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Order for millions of blank work permits, green cards raising amnesty concerns — By Kenric Ward A government print order for as many as 34 million blank work permits and green cards is raising concern that the Obama administration could be preparing an executive order for amnesty after the November election. An online solicitation by the U.S.

Court says not so fast with those red-light camera tickets — Big changes could be coming to cities with red-light cameras after a Florida District Court of Appeals judge said it's illegal for camera operators to issue citations to drivers.

Oscar Pistorius sentenced to maximum of five years in prison for girlfriend's killing — A South African judge sentenced former Olympic and Paralymic sprinter Oscar Pistorius to five years in prison Tuesday for the culpable homicide of his girlfriend last February. Judge Thokozile Masipa announced the sentence after she convicted him of culpable homicide, or negligent killing, but acquitted him of murder last month.
Oct 21, 2014

RT @FoxNews: UPDATE: Lawyers in Oscar Pistorius case say he could be released from prison into house arrest in as few as 10 months

Oct 21, 2014

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US weapons airdrop turning tide in fight for Kobani, Kurdish officials say — Kurdish officials in Kobani said Tuesday that weapons air-dropped by the United States early Monday are "making a difference" as its forces are wrestling for control of the Syrian border town with the Islamic State. A Fox News crew near Kobani witnessed two U.S.
Oct 21, 2014

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Earth's magnetic field could flip in our lifetime — By Kelly Dickerson, Staff Writer A pilot looking down at her plane controls and realizing magnetic north is hovering somewhere over Antarctica may sound like a scene from a science-fiction movie, but new research suggests the idea isn't so far-fetched in the relatively near future. A magnetic field shift is old news.

Tuning out the midterms — Some pundits say they're boring
Oct 21, 2014

Are pundits right to call this a boring, issue-free election? Ed Henry, Matt Lewis, Ana Marie Cox on #Mediabuzz

President Energy makes big oil find in Paraguay — London-based President Energy said Monday it found the first large petroleum reserves in Paraguay, opening the way for the South American country to start producing crude for the first time. "President has demonstrated beyond doubt that movable conventional oil does exist in the Paraguayan Chaco," the company's chairman, Peter Levine, said in a statement.
Oct 21, 2014

London-based President Energy finds large #oil reserves in #Paraguay, country to start producing #crude

Fall is here, but that’s no reason to stop drinking white wine — Come the fall, many of us instinctively turn on the football games, pull out the hoodies and put the white wines away until spring. But why? Granted, that first big glass of red, on nights when it starts to get cool, goes down like silk, but there are plenty of whites that are bigger and bolder than their summer light sauvignon blanc brethren.

Fashion Designer Oscar de la Renta Dies — Fashion designer Oscar de la Renta has died. FOX News Radio's Tonya J. Powers reports: The fashion industry has lost a legend... (de la Renta) "It's a craft that you learn. It's a craft of passion." And Oscar de la Renta shared that passion, dres

Fashion designer Oscar de la Renta dies at age 82 — Oscar de la Renta, the fashion designer whose red carpet gowns and evening wear made him a favorite with everyone from luminaries of the stage and screen to first ladies, died Monday. He was 82.
Oct 21, 2014

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The Ebola Election: How the virus story is giving GOP candidates a boost — The Republicans have been trying all year to make Barack Obama the central issue in the midterms, and now they may be breaking through. Ebola has gone viral in the 2014 campaign. It would be hard to imagine a more resonant issue for a party that has tried to portray the administration as overwhelmed by crises.
Oct 21, 2014

The Ebola Electon: How the virus story is giving Republican candidtaes a boost

Theme park fan sites give junkies what they can’t get anywhere else — After practicing law for nearly a decade, Lou Mongello moved his family from New Jerseyto Florida to launch, a website for Disney devotees that covers everything from Disney fairytale weddings to in-depth chats with Imagineers. These days his site averages 103,000 page views and 700,000 radio show listens a month.
Oct 21, 2014

Totes agree. Bloggers are killin' it — MT @SandraPedicini Interesting story abt theme park bloggers

NHTSA warns millions of car owners to get their airbags fixed — The U.S. government issued an urgent plea to more than 4.7 million people to get the air bags in their cars fixed, amid concern that a defect in the devices can possibly kill or injure the driver or passengers. The inflator mechanisms in the air bags can rupture, causing metal fragments to fly out when the bags are deployed in crashes.
Oct 21, 2014

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Jindal on Ebola: This President Has Shown His Incompetence-‘It’s Going to Be ‘The Republicans’ Fault’’ — The Fox Nation is for those opposed to intolerance, excessive government control of our lives, and attempts to monopolize opinion or suppress freedom of thought, expression, and worship.
Oct 21, 2014

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Sixth-Grader's Discovery Could Save Government Almost $400 Million — A sixth-grader has discovered that changing the font on documents would cut down on ink and save the government millions of dollars a year.
Oct 21, 2014

RT @TIL_Reddit: TIL that a 6th grader's discovery could save the US government nearly $400 million a year just by changing the font……