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Live review: Kate Bush — Hammersmith Apollo, London ***** You wait 35 years for a Kate Bush gig and then 22 of them come along at once. And while we're in the middle of it - and we really are, with surround sound, search and rescue helicopter lights sweeping the venue and confetti canons - there is an overwhelming sense that the word "gig" seems woefully inadequate to describe what's happening at Hammersmith's Apollo.
Aug 28, 2014

There are no sharks on Kate Bush's nautical stage, but I think we're gonna need a bigger word count.…

Aug 28, 2014

@mariadkennedy M, you'd have loved it. She looked thrilled to be there, so maybe she'll come to Ireland? Full review:…

Shadow of JoePa hangs darkly over Penn State University — A charter plane arrived in Dublin yesterday carrying 118 Penn State University gridiron players, just under 200 support staff, and one very troubled ghost. See, wherever this team goes these days, they are always accompanied by the spectre of Joe Paterno.

Emigration of Irish nationals falls 20% in year to April — The number of Irish people emigrating for better opportunities abroad fell for the first time in seven years last year, dropping 20 per cent from 50,900 to 40,700. Figures published by the Central Statistics Office show a total of 81,900 people of all nationalities moved out of Ireland in the 12 months to April, down 8 per cent on the 89,000 recorded in 2012/13.
Aug 28, 2014

The flow of Irish immigrants to Australia falls by 35% to 10,000 a year as crisis ends and Oz economy cools #auspol

Aug 28, 2014

Ireland's financial crisis is over but social crisis continues as 81,900 emigrate- rate falls for 1st time in 7 years

Salmond turns tables on Darling in key debate — The workmen were in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow yesterday, removing cables, equipment and staging that had served Monday's TV clash between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling. Each debate needs a victor. This time, it was Scottish National Party leader Salmond, who scored heavily and repeatedly against the former Labour chancellor of the exchequer - who had won the first debate.
Aug 27, 2014

.@MarkHennessy 's fresh eyes on the referendum debate will be worth following over the next three weeks.…