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Oregon tells rail companies to keep oil deliveries secret

grist.org — Oregon transportation officials are doing everything in their power to keep the state's residents in the dark about the movement of crude-filled, explosion-prone rail cars. The Oregonian won a two-month battle in March when the state Department of Justice ruled that the state Department of Transportation was of course legally required to provide information it receives about the oil shipments to the daily newspaper.

This artist builds coral reefs by hand

grist.org — It's not easy to build a coral reef, which is why it usually takes millions of coral polyps and sponges and other organisms decades to build them up. Artist Courtney Mattison took on the job solo, while she was studying conservation biology in grad school at Brown and moonlighting in ceramics at Rhode Island School of Design.

If oil spills in the Arctic and no one is around to clean it up, does it just stay there?

grist.org — Oil and shipping companies are salivating as the climate change that they helped cause melts away the ice at the top of the world. Planning and exploration is underway for an Arctic drilling and shipping boom. But what aren't underway are meaningful preparations for responding to the oil that will inevitably be spilled into the remote and rugged Arctic environment by these accident-prone industries.

Pony up, frackers: Texas family wins $3 million in contamination lawsuit

grist.org — What should you do when a fracking company sets up a drilling site right in your backyard? After you stock up on extra-strength Tylenol and Kleenex for the forthcoming chronic headaches and copious nosebleeds, you might want to call a good lawyer.
Pony up, frackers: Texas family wins $3 mil in contamination lawsuit grist.org/news/pony-up-f… via @grist Bev Hills this week banned fracking.

When your produce gets wasted, it’s really a cry for help

grist.org — When Nick Papadopoulos looked at all the veggies that didn't sell at the farmers market, he felt terrible. Papadopoulos is general manager of Bloomfield Organics, and he'd seen all the sweat, all the nutrients, all the coaxing and coddling that it had taken to persuade the land to produce this bounty.
When your produce gets wasted, it’s really a cry for help grist.org/food/when-your…
When your produce gets wasted, it’s really a cry for help grist.org/food/when-your… via @grist