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Vladimir Putin cancer reports: Kremlin rep furiously dismisses speculation over Russian leader's health, tells media to 'dream on' — Dmitry Peskov, a representative for Putin, responded to speculation in the US media over the 62-year-old leader's wellbeing in a furious manner on Wednesday. According to news agency RIA Novosti, he told journalists they "shouldn't bank on it" and should "bite your tongue" before adding, slightly less aggressively, that "everything's fine".
Oct 31, 2014

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Woman blinded as a child can see again after hitting her head on a coffee table — Lisa Reid, from Auckland in New Zealand, hadn't been able to see since she was a child because of a tumour pressing down on her optic nerve. But at 24 years old, Ms Reid knelt down to kiss her guide dog Ami goodnight - and hit her head.
Oct 31, 2014

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Frank Warren: Call me an old git, but I just can't see that there's a place for women’s boxing — It seems especially tragic that a young woman has died as a result of being knocked out in a fight in what has been a wretched week for South African sport. Phindile Mwelase, a 31-year-old professional light-welterweight, fell into a coma following a bout in Pretoria on 10 October and sadly never recovered.
Oct 31, 2014

Frank Warren says there's no place for women in boxing, forgetting the dozens of men who've died in the ring.…

Oct 31, 2014

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If you think Russell Brand’s new book is confused, you should read what his critics have to say about it — This week, by law, I have to deride Russell Brand as a self-obsessed, annoying idiot. No article or comment on Twitter can legally be written now unless it does this, so by the weekend the Sunday magazine recipes will go, "Goose and marmalade paella, serves six - unless one of the six is Russell Brand in which case he can make his own dinner as he's such a rebel I suppose he doesn't agree with ovens."

Russian politician says Apple CEO Tim Cook should be 'banned' from country after coming out as gay — According to a translation by Buzzfeed, anti-LGBT campaigner Vitaly Milonov, a member of the Legislative Assembly of St Petersburg, drew on stereotypes of homosexuals to suggest Tim Cook could bring "Aids and gonorrhea" to Russia. He told the FlashNord website: "what could he [Cook] bring us? The Ebola virus, Aids, gonorrhea?
Oct 31, 2014

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Oct 31, 2014

Russian politician says Apple CEO Tim Cook should be 'banned' from country after coming out as gay…

The bubble bursts for Sodastream — Since then, the Israeli company's stock has lost half its market value in New York, plunging from $55 a share in January to $21, amid falling sales and mounting calls for a boycott over its presence in the occupied West Bank and with investor enthusiasm fizzling out.
Oct 31, 2014

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Oct 31, 2014

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Oct 31, 2014

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PornHub sponsorship banned from university football team shirts after being deemed 'totally unacceptable' — PornHub has already had to take a step into the football world after they resorted to pleading with users to stop uploading Brazil's 7-1 mauling to Germany, citing "Our public humiliation category is full". But their second venture into the sport has ended sharply after their sponsorship of a university football team was immediately banned.

'Santa Claus' dead: John Moore starred in Coca Cola and Morrisons adverts — John Moore, 86, was hailed as the "true spirit" of Christmas by the soft drinks company. His funeral is being held today in Burgess Hill, Sussex, where he was known for stepping out in his red suit and black boots for numerous charity events.
Oct 31, 2014

Warning: Do not read this if you believe in Father Christmas

Harry Potter Halloween pottermore special: JK Rowling reveals Dolores Umbridge based on real person she 'disliked intensely' — The new facts and insights about Umbridge shed light on one of the most malicious characters in the Harry Potter series. "Dolores is one of the characters for whom I feel the purest dislike," writes J.K. Rowling in a note at the entry's conclusion.
Oct 31, 2014

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'Attention seeker' gets Asbo banning him from falling over and faking injuries — The bizarre court order prevents Andrew Davies, 51, from "deliberately lying on the ground or pretending to have an injury as a way of attracting attention, being intoxicated whilst in a public place and calling on the emergency services or initial response unless in times of genuine emergency".

NBA London: Tickets for the Milwaukee Bucks and New York Knicks sell out in less than an hour — The Milwaukee Bucks face the New York Knicks on 15 January in the fifth regular season game at the O2 Arena since 2011. Each game has been a sell-out but tickets, which went on sale at 9am, were all gone before the clock struck 10 for this game.

British government praises Cuba for its work fighting Ebola

Stafford fireworks explosion: Two people remain missing as man arrested — A 53-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the blaze that started at SP Fireworks on Thursday evening, Staffordshire Police said. A specialist team was searching the premises this morning as police worked to trace people who were at the factory shortly before the explosion.
Oct 31, 2014

A second person is now believed to be missing after the Stafford fireworks explosion - one man arrested

DiamondCorp warns over diamond prices as strike continues — Industrial action kicked off at Southern African miner DiamondCorp's Lace Mine last week when the union demanded the appointment of two full-time salaried shop stewards. DiamondCorp argues the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union already has five shop stewards at the mine.

Tom Ford urges young people not to forget fight against HIV: 'Of my close university friends, more than half had died from AIDS by 1990' — The fashion designer highlighted the devastation caused by the disease before treatment to control the effects of the HIV virus were available, and warned young people today not to "let down their guard". "I moved to New York in 1979 just before my 18th birthday," he told the audience, which included Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Gwyneth Paltrow.
Oct 31, 2014

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Manchester City vs Manchester United analysis: Manuel Pellegrini has no excuse for City's lack of a Plan B, writes Danny Higginbotham — Manchester City have been found out as a side with only one way to play. Their predictability against Newcastle United on Wednesday night - and their lack of a Plan 'B' - was extraordinary for a club of such wealth and talent.

Daily catch-up: war on drugs, shocking polls and Balls family news — He writes for The Independent today. I wrote for The Independent two years ago. It seems to me that nothing has changed, except that even fewer people in this country are using illegal drugs. 2. Tony Blair has in interview for Progress magazine, in which he makes it clear he opposes Ed Miliband on the gesture politics of unilaterally recognising Palestine as a state.

'Wasting Time on the Internet' course to be taught at University of Pennsylvania — From next semester, the Department of English at the University of Pennsylvania - a prestigious Ivy League college - will offer students the chance to study a course entitled 'Wasting Time on the Internet'. Participants will be asked to "stare at the screen for three hours, only interacting through chat rooms, bots, social media and listservs."

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas denounces Israel's closure of East Jerusalem mosque as tantamount to 'a declaration of war' — Israeli police shut access to the Al-Aqsa mosque, also known as the Temple Mount, following the shooting of far-right Jewish activist Yehuda Glick on Wednesday. A 32-year-old Palestinian suspected of being responsible for the shooting has today been shot dead by Israeli police, leading to clashes in the area.
Oct 31, 2014

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