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3 Reasons Why You Should Eat At Burger King — American companies that are making good financial moves to increase their long term value, even if they're not immediately popular or subjects them to public criticism. There are 3 reasons why you should eat at Burger King 1. The Whopper is delicious. 2. Their onion rings are delicious. 3.

How to Know When You Should Start a Company — Starting a company is not for wimps. So it has come to this, eh? Your day job is getting a little dull, the drive across town to the corporate office is a total bear, you can't seem to stop thinking about that new app.

The Only Time Management Tip That's Worked for Me — PRODUCTIVITY PLAYBOOK Consider this strategy time management for the rest of us It's ironic, of course. Those moments when you need time management help--when your work starts to pile up, your "to do" list gets longer, and you reach the point where you are putting in all the hours you possibly can and then a couple of more--is the exact wrong time to experiment with time management techniques.
Aug 27, 2014

New @Inc: The Only Time Management Tip That's Worked for Me

Study: Paper Might Help Your Ability to Recall What You Read — Recent research suggests that digital readers don't remember basic details as well as those who read from hard copies. Going all digital might be good for trees, but it's bad for memory, suggests new research, which found that Kindle readers are significantly worse at rehashing what they've read compared to hard copy readers.

The 1 Personal Branding Rule Everyone Should Know — Ignore this rule and you're constantly on the edge of screwing up your career. Today's technology is dominated by apps that encourage breathless spontaneity. You're encouraged to share anything and everything as quickly as possible. That's fine when you're dealing with friends and family, but it's very dangerous in the business world.
Aug 26, 2014

This simple rule has many times saved me from losing clients.