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The Sony Hack: Why Is Anyone Shocked That Hollywood Chickened Out? — By now, you know that Sony has pulled the plug on releasing The Interview, Seth Rogen and James Franco's North Korea comedy that essentially looks like a 90-minute intro skit to the MTV Movie Awards. And you also know that, in the wake of this fiasco, there have been takes.

Rajon Rondo-The NBA's Most Enigmatic Star-Makes Perfect Sense for Dallas — It's not unusual for a team to trade its best player, especially when that player is flawed, temperamental, and not capable of carrying a team on his own. Rajon Rondo is all of those things, which explains why the Boston Celtics were so eager to unload him.
Dec 19, 2014

love this RT @freedarko: Here are my thoughts on Rajon Rondo. Enjoy!…

Dec 19, 2014

Rajon Rondo is a riddle wrapped in an enigma inside a mystery—and @FreeDarko says he's perfect for Dallas…

Colbert Set a High Standard for Satire. Let's Live Up to It. — Credit: Andrew Harrer/Getty Images I write about comedy a lot. I write about comedy because it's meaningful to me personally--because jokes are what keep me alive--but also because I believe that comedy, as much as any other art form (or perhaps more so), has the power to cut through disingenuous smokescreens and dismantle oppressive bullshit.
Dec 19, 2014

Your racist, misogynist shock comedy is not "satire." The Colbert Report was satire. Learn something.…

The Week in Women — Campaigners perform mass face-sit-in outside the UK parliament The event was a protest against the country's draconian new pornography laws, which banned face-sitting from porn when they came into affect this month, along with spanking, and, most puzzlingly, female ejaculation. British lawmakers know men ejaculate too, right?

How to Throw a Rager

Dec 18, 2014

I was blessed to learn how to throw a real-deal rager from the best worst party host in the world, @nottjmiller…

Leonardo DiCaprio's Year in Leisure — The guy wasn’t in a single movie in 2014. He didn’t even save a polar bear, as far as we know. But what he did was have basically the best year off of any man alive.

The Future of Wearable Tech — Maybe. A little. But that'll change. Because all those trendy wearable gadgets-you know, the ones that allow you to count your steps and text from your wrist-are just the clunky forebears of devices that will do everything for us, seamlessly.
Dec 17, 2014

I wrote this piece about the monsoon of wearable tech, and what it all means. (in a phrase: brain birds):…

Melo's Decision To Stick With the Knicks Never Made Sense — I try to ignore the Knicks. It's not easy-for a miserable team that's only a few games up on the self-immolating Sixers, the Knicks sure do demand a lot of attention. This season, there's very little irrational hope for a bright future that will probably never arrive.
Dec 17, 2014

Here's @FreeDarko on why Melo deserves the Knicks he gets — and how his decision to stay never made sense:…

Style Bracket 2014: Style: GQ

Six Grooming Mistakes Guys Make (and What to Do About It) — The Problem: You have a toupee's worth of chest hair-which is fine! But when it creeps up and over your shirt collar, you give off a distinctly sleazy Ron Jeremy vibe. The Solution: The weeds must be whacked-but not mown completely. You're not Ryan Lochte.

Weed Legalization in America Made 2014 The Highest Year Ever — THIS IS TRUE: Weed has never been legal-er in America. This is almost true: 2014 was the year our entire culture got high. It was everyone's favorite topic-on stoner comedies like Broad City , on weed docu-shows like Pot Cops , in movies like Inherent Vice .