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Olive Garden's Breadstick Kerfuffle is an Instructive Lesson on Investor Input — Interacting with investors is a delicate proposition in any enterprise. When should you tell them to butt out? The kerfuffle between Olive Garden parent company Darden Restaurants and its hedge fund investors Starboard Value over breadsticks may seem awfully picayune and ridiculous.
Sep 16, 2014

New @Inc: In Defense of Olive Garden's Breadsticks (And How to Avoid Investor Strife)

Study: Small, Daily Stresses Add Up to Big Health Threat — New research confirms the adage: worrying over seemingly insignificant, daily stresses can take a big toll on your health. The next time you find yourself cursing at traffic, pull over and take some deep breaths. The little stresses in your life can actually add up to a pretty big threat to your health, according to a recent study.

How I Did It: Jack Ma,, How I Did It Article — Jack Ma hit pay dirt when his Chinese business-to-business start-up,, went public, in November. The offering raised more than $1.5 billion and gave the company a valuation of $26 billion. Ma, 43, grew up during China's Cultural Revolution. He taught himself English, then caught the Internet wave as China's economy opened in the 1990s.
Sep 16, 2014

RT @usatodaytech: Alibaba's Jack Ma: In 1992, I was turned down for secretary to the general manager of a Kentucky Fried Chicken.…

Don't Pull an Urban Outfitters: Integrate Marketing With Strategy — Overly independent marketing staff and campaigns don't benefit brand or sales It was only a couple of weeks ago when Zara proved that cultural illiteracy is bad business. The Spanish-based clothing and accessories brand released a kid's striped pajama top with what was taken by many to look like a Jewish star.

7 Tips For Getting Valuable Business Intelligence From Your Employees (Infographic) — Getting helpful feedback from your workers requires asking for it the right way. Here's how. You might think employee surveys are something only large companies use to gain crucial business insights, but small businesses can also benefit from annual surveys--if done correctly.
Sep 16, 2014

New @Inc: 7 Tips For Getting Valuable Business Intelligence From Your Employees (Infographic)

4 Simple Ways to Build Awesome New Work Habits — Just about everything you do now you could do even better. Here's how. Want to build better work habits? Most people do, especially since studies have shown over 40% of the "decisions" we make every day aren't really decisions--they're habits. That means we tend to simply do what we've done before...