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CIOs In Training: 3 Factors For Success — IT workers: if someone asked you, "Do you want to be CIO?" your answer, most likely, would be "yes." But, apart from desiring the greater salary and influence, are you willing to fulfill the job requirement of being the type of CIO that the CEO will value?

Tricorder XPrize: 10 Finalist Prototypes — The XPrize competition promises to make Star Trek's Tricorder a reality of sorts, with the winning device a compact sensor for vital signs and a variety of diseases. Check out these mockups from the 10 finalists.

Steerage To The Stars: The Cheapsat Revolution — As the cost of putting small digital satellites in orbit continues to fall, what can these little explorers do? Businesses, agencies, and scientists want in. As secondary payloads lower effective launch costs, the "cheapsat" revolution will rapidly expand, diversify, and differentiate the commercial, military, and scientific exploitation of space.

VMware COO Clarifies Focus — As VMworld unfolded in San Francisco this week, it became clear just how ambitious VMware's reach has become. It had partner announcements for the first time with Google and Linux container supplier Docker. It had product announcements in its NSX software-defined networking and vCloud Suite.

National Health Database: Good Medicine Or Privacy Nightmare? — State health information exchanges could eventually pool patient data into a vast national database, but privacy advocates have significant concerns. (Click image for larger view and slideshow.) State health information exchanges could one day connect, compiling patient data into a vast national database.

Location Tracking: 6 Social App Settings To Check — Popular social apps, including Facebook, Google, Foursquare, and Twitter, may track your every move. Get the lowdown -- and instructions for turning off these options. (Click image for larger view and slideshow.) Late last year, the Federal Trade Commission fined one of Android's most popular apps, called Brightest Flashlight Free, after an investigation found that the app tracked and sold users' precise location information without their consent.
Aug 27, 2014

Some useful info here. I turn all this stuff off: Location Tracking: 6 Social App Settings To Check @InformationWeek

Aug 26, 2014

Which social apps are tracking your location? Here's the lowdown: on @Informationweek

10 Ways To Strengthen Healthcare Security — As recent hacks show, keeping a healthcare organization safe from security threats takes planning, technical expertise, and business knowledge. Has your team taken these 10 steps? In the wake of the Community Health Systems breach and FBI warnings about healthcare organizations' vulnerability, security has advanced to the top of many industry executives' to-do lists.

Windows Threshold May Merge Windows Phone, RT — Microsoft's upcoming Windows Threshold operating system reportedly will merge Windows Phone and Windows RT into one user interface for ARM-based mobile devices. (Click image for larger view and slideshow.) Since last year, reports have claimed Microsoft officials plan to merge Windows Phone and Windows RT -- among the least popular of all major mobile platforms -- into one operating system.

Why VMware Is Embracing OpenStack — VMware is going to unusual lengths to work with open source cloud technology at the same time that it's trying to establish its own hybrid cloud service. What's going on? (Click image for larger view and slideshow.) VMware has launched a multi-pronged effort to capitalize on its customers' interest in cloud computing.

Mobile Health Apps Have Role In Ebola Crisis — Mobile health apps could play a bigger role than they have to date in speeding the response to a global health crisis. As mobile technology takes a more prominent role within our healthcare systems and the ability to manage and track one's own wellness shapes the mHealth marketplace, it is fair to question how these technologies can help in times of international crisis.
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