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Most Talked About Jewish Daily Forward Stories

John Turturro's Hasidic Rom-Com — 'Fading Gigolo' Demonstrates a Rare Feel for the Frum World A romantic comedy is a fantasy about love. It's a fantasy of finding love, of love overcoming the odds, of love doing away with any other difficulty that life might present.
I thought John Turturro's 'Fading Gigolo' was pretty good, although no 'Romance and Cigarettes':

South Dakota's Tiny Hillel Embraces Messianic Jews — 9-Member Group Includes Handful of Jews for Jesus Adherents South Dakota State University's Hillel affiliate, B'rith Sholom is more than the only Jewish cultural club in the entire state; its nine members constitute a unique diversity among America's Jewish organizations, since about half of them identify as Messianic Jews, or those who engage in Jewish practices and accept Jesus as the Messiah.

I Don't Want Lots of Confidence — Getty Images I'm not extremely confident. I second-guess myself. I ruminate. I wonder what other people might think, and even how they might feel. I don't see this as a bad thing. Instead, I think of my lack of alpha-level confidence as a real strength.
Great response by @elissaavery to the Katty Kay/Chaire Shipman call for women with confidence. Or too much confidence
RT @elissaavery: Being confident might make you more likely to be a leader, but it doesn't make you a better one. Women, never change! http…