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The Real Loser of The Interview Debacle Was You — When the news began breaking that Sony was being threatened by North Korean hackers over its Seth-Rogen-and-James-Franco-starring, North-Korean-leader-assassinating comedy The Interview, I had one thought: "This is James Franco's best performance art piece yet." And then the seemingly unthinkable happened: Sony actually pulled the film from theaters.
Dec 19, 2014

This week, the U.S. negotiated with terrorists "in arguably the weirdest way in its history."

After A Few Terrible Opening Lines, He Finally Gets To His Awesome Idea — Share this on Facebook? SoulPancake 's Kid President is back with a new video, this time to talk about ideas. He's a fan of them, and he presents his latest one: #BookItForward. The idea is to inspire as many people as possible to start reading actual, paper books.

Black Pete Survives Another Holiday Season — Growing up, though we were infrequent churchgoers, Christmas was a huge deal in my family. Even during those years when my parents couldn't afford the shiniest, most heavily advertised toys for my sister and I, they made up for it with a loving atmosphere, boatloads of decorations, and the kind of Christmas cheer that seems cheesy to my adult mind now, but meant the world to me on those early December mornings.
Dec 19, 2014

RT @good: Black Pete, that racist Dutch Christmas tradition, survives another year

The Guy Who First Designed GOOD Now Has a Book. You Should Buy It. — Nearly nine years ago, I had the good fortune to hire Scott Stowell and his studio Open to design the first issue of GOOD. Then he did the second. And from there, we just kept working together for the next several years and many issues.