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Conservatives catch up with Labour in two new polls — The Conservatives have reeled in Labour's advantage according to two new polls. YouGov polled 2,069 adults on October 23 and 24 for the Sunday Times and put both main parties on 33%, with Ed Miliband's party down two points and the Conservatives up one.

Number of Ebola cases passes 10,000 — The number of people killed in the Ebola outbreak has risen to 4,922, the World Health Organization has said. The WHO said there has been 10,141 cases of Ebola in eight countries so far. Majority of Ebola victims died in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the three West African countries affected the most.
Oct 25, 2014

RT @itvnews: World Health Organisation says number of known Ebola cases has now passed 10,000…

UK clocks could soon tick in time with central Europe — The UK could soon tick in time with the rest of Europe if plans to change the time zone are approved. Ahead of the clocks going back later tonight, MPs and academics are backing the move to switch to the same time as central Europe.