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'Softmindedness,' Riots, and Science: Seven Lesser-Known King Quotes — People love to quote Martin Luther King, Jr., whose birthday we're honoring today. In fact, no man in American history, save for perhaps Thomas Jefferson, seems to evoke the need to rattle off at length his letters, speeches, television interviews, and just about everything he said in between.

The Feminist Life: Free the Auto Show Model — "Are you a product specialist?" I asked the woman standing next to me as she wriggled out of her fishnet lace-up boots, groaned, and rubbed her toes. "Huh?" she asked. That was the politically correct term for auto show model, I knew, but I tried another tack. "Are you an auto show model?"
Nov 25, 2014

My column: RT @good Women work in all areas of the auto industry so why are they most visible as auto show models?