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5 Leadership Lessons From the Cuba Negotiations — Regardless of where you stand on President Obama's recent decision to open diplomatic relations with Cuba, you can learn from the way Washington planned and ultimately brokered the Cuba détente. As reported, it took President Obama and his administration 18 months to come to an agreement with Cuban officials.

The Real Story on How Reddit Notes Came to Be — The concept Reddit unveiled today--non-monetary gifts known as Reddit Notes to be distributed to active redditors in mid-2015--has been years in the making, Inc. has learned. And it will look different than what many users expected.

The Cannoli King Rises Again — It's a gray, chilly morning in the Belmont section of the Bronx, and two things are crossing my mind. First, hardly anyone's on the street, and second, they all might be inside Artuso Pastry. The line's packed with locals eager for their first sip of coffee and they keep streaming through the door.
Dec 19, 2014

Can Artuso Pastry come back bigger and better after a fire? My 3,000 word opus for @Inc:…

Uber Suspends Operations in Portland for 3 Months — Less than two weeks after the ride-hailing app Uber launched in Portland without officials' approval, the company said it is suspending operations for three months to work out its differences with the city. General manager Brooke Steger wrote in a blog post Thursday that Portland is working to update its regulations for private for-hire transportation so that Uber would be able to operate legally.

Richard Branson Reflects on Virgin's Biggest Wins and Crushing Defeats in 2014 — 2014 hasn't been the best year for many companies. But few feel that sentiment more acutely than Richard Branson's Virgin Glactic. In October, the space exploration company's SpaceShipTwo rocket plane went down in the Mojave desert during a test flight, killing co-pilot Michael Alsbury. Still, the consummate optimist was able to find a silver lining.
Dec 19, 2014

New @Inc: Richard Branson on 2014: 'I'm Proud of the Virgin Galactic Team'

Why Leading and Managing Are Two Very Different Things — Are leading and managing two different things? They are if you ask executives whose companies made the Inc. 500 list, our annual ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. Whereas managing requires good organizational skills, leadership takes things one step further, to set the vision or overall strategy of a company.

The Power of an Unconventional Brand Name — Lolly Wolly Doodle founder Brandi Temple explains why you shouldn't think twice about choosing an eccentric company name.

On Kickstarter, Everyone Wants to Be 'Staff Pick' — Want your project to get selected as a "Staff Pick" on crowdfunding site Kickstarter? Good luck with that. Entrepreneurs and other users have been seeking the secret to getting their projects selected as a "Staff Pick"--a designation that one of Kickstarter's 98 employees can give a project based on his or her personal tastes.
Dec 18, 2014

RT @Inc: Does anyone really know the secret to being named a Kickstarter 'Staff Pick'?

| — If this is a thought you have frequently, chances are you are Medium CEO Evan Williams, in which case you can stop reading this interview, because you already know what you said when we talked the other day.

| — The people who furiously oppose the idea of using computer algorithms to supplement the content of Twitter users' timelines see themselves as purists, defending the service's original vision from a Facebook-inspired vulgarization. They'd be dismayed to learn that Evan Williams, one of Twitter's co-founders and its second CEO, doesn't want their support.
Dec 18, 2014

.@Ev Williams: 'Twitter needs to get more algorithmic' via @inc @jeffbercovici

Dec 18, 2014

Ev Williams: "Twitter needs to get more algorithmic over time." @ev

Building the Bakery of Every Kid's Dreams — Christina Tosi always wanted to be a pastry chef. Growing up in northern Virginia, "I was raised by a gaggle of women who all loved to bake," she says, and "dessert always existed after any savory meal. I was raised with cookies on the plate, brownies in a Tupperware container, and so on."

Peter Thiel is Taking Human Growth Hormone in Hopes of Living Longer — The US tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel is taking human growth hormone pills as part of his quest to live until he is 120 years old. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, the PayPal cofounder and Facebook investor explained how he hoped the technology would dramatically increase his lifespan.

How My Employees Helped Me Make $10 Million Selling Ugly Christmas Sweaters — Spurring innovation through hackathons and quarterly idea bashes doesn't always work. It usually takes a culture, built around daring employees and a CEO who lets them soar. At Forever Collectibles, a $100-million maker of tchotchkes for sports fans based in Somerset, NJ, new ideas take root--and make money--like clockwork.
Dec 18, 2014

Fascinating story! Almost bought one for my dad... A $10 million business: sports-themed ugly sweaters @IlanMochari…

Hampton Creek Picks Up $90 Million From Facebook Co-Founder and Other VCs — A simple mission to make a healthier scrambled egg is becoming a huge opportunity. Plant-based food startup Hampton Creek has completed a Series C round worth $90 million, bringing its total funding to $120 million. Prior investors, including Horizons Ventures and Khosla Ventures, were involved, as well as Marc Benioff, founder and CEO of Salesforce, and Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook.

The Best Entrepreneurship Lessons From 'The Colbert Report' — Tonight Comedy Central is airing the very last , as Stephen Colbert prepares to succeed David Letterman on CBS in the new year. Fueled by Colbert's conservative blowhard alter ego, the Colbert Report became more than a parody talk show with really good ratings.
Dec 18, 2014

What Richard Branson, Mark Cuban and other entrepreneurs learned from Stephen Colbert.… via @Inc

If At First You Don't Attract Millennials, Try, Try Again — Millennials typically have less interest in investing than other generations. So how do you get them involved in it and turn their engagement into a viable business? After some initial missteps, one company thinks it has the trick figured out.
Dec 18, 2014

Everyone wants our dollars RT @borisonr: One company's struggle to get millennials to invest…

6 Ways to Become a Best Company to Work For — Winning a "Best Companies to Work For" award is easy: All you have to do is build a unique culture that supports superior business performance, provide the kind of support that allows employees to grow professionally while also pursuing personal interests and passions, meaningfully reward individual and team performance, instill a true sense of purpose that makes all your workers feel like a genuine part of something bigger than themselves....

Hacked Sony Emails Will Change the Way You Look at Snapchat's CEO — Leaked emails have revealed fresh details about Snapchat and its 24-year-old CEO Evan Spiegel. While some of the emails are embarrassing--try opening your inbox to the world and seeing what happens--the emails show for the most part that Spiegel is a formidable, intelligent executive building an addictive service that has the potential to be the next gigantic consumer-technology company.
Dec 18, 2014

Nodding along until "[snapchat] is valuable bc it has fundamentally changed the nature of digital communication."…

Sony Cyberattack May Be Costliest Ever — The unprecedented hack of Sony Pictures which a U.S. official says is linked to North Korea may be the most damaging cyberattack ever inflicted on an American business. The fallout from the hack that exposed a trove of sensitive documents, and this week escalated to threats of terrorism, forced Sony to cancel release of the North Korean spoof movie " The Interview."