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Kippah-wearing Swedish reporter assaulted in Malmo — (JTA) - A Swedish reporter who walked around Malmo while wearing a kippah to test attitudes toward Jews was hit once and cursed at by passersby before he fled for fear of serious violence. Sveriges Television on Wednesday aired secretly recorded footage from Petter Ljunggren's walk through Malmo, which documented some of the incidents that occurred within the space a few hours.
Jan 24, 2015

RT @Yair_Rosenberg: For those who've asked, here's more on the non-Jewish journalist who was assaulted in Sweden while dressed as a Jew:…

Dutch ex-minister: World peace if Israeli Jews move to U.S. — THE HAGUE, Netherlands (JTA) - A Dutch former cabinet minister reportedly said that world peace would be achievable if Israel's population is forced to move to the United States. The statement was attributed to Herman Heinsbroek, who served as the Netherlands' minister of economic affairs in 2002, in an article that appeared Thursday in the online edition of the prestigious financial monthly Quote, based on an interview with Heinsbroek.
Jan 23, 2015

Ex-Dutch Minister's version of Ahmadinejad's ethnic cleansing World peace if Israeli Jews move 2… HT @MacsandMoreDH

Amid increased scrutiny and risk, camps grapple with teen sexuality — NEW YORK (JTA) - The counselors didn't approve but preferred not to meddle: According to the bunk's "hook-up competition," each teenage girl was supposed to mark a space on the cabin wall with her name and date indicating when she had successfully kissed - or otherwise hooked up with - a boy.
Jan 23, 2015

Are there dangers to Jewish summer camps "sex-positive" approach?…

Sanctions bill founders again on Obama veto threat — WASHINGTON (Washington Jewish Week) - For the second year running, a bid to pass a bill intensifying sanctions against Iran appears to be foundering on threat of a presidential veto. In his State of the Union address Tuesday, President Obama vowed to veto further sanctions legislation, saying it would "all but guarantee" his efforts to achieved a deal on Iran's nuclear program would collapse.

Dutch Jews demand troops near synagogues — THE HAGUE, Netherlands (JTA) - Dutch Jews asked their government to post troops outside synagogues to match security measures in France and Belgium. The plea came in letters addressed to mayors by officials from a number of Jewish communities in the Netherlands following an Islamist's slaying on Jan.
Jan 23, 2015

EU in 2015 “Now that Jewish targets in Belgium and France are guarded by the army, we ask why not in the Netherlands,…

Jan 23, 2015

Holland nearly 70yrs after the Holocaust: Dutch Jews demand troops near synagogues.…

Silver’s arrest a 2nd strike for N.Y. Orthodox power brokers — NEW YORK (JTA) - To critics of Albany's culture of political corruption, the sight of the powerful longtime speaker of New York's State Assembly, Sheldon Silver, getting arrested Thursday may have been a sign that even the state's most powerful politicians are not immune from the long hand of the law.
Jan 23, 2015

RT @ifamericansknew: Article fails to mention that Silver pushed bills that promoted Israel bonds purchases at the expense of NY taxpayers…

Abdullah, Saudi king, peace proposal author, dies at 90 — (JTA) - Saudi Arabian King Abdullah, the architect of a proposal that U.S. governments have suggested is the basis for a comprehensive Israeli-Arab peace, has died. Saudi media reported that Abdullah, 90, died late Thursday. He is succeeded by the Crown Prince, Salman, his brother, who is 79.

Pelosi, White House: Elections make official Netanyahu events ‘inappropriate’ — WASHINGTON (JTA) - The White House and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said the proximity of Israel's elections rendered inappropriate official events with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Pelosi, the minority leader in the U.S. House of Representatives, forcefully denied that Rep.
Jan 22, 2015

Pelosi, White House: Elections make official Netanyahu events ‘inappropriate’…

What does the International Criminal Court action mean for Israel? — WASHINGTON (JTA) - On Jan. 16, the International Criminal Court prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, launched a "preliminary examination into the situation in Palestine." Here is a review of what that means based on interviews with experts on international law and statements by the ICC and Israeli and U.S. officials.
Jan 22, 2015

What does the International Criminal Court action mean for Israel?…

At some day schools, vaccination rates decline even as disease spreads — LOS ANGELES (JTA) - A recent measles outbreak originating at Disneyland that has infected more than 50 people has returned the issue of declining immunization rates to the national headlines.
Jan 22, 2015

Attention all Rebbeim/Principals: Tell parents that it is completely ASSUR not to vaccinate their children!…

Argentine president now says Nisman death was not a suicide — BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (JTA) - Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner now says that the death of special prosecutor Alberto Nisman was not a suicide, reversing a statement by the government. In an open letter published Thursday on her Facebook page and blog, Kirchner wrote that Nisman's death was an "operation against the government."
Jan 22, 2015

RT @JTAnews: Argentine president now says Nisman death was not a suicide

Netanyahu speech to Congress postponed three weeks — WASHINGTON (JTA) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress was postponed for three weeks. The move to March 3 from Feb. 11 allows Netanyahu to coordinate with his plans to address the annual AIPAC conference in Washington.

British, French, German and EU foreign ministers oppose new Iran sanctions — WASHINGTON (JTA) - Four top European diplomats came out in opposition to new Iran sanctions, saying they could scuttle nuclear talks. "Introducing new hurdles at this critical stage of the negotiations, including through additional nuclear-related sanctions legislation on Iran, would jeopardize our efforts at a critical juncture," said the Op-Ed appearing Thursday in the Washington Post signed by the foreign ministers of France, Britain and Germany, along with the European Union representative for foreign policy.
Jan 22, 2015

British, French, German and EU foreign ministers oppose new Iran sanctions…

Report: Mossad urged senators to oppose Iran sanctions — TEL AVIV (JTA) - The Israeli Mossad intelligence agency has reportedly urged United States senators to vote against placing additional sanctions on Iran. According to a report in Bloomberg View Thursday, Mossad officials oppose a U.S. Senate bill that would place additional sanctions on Iran, should U.S.-led talks on ending the Iranian nuclear program fail.

Boehner’s Bibi surprise — The invitation from Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio,) the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress appears to have been very personal, indeed - virtually no one outside the Boehner-Netanayhu circle had any idea it was coming until just before Boehner's announcement this morning.
Jan 21, 2015

RT @jacobkornbluh: Abe Foxman suggests that Boehner uninvite and Netanyahu unaccept.…

Jan 21, 2015

ADL chief: Boehner invite to Netanyahu looks like "political challenge to the WH and/or a campaign effort in Israel."

Israeli tourists hurt in hours-long anti-Semitic attack in Argentina — BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (JTA) - Ten Israeli tourists were wounded in an anti-Semitic attack at a hostel in a small Argentine village. Three assailants burned, robbed and beat the tourists at the Onda Azul hostel in Lago Puelo, in southern Argentina, between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. Monday, the Argentine media reported.
Jan 22, 2015

RT @Levitt_Matt: Israeli tourists hurt in hours-long anti-Semitic attack in Argentina…

Jan 21, 2015

RT @JTAnews: Israeli tourists hurt in hours-long anti-Semitic attack in Argentina