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How Neil Young Won Kickstarter

inc.com — The rock legend's PonoPlayer portable music device raised $6.2 million, becoming one of the most successful campaigns ever on the crowdfunding website. Advertisement Neil Young is on a mission to rescue the art of recorded sound, and thanks to his recent Kickstarter effort, he might pull it off.

Dave and Carrie Kerpen: 2 Keys to a Fast-Growing Business

inc.com — Likeable Media founders Dave and Carrie Kerpen talk to Inc.com Executive Editor Laura Lorber and answer viewer-submitted questions about social media, rapid business growth, and more.

How to Be More Self-Confident: 5 Tips

inc.com — MOTIVATING A new book tells women how to boost their self-assurance, but the advice is good for men, too. Advertisement I just listened to one of the most interesting interviews I've ever heard on NPR with Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, authors of " The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance--What Women Should Know."

How Facebook Could Use Banking to Pull Off a Smart Pivot

inc.com — A banking license? For a social network? Here's why Facebook's latest move is more forward-thinking than it seems. Advertisement Facebook wants to bank its financial future on more than online advertising. In fact, the company wants to become a bank.
RT @Inc: A banking license? For a social network? Why Facebook's latest move is smart bit.ly/Ql91TN @eriksherman

The Single Biggest Threat to Your Company's Data

inc.com — Find out the steps you must take to prevent your employees from unwittingly exposing confidential information. Advertisement When the Heartbleed security bug was revealed last week, IT departments across almost every industry scurried to secure their infrastructure. Frighteningly, the bug, which potentially exposed customer data for more than two years, is undetectable.
Why Your Employees Are the Single Biggest Threat to Your Company's Data murph.me/1h45HSE @inc #startup