

Laugh-crying at this line: "My fiancée goes to bed because she has to rise early for work. This, sadly, is my work."…

17 Amazing Photos Mixing — When Toronto-based photographer Thomas Dagg isn't shooting for clients like BMW, he's re-imagining the world around him as a fantastical place. Taking normal, mundane photos, he makes them subliminally surreal with the well-placed addition of a character or object from Star Wars, bringing you back to childhood wonder.