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25 Most Audacious Companies of 2014

inc.com — Big, crazy ideas? Check. Lots of risks? Check. Fearlessness? Oh, yeah. Welcome to Inc.'s annual list of the Most Audacious Companies. What's an "audacious" company? It's a superlative we chose very carefully. On the one hand, such companies are defined as bold, courageous, even heroic.
From teaching kids in Kenya to making scary donuts, the 25 most audacious companies in the world: inc.com/audacious-comp…
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Mark Cuban: How to Build an Audacious Company

inc.com — What is an audacious company? Some transform waste products into energy; others battle diseases or make scary donuts. They inform, entertain, and educate. Then again, so do many, many businesses. What, then, qualifies the 25 companies we spotlight in this package as "audacious"? It's a superlative we chose very carefully.

4 Good Reasons Why Small Businesses Are Dropping Health Insurance

inc.com — HR/BENEFITS So far, few small businesses have signed up for group health insurance through the new exchanges created by Obamacare. Here's why. Advertisement The Obama administration has been touting its success at getting 8 million Americans signed up for individual health plans through new health-insurance marketplaces.
4 Good Reasons Why Small Businesses are Dropping Health Insurance murph.me/1kYwYLW @inc #startup

Ben Huh on How Cross Culturalization is the Web's Next Frontier

inc.com — What's Trending's Shira Lazar talks to Ben Huh, CEO of the Cheezburger Network, about how his company has evolved with web's demographic trends.

How to Retain Top Employees: 5 Things to Do Now

inc.com — By the time you try to give them raises, they're already out the door. If you want to retain your best people, you need to start much sooner. Advertisement If you're in a war for talent, you've probably read more than you can stand about hiring so-called "Rockstars." About finding the best-of-the-best.
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Guy Kawasaki: Advice for Entrepreneurs Who Tweet

inc.com — SOCIAL MEDIA High tech's favorite pundit weighs in on entrepreneurs, tweeting, and why William Shatner is his role model. Advertisement Social media is more than just a way to communicate; it's an art form. Twitter, for example, forces people to encapsulate a thought in such a way that it piques the reader's interest and hopefully causes the reader to pass the tweet along.

How to Build a Great Presentation

inc.com — PRESENTATION Captivating presentations are like stories--they're dramatic and unpredictable. Constructing one isn't as difficult as it sounds. Advertisement Listeners like a vertebrate speech or presentation--a talk with a spine. They dislike gelatinous, invertebrate talks. They like all the parts of the speech hanging together, all the ribs connected to the back bone, the knee bone connected to the shin bone.

Entrepreneurs Find a Growing Business in Eco-friendly Burials

inc.com — Several companies have emerged that replace expensive caskets and earth-polluting chemicals with pine boxes and shrouds. Advertisement Here's a grim statistic: The estimated funeral costs for the baby boomer generation will be half a trillion dollars. Now many members of that demographic are looking for alternatives to expensive contemporary burials and funerals.
Entrepreneurs Find a Growing Business in Eco-friendly Burials murph.me/1hlI5Jp @inc #startup

In Cloud We Trust? Don't Bet Your Business On It

inc.com — TECHNOLOGY Yes, the cloud offers some incredible efficiencies and capabilities. But it can prove disastrous if you aren't well-grounded. Advertisement There was a time when saying that someone "had their head in the clouds" was derogatory; the implication was that they were foolish dreamers or cock-eyed optimists, i.e., not the kind of grounded-in-reality person that you could believe in (or invest in).
In Cloud We Trust? Don't Bet Your Business On It murph.me/1mvuHrt @inc #startup

Digital Transformation and the Digital Customer Experience

inc.com — Business success in the era of digital transformation requires a thorough understanding of the digital customer experience (DCX). Businesses that embrace digital transformation, according to Gartner, will be able to spot opportunities and act in a matter of seconds.
a good example of the utter pointlessness of badly conceived and badly executed infographics inc.com/disneyinstitut… via @Inc

3 Reasons Dads Make Great Entrepreneurs

inc.com — Lessons I learned juggling fatherhood and a startup that will help budding business owners. Advertisement "You are too selfish to be a dad." My wife told me this on our first date. The funny thing was that she was spot on.

Thinkmodo: The Company Behind the World's Craziest Viral Video Campaigns

inc.com — Before 20th Century Fox released the film Devil's Due in January, New York City-based Thinkmodo built a robotic, but realistic, devil baby and left its stroller unattended on the streets of Manhattan. The prank was filmed, along with the reactions of terrified New Yorkers. The results?

Best Advice I Ever Got: Don't Be a Slave to the Ordinary

inc.com — How Sunny Bonnell took the fire in her belly and turned it into one of the most buzzworthy design companies of 2014 Advertisement Sunny Bonnell is a branding expert and serves as the co-founder and creative director at Motto. Here's how she breaks away from the mundane and utilizes her rebellious energy for good.
New @Inc: Best Advice I Ever Got: Don't Be a Slave to the Ordinary bit.ly/1l1n1gU