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How to Be More Self-Confident: 5 Tips

inc.com — MOTIVATING A new book tells women how to boost their self-assurance, but the advice is good for men, too. Advertisement I just listened to one of the most interesting interviews I've ever heard on NPR with Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, authors of " The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance--What Women Should Know."

7 Reasons You Need Manage Your Online Presence More Carefully

inc.com — PUBLIC RELATIONS While CEOs understand the value of meticulously maintaining their company's image, most don't pay enough attention to their own. Advertisement If I had a dollar for every CEO I've met who thinks his online presence is unimportant, I'd be a one-percenter.
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Aereo: Bringing Network TV to Computers

inc.com — Chet Kanojia peels the wrapper from a piece of nicotine gum and stares calmly into the middle distance. He seems unfazed by the DJ beats or the commotion.
just in time for the supreme court arguments, my wife @lagorio has a profile of Areo's Chet Kanojia inc.com/audacious-comp…
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Ask the Social Media Experts

inc.com — Likeable Media founders Dave and Carrie Kerpen talk to Inc.com Executive Editor Laura Lorber and answer viewer-submitted questions about social media, rapid business growth, and more.

How to Repair Your Reputation After Screwing It Up

inc.com — If you say or do something that offends your customers or the public, your efforts to save your company and your leadership position have to be authentic and fast. Advertisement The litany of executives, public figures, and politicians who have unraveled publicly due to a discriminatory statement, extramarital affair, crime, or even personal beliefs, shows just how easy it is to fall.
New @Inc: Now That You've Destroyed Your Reputation, Here's How to Fix It bit.ly/1eHV3q6

7 Things You Can Do on Friday to Make Monday Awesome

inc.com — Instead of waiting for Friday to end, use those last few hours and these tips to make next week start out fantastic. Advertisement Most people get excited that Friday is here, especially if the week has been hectic and packed. But often Fridays can seem like a waste (especially before holidays).
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The 5 Things You Must Give Employees

inc.com — Odds are very high that many of your employees are disengaged, but you have the power to change that. Forget about awards and bonuses. Here are the five gifts that keep on giving. Advertisement According to research conducted by the Gallup Organization, only 30 percent of U.S.

The Single Biggest Threat to Your Company's Data

inc.com — Find out the steps you must take to prevent your employees from unwittingly exposing confidential information. Advertisement When the Heartbleed security bug was revealed last week, IT departments across almost every industry scurried to secure their infrastructure. Frighteningly, the bug, which potentially exposed customer data for more than two years, is undetectable.
Why Your Employees Are the Single Biggest Threat to Your Company's Data murph.me/1h45HSE @inc #startup

How to Make Customers Buy Your Product

inc.com — SALES AND MARKETING Most new products fail. Here are three ways to you can capture customers' hearts--and wallets. Advertisement An estimated 75 percent of new products earn less than $7.5 million in their first year. How can you make sure yours is not in this woeful heap? Information Resources, Inc.
An (Almost) Foolproof Way to Get Customers to Spend murph.me/QpKnkG @inc #startup

5 Ways to Turn TGIF into TGIM

inc.com — The way you start next week has everything to do with how you end this week. To really rock your Mondays, be smarter about the way you spend your Fridays. Advertisement You know the feeling: The weekend flew by and suddenly it's Monday morning, the most groan-inducing time of the week.
RT @Inc: To really rock your Mondays, be smarter about how you spend your Fridays: bit.ly/1mjiV3o @bizzwriter

The Next Strategic Advantage: True Privacy Protections

inc.com — Companies making a trade-off between user protections and revenue are still coming down on the wrong side of the privacy debate. And soon they'll begin to pay for it. Advertisement Last October, Facebook drew fire for allowing teens to post publicly for the first time. Critics blasted the social network for "(monetizing) kids and teens."
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7 Ways to Put Your People First

inc.com — To be an effective boss you need to focus on your people. That allows them to focus on customers. It's a virtuous circle, and here's how to get it rolling. Advertisement Being the boss means being busy, so busy that you run the very real risk of overlooking the most important thing in your business--your people.

Make the Most of a Business Opportunity: 4 Tips

inc.com — Listen carefully: Sometimes the best opportunities knock softly at your door. Advertisement Opportunity has a way of making a soft tap-tap on your door. Smart entrepreneurs listen for these signals--they have ears specifically attuned to the sound.

6 Things the Most Influential People on Social Media Do

inc.com — SOCIAL MEDIA How do you earn respect, stand out, and get noticed in noisy social-media circles? Take a cue from the Web's biggest influencers. Advertisement Influencers are among the most magical, powerful creatures in social media.

8 Easy Ways to Become an Expert Traveler

inc.com — BUSINESS TRAVEL A veteran business traveler shares eight secrets he's learned over the years--from buying a Tom Bihn bag to carrying a spare battery. Advertisement A recent survey found that Southwest Airlines had the best customer service in the airline industry, and it deserves it. Want proof?
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