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Up all night with NYU's bitcoin hackers — Amid the hushed, hurried clatter of keyboards at New York University's newly opened entrepreneurship lab, students huddle in teams of one-to-four, scarfing down bok choy and fried dumplings. It's past midnight. Empty cans of Monster energy drink, half-eaten Oreos, and Jolly Rancher wrappers are strewn about.
Nov 22, 2014

RT @FortuneMagazine: We sent @rhhackett to stay up all night at a bitcoin hackathon. Here's what happened:

Judge Denise Cote accepts Apple's $450 million bet that she was wrong on e-books — U.S. District Judge Denise Cote didn't like the terms of the settlement Apple reached with 33 state attorneys general last summer. She didn't like them one bit. That tortuous e-book trial she presided over the year before had netted only $450 million - $50 million in court fees and an average of $17.39 to be split among as many as 23 million readers.
Nov 22, 2014

Apple’s $450M ebook settlement comes to $17.39 per reader. It goes to $2.17 if decision is sent back. $0 if reversed.…

Nov 22, 2014

Judge Denise Cote accepts Apple’s $450 million bet that she was wrong on e-books

Six new Scotch whiskies you can try this holiday season — Americans seems to be ignoring claims that the world's best whisky isn't Scotch. A handful of new Scotch whiskies is hitting liquor shelves ahead of the holiday season, with some at exceptionally high prices. The new liquors are coming to market at a time when Americans are consuming more brown spirits - lingo for American bourbon and other whiskeys.

Obama's Immigration Order Puts Big Business in an Awkward Spot — In the wake of President's Obama's sweeping immigration order, big business interests that just spent tens of millions of dollars to elect Republicans to Congress in the midterms are now sounding strangely unlike Congressional Republicans.

The silver unicorn lining of Fab’s dark cloud — As of this moment, e-commerce company is still worth $1 billion. But that's only because it hasn't yet completed a fire sale of its flagship assets, nor raised new cash for a furniture-focused subsidiary called Hem that is expected to soon become an independent entity.
Nov 21, 2014

Fab reminds us that for all the talk about overpaying on large deals, VCs have generally been getting their $$ worth

Nov 21, 2014

The poster child for VC over-exuberance, @danprimack says Fab is the exception, not the rule.…

How online pharmacy spammer organizations really work — You may remember Brian Krebs, one of the world's premier cybercrime investigators, as the guy who broke news of Target's staggering data breach last year. Formerly a staff writer at the Washington Post, Krebs left the job a half-decade ago to cover the industry on his own website, Krebs on Security, which repeatedly receives reportorial top honors.

The European Parliament wants Google to be broken up — Concerned over Google's growing influence, the European Parliament is reportedly set to call for a break-up of the tech giant's search engine from some of its other commercial businesses, according to the Financial Times. Politicians are pushing the European Commission to limit Google's reach either by passing new legislation or through its antitrust investigation into the company, which the EU recently reopened.

Should Uber exec have been fired? — Fortune's Andrew Nusca and Erin Griffith discuss the most recent controversy surrounding Uber after an executive's controversial remarks.

Duff McKagan launches wealth management firm Meridian Rock — First Published: March 4, 2011: 11:35 AM ET FORTUNE -- In 1994, Duff McKagan's pancreas exploded. The former Guns N' Roses bass player says years of drug and alcohol abuse caused the rupture, which left him sidelined for months.
Nov 21, 2014

RT @moore_oliver: @perreaux Duff McKagan is part of money mgmt firm geared at celeb musicians. As bonus, this story has killer lede:…

Nov 21, 2014

@perreaux Duff McKagan is part of money mgmt firm geared at celeb musicians. As bonus, this story has killer lede:…

The five countries with the highest corporate tax rates — Many America corporations complain about their high rate of taxation. It should be noted that most American corporations don't pay the full 40% rate. Why? Clever tax accountants find ways to reduce the burden through legal loopholes and by parking money overseas in low tax rate nations. The U.S.

Colorado approves credit union for pot stores — America's rapidly-expanding marijuana industry faces a major quandary: large, national banks are afraid to do business with cannabis businesses for fear of running afoul of strict federal regulations. That could change with the creation of the first financial institution dedicated solely to serving the cannabis industry.

Target EVP Kathee Tesija on the company's changing culture — For the first time in a long time, Target hit the bulls-eye. Though the retailer still has huge problems in Canada and a consumer who is too pinched to spend freely, Target reported better-than-expected earnings on November 19, up 3.2% from the previous year's third quarter.
Nov 21, 2014

Target's changing company culture via @FortuneMagazine @jennrein talks to a senior exec on its new openness $TGT

Stock options: it’s back to the ’90s. — From Bill Gurley to Marc Andreesen, Silicon Valley's smartest are asking if we're in round two of the dotcom bubble. Many things are different this time around. But one thing is disconcertingly reminiscent of the late 1990s: The way stock based compensation is treated. You may think, that can't be!

Connected: Jack Dangermond, president, Esri — In Jack Dangermond's world, an interactive map is worth 100 charts. He's biased, of course. The privately-held geographic information systems (GIS) company that Dangermond founded 45 years ago with his wife- Esri, or Environmental Systems Research Institute if you want to be formal about it-happens to be the market leader in this particular software category.
Nov 21, 2014

This software entrepreneur wants to turn execs into cartographers via @FortuneMagazine #esri @mapping @GIS

Why hasn't Samsung's Tizen operating system taken off? — Samsung has made a lot of money selling smartphones based on Google's Android operating system. So why is Samsung trying again (and again, and again) to build out a competing operating system? Android, which is open source, is free for Samsung to install on its Galaxy phones, Note mini-tablets, and other connected devices.
Nov 21, 2014

Why does Samsung dream of Tizen as its own Android alternative? One word: enterprise.… (new @FortuneMagazine)

Stung by criticism, Fed will review how it supervises large banks — The Federal Reserve is to launch a major review into whether it is too close to the banks it supervises, after a recent spate of criticism alleging that it is still in thrall to Wall Street's giants.
Nov 21, 2014

Stung by criticism, Fed will review how it supervises large banks via @FortuneMagazine

Nov 21, 2014

Stung by criticism, Fed will review (again) how it supervises large banks -

Tech companies are hiring ‘perks managers’ in a fight to woo talent — The fierce competition for top talent in Silicon Valley is giving rise to a new job category - the perks manager - as tech companies scramble to be the best at keeping their employees happy.
Nov 21, 2014

RT @FortuneMagazine: Want to organize things like martial-arts classes & Jell-O shot-making events? Become a 'perks manager.'…

Will gas crowd out wind and solar? — Energy expert Daniel Yergin talks about the impact fracking will have on renewables. Daniel Yergin, author of the new bestseller The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World, is one of the planet's foremost thinkers about energy and its implications. He received a Pulitzer Prize for his previous book, The Prize: The...

Barbara Bush: How corporate America can mold global health leaders — In 2008, Barbara Bush launched Global Health Corp., a nonprofit that matches young people with health and development organizations in the U.S. and Africa for a year-long fellowship. At the time, she was 26 and had just quit her job at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York City.
Nov 21, 2014

Barbara Bush: How corporate America can mold global health leaders