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The Fire Next Time: Dispatch From Ferguson, Missouri — FERGUSON, MISSOURI -- Before the decision came down, a line of cops stood shoulder-to-shoulder in front of Ferguson police headquarters, and a few protesters screamed at them. One man taunted, "Why are there no brothers on the line?" The police didn't react. They were dressed in ordinary gear and carrying plastic shields but not all the military hardware.
Nov 25, 2014

RT @MySecondEmpire: John H. Richardson is in Ferguson, with Michael Brown's father. Reporting from @Esquiremag:…

Nov 25, 2014

RT @TomJunod: A report from John H. Richardson, who's in Ferguson and has spent a lot of time with Michael Brown's family:…

Nov 25, 2014

Last Night in Ferguson...And the Night Before with Michael Brown's Father…

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Photos — The weird and wonderful history of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, in 16 photos.

Dead Of Night: The Ferguson Decision — What seemed for a long time to be the day's most remarkable story concerning police and the citizens they are paid to serve had come out of Utah, of all places. The Salt Lake Tribune had dug in and found that the Salt Lake City police had become more dangerous to the public welfare than are the local drug gangs.
Nov 25, 2014

Charles Pierce Esquire column on Ferguson covers my deadly force story, but clari: My data was statewide, not SLCPD

Nov 25, 2014

Charles Pierce's Esquire column on Ferguson revolves around @erinalberty's report of deadly force and Utah cops.

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Your Evening Jemmy — By Charles P. Pierce on November 25, 2014 Remember that precedents once established are so much positive power; and that the nation which reposes on the pillow of political confidence, will sooner or later end its political existence in a deadly lethargy.

The Strangest Witness — By Charles P. Pierce on November 25, 2014 As we all plod through the document dump from Ferguson, Betty over at Balloon Juice calls our attention to an extraordinarily weird exhibit involving someone called Witness No. 40.

The Day After In Ferguson — "We were supposed we were hunting the party of Indians we had seen and were ready to fire at a flash because we did not propose to let any Indian get the first shot at us if we could help it. Immediately I fired. Kern fired a second time and I heard squealing in the brush.
Nov 25, 2014

"Wilson was able to convince a grand jury he was physically intimidated by someone who was exactly the same height"…

Goose Island Bourbon County Barrel Stout 2014 — While many bloated and bleary-eyed folks will stand in early morning Black Friday lines hoping to land a cheap flatscreen or new La-Z-Boy, others will wait in the cold for the chance to buy... beer?!
Nov 25, 2014

RT @aarongoldfarb: I wrote about how @GooseIsland turns an unremarkable beer into the great Bourbon County Stout:…

Here's Some Stupid For Lunch — By Charles P. Pierce on November 25, 2014 Mmmmm, mmmm, MMMM! We got some fine Canadian tex-mex on the menu at the cafe today. "One strong option would be former Sen. Joe Lieberman, a member of the President's own party with deep experience and unshakable commitment to the security of the United States.

The Defenestration Of Chuck Hagel — I may not always have agreed with the politics and practices of this administration but I always gave it credit for a substantial reservoir of fundamental class.

Your Morning Dooley — By Charles P. Pierce on November 25, 2014 "Now what I want to know is where th' jury gets off. What has that collection iv pure-minded pathrites to l'arn fr'm this here polite discussion where no wan is so crool to ask what anny wan else means?" -- Finley Peter Dunne, 1897.

Your Evening Jemmy — By Charles P. Pierce on November 24, 2014 But how easily are base and selfish measures, masked by pretexts of public good and apparent expediency? How frequently will a repetition of the same arts and industry which succeeded in the first instance, again prevail on the unwary to misplace their confidence?

The Return Of Rudy Giuliani — By Charles P. Pierce on November 24, 2014 As the country awaits the decision of the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri in the matter of Officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in broad daylight in the middle of the street, and as the country awaits, and dreads, what may follow that decision, Rudy Giuliani is wandering the landscape again.

How to Deal With Wild Turkeys — Some seven million wild turkeys are roaming the United States right now, three days before Thanksgiving. In the 1950s, there were less than 500,000 wild turkeys, and the species was nearly extinct 100 years ago, according to The Washington Post .

Rachel McAdams Cast as Female Lead in — It had been rumored for months, and now it's official: Rachel McAdams will play the female lead in the second season of HBO's True Detective.

Here's Some Stupid For Lunch — By Charles P. Pierce on November 24, 2014 Here at the Cafe, we are watching with increasing trepidation the events in Ferguson, Missouri, but we also always are looking for new recipes from new customers wherever we can get them.

Ukrainian Revolution Photos - Photos of Protests in Ukraine - Esquire — On November 21, 2013, thousands of Ukrainian protesters occupied the capital's Maidan Square, spurring what came to be known as the Euromaidan Revolution. The year that followed brought a rush of change that no one could have imagined-the Russian annexation of Crimea, the installation of a new Ukrainian government, the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, a collapsed cease-fire, and today, the threat of an all-out war with their Russian neighbors.
Nov 25, 2014

Curious timing. RT @Esquiremag: What Ukraine Looks Like a Year After the Protests, in Photos

The 5 Best Moments from the Cameron Diaz — Cameron Diaz hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, and even though Diaz didn't have many funny moments herself, it was one of the strongest episodes of the season. Here are the five things that worked best. This young cast just might end up being alright after all.

The 10 Most (and Least) Accurate Sci-Fi Movies — Early in the film, a character takes a routine commercial flight to a space station aboard a shuttle sporting Pan Am's logo. Swap SpaceX for Pan Am, and 2001 predicts the ambition of the private spaceflight industry. Even HAL 9000's nuanced descent into lethal system error rings true.
Nov 23, 2014

The epidemic of sci-fi fact-checking must stop. Hey fellas, guess what the "fi" stands for. Let me enjoy the movie…

Best War Movies of All Time — Ridley Scott directs our generation's equivalent of The Longest Day, rendering the details of the battle of Mogadishu in full bloody glory and chaos. The emotions take a back seat during the action, but that makes the brief lulls harder to watch as the Rangers and special forces personnel try to fight off an entire city.
Nov 23, 2014

Black Hawk Down declared best war movie of all time in this list/review of war as portrayed in cinema…