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Marvel Studios reveals 'Ant-Man' Comic-Con poster -- EXCLUSIVE — Feast your compound eyes on this ... An exclusive look at an Ant-Man image that Marvel Studios will be sharing this weekend at Comic-Con. The illustration is a piece of pre-production concept art specifically made for San Diego Comic-Con, which kicks off tonight.

See Colton Haynes as Arsenal in 'Arrow' season 3 — Last season on Arrow, Roy Harper was injected with Slade's Mirakuru serum and had to deal with all of the rage that went with it. But now that Roy is Mirakuru-free, what will season three hold for the wearer of red hoodies? For one thing, another red hoodie.

Giant 'Once Upon a Time' Comic-Con billboard teases 'Frozen' storyline — Once Upon a Time fans going to Comic-Con won't be able to miss this tease to next fall's big storyline: A large building-wrap poster giving another Frozen hint. The image has Elsa (Georgina Haig) laying down some frosty magic and a tagline saying that Storybrooke will freeze over (literally?).
Jul 23, 2014

Giant 'Once Upon a Time' Comic-Con billboard teases 'Frozen’ storyline

Portia de Rossi joins season 4 of 'Scandal' — When last we saw Olivia Pope, she was flying off into the sunset (or maybe just flying off) with Jake by her side-leaving behind a broken Fitz, who'd just lost his son and realized some horrible things about his father. D.C. now rests in the hands of Olivia's own father, who once again took over B-613.