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Windows 10 Opens Opportunities for Developers — By Darryl K. Taft | Posted 2015-01-25 Email Print Microsoft's Windows 10 OS will provide a new set of opportunities for developers to build apps for PCs, phones and devices via a unified platform. With Windows 10, Microsoft is opening a new page for Windows users and a vast set of opportunities for developers.

Box Performs Well on Day One as a Publicly Traded Company — By Chris Preimesberger | Posted 2015-01-24 Email Print NEWS ANALYSIS: The company obtained $175 million from investors and the stock rose about 65 percent on its first day in the New York Stock Exchange. Cloud storage and collaboration services provider Box burst onto the publicly traded company scene Jan.

Cultural Gaps Impede Enterprise Big Data Efforts — By Darryl K. Taft | Posted 2015-01-24 Email Print A Teradata study indicates that cultural gaps between CEOs and middle managers can hinder companies' success on big data and analytics efforts. A major gap exists between how CEOs and lower-level managers view big data, according to the findings of a new study sponsored by big data and marketing applications specialist Teradata.

10 Big Data Trends Apt to Influence Enterprises in 2015 — By Chris Preimesberger | Posted 2015-01-23 Email Print Enterprises that know their customers and potential customers will know success. The more they collect and analyze information to determine customers' wants, needs and preferences for a particular product or service, the more efficient the business can operate.

Who Needs the Cloud? Now You Can Wear 1TB on a Wrist — By Chris Preimesberger | Posted 2015-01-23 Email Print The new solid-state Link wristband effectively circumvents the cloud by creating a small, localized cloud of its own. We all know about wearables such as Google Glass, Jawbone and Fitbit, which measure and record data points that we can see and feel and send them into a cloud account.

Google Beta-Tests Docker Containers on Its Cloud Platform — By Jaikumar Vijayan | Posted 2015-01-23 Email Print Google's Container Registry service is designed to let developers host, share and manage private Docker container repositories on its Cloud Platform. In recent months, Google has rolled out several services to make it easier for developers to run Docker containers on its Cloud Platform.

PFP Cybersecurity Takes 'Air Gap' Approach to Security — By Sean Michael Kerner | Posted 2015-01-23 Email Print VIDEO: Power Fingerprinting's founder details innovative technology that uses side-channel analysis to detect attacks. In the physical world, fingerprints have long been a critical tool in helping investigators identify the bad guys.
Jan 23, 2015

PFP Cybersecurity Takes 'Air Gap' Approach to Security

Spam Campaign Business E-mail Compromise Pilfers $215 Million — By Sean Michael Kerner | Posted 2015-01-23 Email Print The FBI and Internet Crime Complaint Center warns of a very profitable spam campaign that has already claimed more than 2,000 victims globally.
Jan 23, 2015

Business E-mail Compromise pilfers $215 Million from Victims Worldwide: FBI tip @Techmeme…

Jan 23, 2015

Spam Campaign Business E-mail Compromise Pilfers $215 Million

BlackBerry's Chen Thinks Net Neutrality Should Be Expanded to Apps — By Todd R. Weiss | Posted 2015-01-22 Email Print BlackBerry's CEO John Chen says net neutrality is good, but companies like his need similar protections so that developers market their apps for more than just Android and iOS users.
Jan 23, 2015

BlackBerry's CEO says developers should be mandated to build apps for all platforms as BlackBerry tries to catch up