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Now available: 29 flavors of open source seeds, sans patents

grist.org — There's been an argument going on for at least 100 years over seeds. Should they be free? Or should the people who develop them control, and profit from, their use? If they were shared, we'd have a more fluid development of agricultural technology, because all plant breeders could experiment with the best stuff.

No-till farming’s Johnny Appleseed - in a grimy Prius

grist.org — Let's start with Jeff Mitchell's car. From the outside, it looks like a regular, if slightly dinged-up, white Prius. But inside it's so messy that it's hard for me to describe it without sounding like I'm exaggerating.
No-till farming’s Johnny Appleseed — in a grimy Prius grist.org/food/no-till-f…
RT @strangerworks: Great profile of the dirty Prius-driving Johnny Appleseed out to reform cotton farming by @savortooth http://t.co/5LdmQe…