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Kelly: MLSE takes first step in promised rebrand of Raptors with ‘We The North’ campaign

theglobeandmail.com — This is Toronto through a basketball-glass darkly. It points toward the future of how the Raptors will project themselves onto the NBA landscape. Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment took the first real step in its promised rebrand of the team on Wednesday with the release of a campaign entitled 'We The North'.
Lovely writing RT @cathalkelly: Drake’s Raptors rebrand debuts, and what it can mean going forward: bit.ly/1nreofb #rtz
"Will it work? No clue. I’m 41 years old. Life has beaten all the wonder out of me." - @cathalkelly on the Drakening: bit.ly/1tbNMTA

Why clean-shaven men are about to get sexier than bearded men

theglobeandmail.com — Hipsters, be warned: Scientists say we may have reached "peak beard." And evolution might be guiding a trend towards ditching beards in favour of going clean shaven. What does that even mean, you ask, as you stroke that furry chin of yours?
There was a study?? RT @globeandmail: Sorry, hipsters: Study shows we've hit 'peak beard', clean shaven is sexier: ow.ly/3jm2TC...
RT @globeandmail: Sorry, hipsters: Study shows we've hit 'peak beard', clean shaven is sexier: tgam.ca/EB2o http://t.co/dPCFwJHO…

RCMP charge teen in relation to alleged Heartbleed bug theft at CRA

theglobeandmail.com — The RCMP has laid charges of mischief against a 19-year-old man in relation to the alleged theft of confidential information - using the Heartbleed bug - at the Canada Revenue Agency. The national police force acted quickly, stating that it received information on the alleged breach last Friday.
Entire country exhales. RCMP charge teenager in breach of CRA's computers during Heartbleed crisis. theglobeandmail.com/news/national/…

Pro-Russian victory in east Ukraine gives separatists momentum

theglobeandmail.com — The man in the mask, sitting atop a captured armoured personnel carrier, had a simple explanation for what happened here Wednesday: The government in Kiev dispatched its army to uproot the pro-Russian militants who were in control of this gritty factory city in southeastern Ukraine.
RT @markmackinnon: The men in the masks were very happy in Slavyansk today after humiliating the Ukrainian army. My report: http://t.co/5Qt…
The men in the masks were very happy in Slavyansk today after humiliating the Ukrainian army. My report: theglobeandmail.com/news/world/pro…

Ottawa scolds Jimmy Carter over pipeline position

theglobeandmail.com — The Keystone XL pipeline issue has created a tiff between a former U.S. president and the Canadian government. The Prime Minister's Office reacted swiftly Wednesday to a letter signed by Nobel laureates, including Jimmy Carter, urging President Barack Obama to reject the pipeline. Carter is the first former president to come out against Keystone.

Eight questions to ponder as the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin

theglobeandmail.com — Podcast Play audio Download (.mp3) Globe hockey writers James Mirtle and Eric Duhatschek join host Darren Yourk to preview the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes at this link. You can also get the show on our Globe Hockey Roundtable RSS feed.

Ex-minister on Flaherty: ‘He had given too much’

theglobeandmail.com — Jay Hill hated to see his friend, Jim Flaherty, like this - emotionally, physically, intellectually and psychologically spent. The two men - close friends from having served in Stephen Harper's cabinet together - met on April 1 in Ottawa at a downtown restaurant for dinner. They talked for three hours.
A close friend/frm cab colleague remembers last time he saw Jim Flaherty: "He just seemed spent on all levels ..." bit.ly/1hVGvOc

“I’m not satisfied, but I’m happy”: Lowry on the cusp of greatness ahead of NBA playoffs

theglobeandmail.com — Kyle Lowry is trying to sell me on the idea of hiring a full-time chef. "A chef is very on top of everything. Everything's organic and fresh. He's unbelievable," Lowry says. "It's an investment in your mind and body." Lowry's eyes drift down to my gut. I feel very judged.
K. Lowry to @cathalkelly : “Sometimes, you have to admit to yourself that maybe you’re the one who needs to change" tinyurl.com/pty7uwx
On what Kyle Lowry means to the Raptors, and what it will take to keep him. theglobeandmail.com/sports/basketb… #rtz

RCMP drop probe into Wright over $90,000 Duffy cheque

theglobeandmail.com — Stephen Harper's former chief of staff Nigel Wright is no longer being investigated by the RCMP over his $90,000 payment to Senator Mike Duffy, The Globe and Mail has learned. Instead the matter is going back to federal Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson for further review.
RT @danlebla: Scoop de @stevenchase RT @natnewswatch: RCMP drop investigation into Nigel Wright over $90,000 Duffy cheque http://t.co/exGAN…
RT @stevenchase: RCMP has now publicly stated that they have dropped probe into Wright: Read: bit.ly/P3P5ng
RCMP has now publicly stated that they have dropped probe into Wright: Read: bit.ly/P3P5ng
RT @DebbySimms: RCMP drop investigation into Nigel Wright over $90,000 Duffy cheque - The Globe and Mail m.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/…
Show 10 more tweets from David Frum, Jody White, Stuart A. Thompson, Ian Bailey, Matt Frehner, James Wood, Michael Bolen, Colin Horgan, Ryan MacDonald , Steven Chase

NHL teams ranked by Stanley Cup wins

theglobeandmail.com — As they playoffs get under way, here's how the top teams stack up in all-time Cup wins.

James Mirtle’s NHL awards ballot

theglobeandmail.com — One of the fun things we get to do as part of being in the Professional Hockey Writers' Association is fill out a ballot for a handful of the NHL's year-end awards at the end of every season.

Release of Duffy investigation findings said to be ‘imminent’

theglobeandmail.com — After closing the Nigel Wright file, the RCMP is nearing completion on its investigation into Senator Mike Duffy's expense claims and his contractual dealings with one of his friends, sources said. The release of the findings in the case is "imminent," one official said, although the precise timeline has not yet been determined.
Never gets old, even in z-copy: Friend paid by Duffy for research on “obesity, or being a Conservative.” m.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/…

Liberal document purge was ‘stupid’ idea

theglobeandmail.com — Ontario's top bureaucrat says he never imagined that Dalton McGuinty's former chief of staff was serious in wanting to use someone from outside the public service to purge government records. "It struck me as a stupid comment, and not something that one would reasonably expect any experienced executive to actually contemplate with any seriousness, let alone execute," cabinet secretary Peter Wallace testified on Tuesday.

A less bad Fair Elections Act is still not good enough

theglobeandmail.com — The Conservative government may finally be waking up to the enormity of its own recklessness. With the Fair Elections Act, Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre wasn't just taking aim at Canadian democracy. He wasn't just going to war against evidence and experts.
"Is it too much to ask for legislation that leaves our democratic system no worse off, or even makes it better?" tgam.ca/EB0l

Jim Flaherty’s state funeral: When it’s happening and who’s attending

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