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Most Talked About Florida Today Stories

Sandhill cranes still on traffic rampage

floridatoday.com — MELBOURNE - Their eggs are gone and their nest has been relocated. But that hasn't stopped a pair of Sandhill cranes from returning to the corner of NASA Boulevard and Evans Road. And that means more traffic problems for commuters in that area.

School stops serving Mountain Dew before FCAT after complaints

floridatoday.com — A complaint that elementary school students were drinking Mountain Dew before taking a high-stakes, standardized test has prompted Creel Elementary School to stop the long-standing practice. The Melbourne school has been serving students trail mix and a small about of Mountain Dew, about 3 tablespoons, before administering the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test each day.
Things that make you go Hmmmmm...School stops serving Mountain Dew before FCAT after complaints on.flatoday.com/1iLAlFk via @Florida_Today
School stops serving Mountain Dew before FCAT testing after complaints on.flatoday.com/1iLAlFk #education
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Breathe easy! Brevard's got good air

floridatoday.com — Here is something that may take your breath away - Brevard has some of the cleanest air in the United States. That's according to a Honeywell AirGenius Air Cleaner in its second annual AirGenius Awards. The company said the rankings were based on evaluations from scientists from Environmental Health & Engineering, a global consulting firm.

Brevard schools resume FCAT testing

floridatoday.com — Brevard students resumed state standardized testing today after a computer glitch Tuesday prompted school leaders to temporarily stop administering the exams. "Everything is running smoothly," Brevard Public Schools Spokeswoman Michelle Irwin said of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. "They've been able to submit their tests that were not submitted yesterday."

Building projects around Titusville signal optimism

floridatoday.com — Bulldozers clear land for a grocery store, construction workers erect new buildings for a car dealership and craftsmen renovate an old restaurant. Businesses are expanding in Titusville, and that could be a sign that north Brevard is rebounding from the economic slump brought on by the retirement of the space shuttle program in 2011.

Scientists consider relaxing radiation rules for Mars journey

floridatoday.com — NASA is announcing its plan to get humans on the surface of Mars by the early 2030s. The plan includes landing astronauts on an asteroid after pulling one near the moon, which seems like a huge accomplishment itself.
Scientists consider relaxing radiation rules for Mars journey on.flatoday.com/1iISnrH via Florida_Today

Brevard School Board rethinks potential cuts

floridatoday.com — Elementary art teachers, along with elementary music teachers and media specialists, are among the last positions that could be cut in a potential budget crisis next school year. On Tuesday, Brevard Superintendent Brian Binggeli suggested changing a list of proposed budget cuts - prioritize saving art, music and media positions - after hearing from parents, teachers and community members in recent months.

Radiation standards might be relaxed for Mars trip

floridatoday.com — WASHINGTON -- One of many factors complicating a trip to Mars is the space radiation that would bombard astronauts during the approximately two years they would spend getting to the planet, exploring it and returning home. NASA is already working to develop more radiation-resistant space suits and stronger magnetic shields for the spacecraft.

Thunder on Cocoa Beach has huge impact on Brevard

floridatoday.com — Power Boat races roared along the shores of Cocoa Beach on Sunday. By Craig Rubadoux and Tim Walters Posted May 21, 2012 The Thunder on Cocoa Beach boat races next month promises to be faster and and more furious than last year.

Shark bites tourist in Cocoa Beach

floridatoday.com — A shark bit a 42-year-old German tourist on the right foot this afternoon at Shepard Park in Cocoa Beach, said Jeff Scabarozi, Brevard County Ocean Rescue chief. The shark attack occurred about 3:45 p.m. Lifeguards saw the victim struggling in the water, then pulled him to shore.

Jones: Gators' Donovan isn't going anywhere

floridatoday.com — GAINESVILLE - It seems like just about every year about this time we hear the talk about University of Florida men's basketball coach Billy Donovan. He's going to this school, that school. Remember? It was a slam dunk. Kentucky. Twice. And then it's this NBA team, that NBA team. Knicks.
The latest from @davejonesufbeat RT @FLATODAYSPORTS: David Jones: Gators' Billy Donovan isn't going anywhere: fb.me/6xjKIO23Q

Technical glitch causes FCAT testing problems

floridatoday.com — TALLAHASSEE - Several Florida school districts are having trouble administering the state's standardized test because of a computer glitch. The Florida Department of Education says testing contractor Pearson is having difficulty with a hosting provider causing students problems accessing the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.