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Pharmacy-Raiding Bear Cub Bound for Rehab — A tiny cub, sad because he couldn't find his mother, went looking for chewing gum and prescription narcotics in an Oregon pharmacy on Sunday. But before the one-month-old bear could find any good pills, narcs from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife took him away--in a shopping basket no less, which is the most humiliating way to be removed from a Rite Aid.

Pranksters Trick Foodies Into Praising McDonald's — In a setup that would make Jimmy Kimmel green with envy, two Dutch pranksters visited a major culinary convention to show off their new line of delicious, organic food-actually bog standard McDonald's fare, just cut up and skewered with toothpicks. Predictably, everyone at the food expo in Houten claimed they loved the "new organic meal."
Oct 23, 2014

Pranksters Trick Foodies Into Praising McDonald's… Clever idea

Oct 22, 2014

@MarcCarig We should do this to Jared. Bet his silver spoon has never even touched the food from this restaurant…

Oct 22, 2014

To be fair, the Dutch McDonalds is really good. 'Pranksters Trick Foodies Into Praising McDonald's'…