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Momsense: Lice test sanity's limits

floridatoday.com — It was a Saturday morning when the kids and I headed out to go to the movies. My daughter, 11, wouldn't stop scratching her head. Neither would my son, 7. "I'm afraid I have lice!" my oldest told me. But we'd gone through this scenario before.

Meerkats multiply at Brevard Zoo

floridatoday.com — Brevard Zoo will celebrate its 20th anniversary with the opening of its new meerkat exhibit, which opens March 15, 2014. Video posted by Jennifer Sangalang, FLORIDA TODAY The Brevard Zoo's meerkat mob has multiplied. Saturday, sharp-eyed zoo officials spotted a tiny fuzzy head peering from a burrow at the Meerkat Hamlet exhibit, which opened March 15 amid fanfare.

Do you want to be a zombie? Casting call for indie film Saturday in Melbourne

floridatoday.com — Those mad about zombies could be cast in "Green From the Grave," an independent short film chock full of dark humor and action. A call for extras and actors is Saturday at Wolfman and Wolfman PA in Melbourne.