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What women don't want... isn't it time the marketeers moved on? — Apologies, but I'm going to begin indelicately - and with a crackpot theory to boot: is it just me or does every TV ad related to occasional bowel difficulty feature a youngish woman whose carefree lifestyle is being enragingly disrupted by her killjoy intestines? Sorry - that's not the crackpot bit.
RT @AlexClark3: An end to lady ads! “@ESMagOfficial: It's time the marketeers moved on from products 'for her', says @AlexClark3 http://t.c…

Rosamund Urwin: A media storm won’t cleanse British sexism — In a game of sexist top trumps, would Britain emerge victorious? Would we see off every other nation, beating Yemen with its lone female MP, India with its record on rape or Saudi Arabia where law-makers think women are such delicate flowers that they couldn't possibly get behind a wheel?