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Letters to the editor: The long road to peace in Gaza — At the time of writing, Israel has killed 718 Palestinians and wounded a further 4,563, the majority civilians, over two and a half weeks of intense bombardment from land, sea and air. Victims include children playing on the beach, and families blown to pieces as they sleep.

Family 'devastated' after dog dies of overheating in car on ferry because P&O said it was not allowed on deck — Kirsty and Deane Wallace were travelling from Calais to Dover with their sons and had to leave their three dogs behind in the vehicle. The company's security regulations says that passengers cannot stay in their cars with their pets, nor take them out of the vehicles.
Jul 24, 2014

Family 'devastated' after dog dies of overheating in car on ferry because P&O said it was not allowed on deck…

Jul 24, 2014

RT @KayBurley: Dear @POferries, care to comment on this story about a dog who died because you insisted owners leave him in car?

Exclusive: Pay gap widens as women earn 13 per cent less than men in London — Shock official figures today revealed that for each pound paid to men per hour last year, women receive 86.8p - down from 89.1p a year ago. The trend is possibly being fuelled by bigger bonuses going to men in the City, while women are being pushed more than ever into low-paid, part-time jobs, experts said today.
Jul 24, 2014

Oh great: Pay gap widens as women earn 13 per cent less than men in London…

Jul 24, 2014

Exclusive: Pay gap widens as women earn 13 per cent LESS in London. @nicholascecil reveals the scandal…

Queen photobombs Australian hockey player's selfie at the Commonwealth Games — She is not often seen smiling for official pictures.

Secret Cinema ticket holders vent frustration online after Back to the Future opening night screening is cancelled — A message posted on the Secret Cinema Facebook page gave no reason as to why the screening was cancelled but said it was "due to unavoidable circumstances beyond our control". The announcement was made 90 minutes before the event was due to start, causing frustration for fans who had already travelled to London for the screening.

Holy Warriors, Shakespeare's Globe - theatre review — Unfortunately the latter is the case for David Eldridge's misguided new play, which will leave those already decently informed on the subject no better off but considerably more cross - and everyone else utterly bewildered. A cast of 20 takes on more than 70 different parts, plus additional ensemble roles.
Jul 24, 2014

'All is confusion'. My review of the misguided struggle-for-Jerusalem play Holy Warriors at the Globe:…

Why I joined the spaghetti sect: Guy Pewsey tries out being a Pastafarian — George Michael, that great existential thinker, has always maintained that you've gotta have faith. But for those of us who have never got on board with an organised religion, the idea of a defined belief system is a bit hard to grasp.

Commuters hit by 'brutal' heat on London's transport network that it would be illegal to transport livestock in — The Standard joined workers braving the capital's key bus and tube routes at the height of rush hour yesterday, where temperatures on the Central line at Oxford Circus reached 34.8C and air humidity hit 45 per cent. Bus passengers - who traditionally shun summer on the underground for cooler journeys at street level - fared even worse.
Jul 24, 2014

London still yet to understand concept of air conditioning; long history of summers that never came clearly to blame

Generation high rent: how the rental game just moved up a gear — Being a member of Generation Rent used to be something to moan about. Now, everyone's at it. Suffering the boredom of interest rate-watching and the monotony of living in the same place until the mortgage is paid off (aka never) just doesn't compare with being a footloose tenant.
Jul 24, 2014

RT @ESfeatures: From Hollywood roomies to top-end hutchers, the rental game just moved up a gear. @lucytobin reports…

Market round-up: Drax flounders as subsidy row with DECC rumbles on — The Department of Energy and Climate Change, headed by Ed Davey, pictured, allocated funding to Drax to convert two of its power plants into biomass-burning units last year, but in April decided only one project was eligible for the help. Drax took the DECC to the High Court about its volte face.

Peter Bill: Docklands developers push the boat out — Canary Wharf obtained final permission for its £4.5 billion development of Wood Wharf, 18 acres to the east of its existing estate. Chinese developer ABP, meanwhile, gained outline permission last night for a £1.5 billion scheme on 35 acres to the north of City Airport.
Jul 24, 2014

Today's Standard column Peter Bill: Docklands developers push the boat out…

Commonwealth Games: John Barrowman's Glas-gay kiss 'deserved a gold medal for standing up to bigots' — The 47-year-old gay actor shared a kiss with a volunteer male dancer during the opening sequence as the kilted cast pretended to be at a wedding at Gretna Green. It received an outpouring of support on social media, with viewers declaring it a wonderful snub to the 42 Commonwealth countries where homosexuality is outlawed.