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Massive Attack makes Gaza statement using headline stage at Longitude Festival — The musicians played at Marlay Park, Dublin, on Sunday, kicking off their set with ' Battlebox ' before using their backdrop to send out messages to the packed audience. As the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) continues to bombard Gaza with air strikes while Hamas fires rockets into Israel, Massive Attack used its position to show its long-time support of Palestine.
Jul 23, 2014

Always loved their music & message: "Massive Attack makes Gaza statement using headline stage at Longitude Festival"…

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What became of Cameron's Big Society Network? — Evoking the spirit of President Kennedy, the new Prime Minister asked the assembled guests to think what they could "do for their country" to create a Big Society and help the new Big Society Network deliver it.
Jul 23, 2014

RT @Independent: What became of Dave's Big Society Network? Well it's a dormant, debt-ridden shell of a charity

Jul 23, 2014

RT @oliver_wright: Dormant and in debt - what became of David Cameron's Big Society

Jul 23, 2014

Dormant and in debt - what became of David Cameron's Big Society

Jul 23, 2014

How Cameron’s big society charity ‘blew' its way through the money from three million lottery tickets

But what does Tinder make of the Israel-Gaza conflict? — Even Tinder (that well known cultural and political barometer) has been abuzz with the Israel-Gaza debate in recent days it seems, with a group of young Americans working as teachers in Palestine having set up 'Palestinder', a Tumblr charting conversations about it on the dating app.
Jul 23, 2014

How the Israel-Gaza conflict is playing out on Tinder (some funny, some awful, all so human)

MH17 crash: What are the 'black boxes' and what could they reveal? — On Tuesday, pro-Russian rebels in the area handed over the two recorders found in the wreckage of the plane crash, which killed all 298 passengers on board. But what are the 'black boxes' and what information could they actually provide the investigation with?

Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash exclusive: Massive rise in sale of British arms to Moscow — MPs warn today that at least 251 export licences for the sale of controlled goods - ranging from sniper rifles to night sights - remain in place despite a call from Prime Minister David Cameron for other countries, in particular France, to halt lucrative arms deals with Moscow.
Jul 23, 2014

RT @stefandevries: French warships a problem for @David_Cameron? What about the rise in British arm sales to Russia?… #MH17 #pot #kettle

Jul 23, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Looks like we don't care about people selling weapons to Russia if it makes us £130m in arms licences

View from the sofa: And lo, on the sixth day did Justin Gatlin run faster than ever in his 32 years — When will the point come when people simply give up on athletics? When a sprinter bends down to assume the start position only for a bottle of pills to burst out of his pocket and go scattering all over the track? When a runner does a Maradona and screams, bug-eyed, into a camera after merely winning a heat?
Jul 23, 2014

RT @StephJenzer: View from the sofa: And lo, on the sixth day did Justin Gatlin run faster than ever in his 32 years…

Jul 23, 2014

View from the sofa: And lo, on the sixth day did Justin Gatlin run faster than ever in his 32 years…

Migrant boat massacre: Italy arrests five for murder of more than 100 thrown overboard — Police said the survivors of the boat journey claimed they witnessed a massacre on board the vessel when their fellow passengers were assaulted and tossed into the sea. The incident happened when the hull of the boat began to fill with poisonous fumes and people became unable to breathe.

Man Booker Prize 2014 longlist: Third of authors from America as award goes global — Previously, the Man Booker was open to authors from the UK and Commonwealth, Republic of Ireland and Zimbabwe exclusively but now, all nationalities are included, so long as their work was written in English originally and published in the UK.

Why we should love the Commonwealth Games — First of all, they provide a very high level of competition. With the opportunity to divide the British Isles into England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the total number of athletes able to compete rises considerably; far greater that if we competed as Great Britain.

Argentina denies 'world’s saddest polar bear' Arturo chance to live in Canada — The director of Mendoza Zoo in Argentina said on Tuesday that at the age of 28, Arturo is too old to be safely relocated. The decision follows growing interest in the bear's welfare, after animal rights groups, activists and visitors to the zoo have spoken out against the conditions that Arturo lives in, and Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg, Canada, has offered to give Arturo a better life.

Howard Jacobson: When they said Finkler's name, it felt like a final blessing from Uncle Gerry — So far north London that it might as well be Manchester. It has been a day of immense sadness. We are just back from a burial. My wife's uncle Gerry died three days ago. He was 92 and so there has not been that sense of tearing tragedy that makes the burial of a young person unbearable.
Jul 23, 2014

As Howard Jacobson is nominate for a Booker, read this beautiful piece which he wrote when he won in 2010

The making of Glenn Mulcaire: A strong character and an excellent organiser who commanded respect and was convicted of phone hacking — Who was this man, who first appeared on the News of the World's full-time payroll soon after Rebekah Brooks's appointment as editor? Mulcaire ascribes to himself the name "Dr Evil", in ironic reference to how little known and understood he believes himself to be.
Jul 23, 2014

Convicted News of the World phone hacker Glenn Mulcaire worked for private detective firms "who did jobs for MI5"…

MH17 crash: Social media blackout tribute continues as first bodies are to be flown to Netherlands from Ukraine — The avatar blackout and hashtag #bringthemhome has been led by users in the Netherlands, where a day of mourning will be held today for the 298 passengers killed when the Boeing 777-200 was apparently shot down by a rocket. Some 193 of the victims were Dutch and 10 were British.
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