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Most Talked About Irish Times Stories

Climate Change Bill commits Ireland to emissions cuts

irishtimes.com — Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan has said the Government's new climate change legislation is "unequivocal" in committing Ireland to all present and future binding international targets on emissions reduction. Mr Hogan has today published the General Scheme (Heads) of the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill.
RT @jmcurtin: @harrymcgee - Clinch to chair #climate adv body group tinyurl.com/ktldd2w much improved draft bill in several respects IMO

The meetings not noted, the questions unasked

irishtimes.com — On Thursday, March 13th, last, Patrick Neary, the former financial regulator, gave evidence at the Anglo trial about a meeting he had with David Drumm, then chief executive of Anglo Irish Bank on September 12th, 2007.
The meetings not noted, the questions unasked - Vincent Browne on the Financial Regulator and Anglo irishtimes.com/news/crime-and… via @IrishTimes

Ukraine’s future is unclear in Viktor Yanukovich’s grimy hometown

irishtimes.com — In Yenakievo, eastern Ukraine, preparations for Easter were gaining pace. At the Orthodox Church of the Holy Virgin, ladies swept the yard outside and dusted off the icons, under the quiet gaze of Father Andrei, a local man who has been priest here for a decade.
Good article from Daniel McLaughlin of the @irishtimes on the complexity of the crisis in eastern Ukraine irishtimes.com/news/world/eur…

Cycling in Dublin: The next stage

irishtimes.com — Next week, what has been billed as the "largest gathering of urban cycling advocates in the northern hemisphere in 2014", will be in Dublin for the annual general meeting of the European Cycling Federation.

Fine Gael sets out etiquette guide for election candidates

irishtimes.com — Fine Gael has advised its election canvassers that 7pm to 9pm is a good time to call to people's homes - but to avoid times when there's sport on television or "blockbuster" episodes of TV soaps are being screened. And there should be no running over lawns or shrubbery.

Draft climate change legislation to tighten carbon pledges

irishtimes.com — Draft climate change legislation to be published today contains several key changes that will tighten the State's obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The heads of the Climate Action and Low-Carbon Development Bill will be unveiled today by Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan.

Beijing auto show: Motor industry pins hopes on boost from China

irishtimes.com — Hundreds of fans who showed up at the Beijing Auto Show to see their beloved South Korean actor Kim Soo-hyun, who was signed up by Hyundai to give its latest SUV a lift, were disappointed when the star of The Man From The Star show failed to appear.

Fergie hopes for Asian interest in wine collection

irishtimes.com — He may no longer be the manager of Manchester United, but Alex Ferguson remains an influential figure, not just in soccer, but also, it seems, in the world of vintage wines, where he was known to collect decent vintages to get his mind off the pressures on the pitch.