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Doubts in Nigeria over president's eligibility for re-election — Nigeria's ruling party has given President Goodluck Jonathan a free run for a second term of office at next year's elections but he faces a potential sticking point: is he even eligible?

Asian Games: 'Magnificent Mary' goes for gold — 'Magnificent Mary' goes for boxing gold
Oct 01, 2014

RT @AFP_Sport: India's female brawler Magnificent Mary takes centre stage at the Asian Games today

Indonesian president intervenes in election law controversy

Sep 30, 2014

So SBY is belatedly trying to save his democratic legacy by issuing a decree to over-rule parliament

21 photos from the Hong Kong protests that China doesn't want you to see on Instagram — Instagram is down in China, and If you've been following the news, you already know why. Tens of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in Hong Kong in an outpouring of frustration over politics and representation. Under Hong Kong's present electoral system, citizens don't elect their own leaders.