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BBC America is adapting Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Stories for TV — Following the huge success of HBO's Game of Thrones, the BBC is ready to get medieval on your (ahem) television screen. In a press release, BBC America announced that Carnival Films, which produced Downton Abbey, will adapt Bernard Cornwell's book series The Saxon Stories for the screen.
Dec 27, 2014

After spending the month of December as a pagan, I am waiting hungrily for this one. -…

Dustin Diamond arrested for alleged switchblade altercation — Saved by the Bell's Screech, Dustin Diamond, was arrested this morning by the Ozaukee County Sheriff's Department in Wisconsin, reports. According to the Ozaukee County Sheriff's office's website, Diamond was arrested for reckless endangerment, possession of a switchblade, and carrying a concealed weapon. Diamond's bail is set at $1,000.

Gordon Ramsay falls down the rabbit hole on 'Hotel Hell' — Alice in Wonderland was never my favorite story. Once Alice fell down that rabbit hole, her world was full of strange, angry characters, confusing plotlines and questionable substances, which always left me feeling uneasy. Seems there's another rabbit hole in Applegate, Oregon, and Gordon Ramsay just fell into it on the latest episode of Hotel Hell.
Dec 27, 2014

Sometimes (rarely!) you read a really good TV recap and the comments and you miss TwoP and this is that time:…

Watch the most awkward, vulgar, hilarious news bloopers of 2014 — When TV airs live, there's bound to be some mistakes made-occasionally incorrect b-roll, vulgar man on the street interviews, a rogue skateboard that hits a reporter in the head. Thankfully, 2014 had no shortage of amazing news bloopers.

'Hawaii Five-0' lands 'Sopranos' alum Michael Imperioli — Sopranos alum Michael Imperioli is heading to Hawaii Five-0, EW has learned exclusively. Imperioli will play Odell Martin, a reformed criminal with a passion for surfing. Originally from Staten Island, Odell came to Oahu 10 years ago and now runs an old-school barbershop. Although the place employs ex-cons, the business is legit and so is Odell.

Surprise! Jennifer Lawrence is 2014's top-grossing actor — This probably won't come as a surprise to anyone: Forbes has released its annual list of the top-grossing actors in Hollywood, and the number one champ for 2014 is none other than Jennifer Lawrence. With not one, but two huge blockbuster movie franchises, the Oscar winner's a big part of grossing a combined $1.4 billion ( X-Men and The Hunger Games).
Dec 26, 2014

Glad to see her laughin all the way to the bank “@EW Jennifer Lawrence 2014 topgrossing actor

Report: 'Exodus' banned in Egypt due to 'historical mistakes' — Although Exodus: Gods and Kings is set in Egypt, you won't actually be able to see it there. According to Deadline , Ridley Scott's adaptation of the biblical story of Moses has run afoul of Egyptian censors.

Get a ton of Star Wars comics on sale before they disappear next week — For 23 years, Dark Horse has been the exclusive publisher of all comics, telling all manner of stories set in a galaxy far, far away. But now that Disney owns all things , the Dark Horse era of comics is coming to an end-and on January 1, 2015, the publisher will no longer be allowed to sell any of its hundreds of Star Wars comics.
Dec 26, 2014

Get hundreds of Star Wars comics on sale before they disappear next week… via @EW

'Penny Dreadful' season two teaser is all about curses and blessings — The first teaser for Penny Dreadful 's second season has hit the web, and it's appropriately eerie and very cryptic. Mild spoilers for the final moments of season one follow.

The Hot Seat: 'Once Upon a Time' bosses answer burning questions — Who the heck is the story book author? Will Belle (Emilie de Ravin) and Rumple (Robert Carlyle) get their happy ending? What's the deal with the Queens of Darkness?

2014 in memoriam video: Remembering Robin Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and more — 2014 was a tough year for movie buffs, TV lovers, music fans, and comedy connoisseurs alike. Before we turn the calendar to 2015, let's take a moment to stop, reflect, and remember the beloved entertainers, filmmakers, and other pop culture personalities we lost this year. You'll find EW's In Memoriam 2014 reel after the jump.
Dec 26, 2014

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Jenna Coleman confirms her future 'Doctor Who' plans — This year's Doctor Who Christmas special, " Last Christmas," included a tear-inducing farewell for the Doctor's companion Clara. Well, until it wasn't. And now the actress who plays Clara has made it clear she's here to stay. Speaking to the , Jenna Coleman confirmed that she will continue to play Clara for another season of Doctor Who.

Best of 2014: The year's most memorable video games — 2014 has been a strange year for video games. Not a bad year-maybe not a great year-but definitely a strange one. There have been plenty of memorable releases, but 2014 felt like a transitional one for the medium, both in the games themselves and the culture surrounding it.
Dec 26, 2014

RT @jmdornbush: .@jmrivera02, @airlinem and I discussed the year's most memorable games. Threes! Mordor! Transistor! Other things!…

40 Most Shocking TV Moments of 2014 — Bob-B-Q, The Walking Dead: We were already 99.9 percent sure that Gareth (Andrew J. West) and his minions were cannibals after seeing the Terminus killing floor and butcher shop...
Dec 26, 2014

The scene we haven't talked about enough from 2014's most shocking TV moments? Keith on @KingdomDIRECTV:,,… #KingdomTV

Dec 26, 2014

.@EW's homepage right now = @alanvansprang humping a woman out of a window. All for TV's most shocking moments:,,…

After nine years, is 'Seinfeld' still fun or just a lot of yada, yada, yada? — In the course of its series run, Seinfeld's fearsome foursome has encountered a Soup Nazi, NBC network executives, and George Steinbrenner. But this season the show's misanthropes have run into a truly intimidating phenomenon: critical backlash. Four episodes into its ninth season, the centerpiece of NBC's Must See programming is facing an unfamiliar chorus of dissatisfaction.
Dec 25, 2014

@TVMoJoe @maskedscheduler My Nov 9 1997 EW article wondering if Seinfeld was running out of creative steam.,,…

'Doctor Who' Christmas Special recap: 'Last Christmas' — WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT. That is, I think, the only logical response to the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas Special, an episode which took place in 12 Inceptions' worth of dreamtime, and also an episode that was a lovely send-off for Clara... until it turned into a five-hankie every-teardrop-is-a-waterfall send-off for Clara...
Dec 26, 2014

Good take on @doctorwho from our @darrenfranich: "Doctor Who recap: 'Last Christmas'"… via @EW

15 ‘THAT Opened at Xmas?!’ Movies — Jackie Brown: Released: Dec. 25, 1997 Django Unchained isn't Tarantino's first film to come to theaters festooned with Christmas lights. His 1997 follow-up to Pulp Fiction and...
Dec 25, 2014

Forget the merry. 15 movies you won’t believe opened on Christmas Day:

Amy Adams addresses her 'Today Show' interview cancellation — Amy Adams has spoken to about her planned Today show interview, which was scheduled to take place Monday morning. The segment was intended to tout Adams' starring role as artist Margaret Keane in Big Eyes-but Adams' appearance was nixed by Today after Adams expressed discomfort with the show asking her about the recent Sony hack.
Dec 24, 2014

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Dec 24, 2014

I feel like Amy Adams is a bit of a coward for not talking about it, though, right?…

Second batch of Madonna tracks leaks online — Fourteen more Madonna tracks have leaked, following the 13 demos that appeared online without the performer's permission last week. The leak comes in the wake of Madonna's attempt to circumvent her previous unfinished work appearing online by releasing six tracks from her upcoming album Rebel Heart earlier than she intended to distribute them.