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Most Talked About Fast Company Stories

Google Glass Lost Its Number One Fan

fastcompany.com — Influential tech blogger and dadcore icon Robert Scoble was one of Google Glass's earliest and most vocal adopters, at one point vowing to never take them off, even in the shower. But right before a Skrillex set at Coachella last weekend, he says he made the right decision by foregoing his cyborg monocle among a sea of the dubstep bros, after seeing other Glass-wearers shunned.

3 Steps To Hire The Right Assistant

fastcompany.com — As an entrepreneur, I've struggled for years trying to balance many balls in the air. While I've attempted to put a broad range of assistant-like technology to work for me, I could never find an adequate solution.
RT @TheLavinAgency: Looking for an assistant? @ambermac shares her tips for finding and hiring the right one for you: fastcompany.com/3028469/dialed… via @FastCompany

Codecademy Redesigns Website To Focus On Project-Based Learning

fastcompany.com — When aspiring developers decide to learn how to program, their first stop is often checking out online resources like Codecademy to learn the basics. Building on top of its success, which includes 24 million learners on its platform to date, the interactive coding school unveiled a redesigned website Wednesday that emphasizes project-based learning.

AgLocal Goes From Meat Marketplace To Meat Subscription Service

fastcompany.com — Startup AgLocal announced Wednesday it will offer a meat subscription service for consumers that will start shipping May 21. The move is a shift from AgLocal's original business model, a marketplace that connected regional ranchers with restaurants. "That was a model that wouldn't scale effectively," founder and CEO Naithan Jones told Fast Company, noting the marketplace was shut down about two months ago.
MaaS: meat as a service. @AgLocal goes from meat marketplace to meat subscription service: fastcompany.com/3029470/most-i…

The North Face Testing Watson-Powered Virtual Personal Shoppers

fastcompany.com — Clothing brand The North Face is taking an unusual approach to boosting their e-commerce sales: They built a digital personal shopper fueled by IBM's Watson platform. The North Face's new app, currently designed as an internal proof-of-concept tool, lets hypothetical customers find particular articles of clothing by asking Watson questions about their shopping needs and travel plans.
So. It looks like @IBM is trying to take on @amazon by integrating Watson into #ecommerce sites. fastcompany.com/3029593/most-i… (via @fastcompany)

New York City's Version Of The Cat Cafe: Strays On The Bowery, "Cat'achinos"

fastcompany.com — Starting this Thursday, you can hang out with New York's finest stray cats while sipping "cat'achino." Doesn't that sound delightful? PurinaONE thinks so. It's sponsoring the pop-up cat cafe, which will open at 168 Bowery and run through Sunday, April 27.
Would you like a "Cat'achino" with that? Check out #NYC's pop up cat cafe fastcompany.com/3029496/fast-f…

In A Big Win For Cord Cutters, HBO Shows Now Available On Amazon

fastcompany.com — HBO has taken one step closer to cutting the cord. Starting in May, Amazon Prime Instant Video streaming service will offer some of HBO's coveted programming, according to Re/Code. Now, let's be clear. HBO, which has said many, many times that it does not see a financial benefit to offering a standalone streaming service, will not offer all of its shows on Amazon.

How Being Grateful Can Change Your Life

fastcompany.com — Keeping track of what you are grateful for may sound like like something Oprah Winfrey suggested decades ago. But today, several new studies suggest that practicing gratitude isn't just for the Pollyannas of the world.

Most Innovative Companies In Crowdfunding: A Q&A with Robert Wolfe, Cofounder of Crowdrise

live.fastcompany.com — When Crowdrise started back in 2010, founders Edward Norton and Robert Wolfe had one goal: change the world. Back then, to them, that meant creating a crowdfunding platform for "good," which allowed people to raise money for non-profit organizations. Four years later, "changing the world" means more than that.
RT @FastCompany: Join @RZGreenfield tomorrow for a live Q&A with Robert Wolfe, cofounder of @Crowdrise: f-st.co/VWhmYyH #FCMostInnov…

The Case Against "Busy" And The Art Of Sitting Still

fastcompany.com — I spent the past month at an artist residency in Wyoming, living off a dirt road at the edge of a thousand-acre ranch with no cell phone service and a spotty internet connection. Coming from the relentless hustle of New York City, it was quite an adjustment, but it was also a dream.

How The Most Successful Brands Dominate Instagram, And You Can Too

fastcompany.com — More than 16 billion photos have been shared on Instagram. With an average of 55 million uploaded each day, that's a lot of selfies. But it also means a lot of money for brands who figure out how to use the fast-growing social network.
RT @FastCompany: How The Most Successful Brands Dominate Instagram, And You Can Too f-st.co/H9TCrb7

NASA's Space Station Robot Gets Legs

fastcompany.com — The latest SpaceX delivery to the International Space Station (ISS), which took off on Friday from Cape Canaveral, included some unusual cargo: legs for NASA's robotic space station helper. Robonaut 2 (R2) is a humanoid robot NASA placed on the space station to automate tasks such as cleaning and routine maintenance.
These party drugs have gone too far RT @FastCompany NASA space robot shows off its bendy legs: f-st.co/1ybHQX8 twitpic.com/e1t5l1
RT @nealunger: Yes, the International Space Station has a cute/creepy robot helper. fastcompany.com/3029396/world-… (via @fastcompany)
Yes, the International Space Station has a cute/creepy robot helper. fastcompany.com/3029396/world-… (via @fastcompany)
Definitely my favorite GIF this week -- @NASA's space station robot gets a brand-new pair of legs! fastcompany.com/3029396/nasas-…

How A Brewery Founder Went From Cleaning Kegs To Calling The Shots

fastcompany.com — College students are notorious beer fans, but not many of them were as committed as Josh Deth, a homebrewer before it became cool to be one. His first job was as an assistant at Golden Prairie Brewing when he was 20-years-old.

How Intrapreneurship Encouraged Shutterstock's Creative Success

fastcompany.com — Growing a company the old-school way meant acquiring existing companies, but today, some of the most creative organizations are growing from within by embracing a culture of intrapreneurship. Far from the strict hierarchies and closed-door policies of the past, giving employees freedom to pursue entrepreneurial passions is becoming the new norm as companies look to innovate.
Journalism needs this! RT @FastCoLead: Intrapreneurs: becoming the new norm? @Shutterstock thinks so. ow.ly/w1XFk