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How to easily print mail merged Pages documents — I'm not saying that reader Charlie Brown is unhappy (but honestly, isn't Charlie Brown always unhappy?), but he would like a bit more from a solution I recently offered. He writes: I found your article about creating mail merge documents with Apple's Pages and Numbers helpful, but I'd like to know how to print the complete set of merged documents all at once.
Jan 28, 2015

Printing mail merged Pages documents isn't a terribly sexy topic, but if you need to do it...…

Where to get the perfect custom iPhone case — Your iPhone case says a lot about you-a Speck CandyShell, for example, tells the world that you're fun, bright, and quirky-yet-practical when it comes to protection and usability. TwelveSouth's BookBook, on the other hand, says you love books-even fake books.

Tips for locating (and deleting) iPhoto images — Recently I shared a couple of tips for culling unwanted images from your iPhoto library and they were received with enough enthusiasm that I thought I'd offer a few more tips for easily filtering (and deleting) those images you don't want. Let's start with EXIF data.
Jan 28, 2015

Sexier is this iPhoto-culling video that shows a cat astride my head (warning: autoplay)…

The 6 things you need to know about Apple's best quarter ever — Apple made all the money last quarter-its $18 billion in profit is not only the best quarter Apple's ever had, it's the best quarter any company has ever had, and a jaw-dropping 74.5 million iPhones sold is a big reason why.
Jan 28, 2015

ICYMI, Apple made all the money but that’s not the only takeaway from yesterday’s earnings call.

Apple Watch starts shipping in April, Tim Cook confirms — We knew it was coming sometime this spring, but now we have a more narrow timeframe: Apple Watch starts shipping in April, Tim Cook said. So it's not an exact date, but we're getting closer. Cook dropped the news on Apple's quarterly earnings call Tuesday afternoon, saying Apple Watch is "on schedule" and will ship in April.

Twitter launches two much-needed new tools for video shoots and group chats — Twitter spent the last several months experimenting with your timeline. The network created an event feed around the World Cup, started showing content from people you don't follow when you pull to refresh, and now shows you important tweets you missed at the top of your stream.
Jan 27, 2015

I’m really excited to see what people do with Twitter video. There’s a lot of potential in 30 seconds.

Drop review: An iPad-connected scale for beginning bakers — I love to bake, but it can be such a finicky process. Add too much baking soda? Your cookies are ruined. Try to substitute regular milk for buttermilk? Disaster. It doesn't allow for interpretation the same way cooking does. That's why Drop's new iPad-connected scale is so compelling: It simplifies even complicated recipes down to baby steps, no measuring required.

Why Apple should go into the mobile network business — One of the things that has certainly helped Apple be successful is making both the hardware and the software that runs its devices. Because of this, issues of compatibility have always been less problematic on Macs than they have on PCs. But when 2007 rolled around, and Apple introduced the iPhone, Apple no longer controlled the users' end-to-and experience.