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Re/code kills comments: I have something to say — Earlier this week, Re/code's Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher announced that the site was doing away with comments -the idea being that social media is now so prevalent that those who wish to air their views can contact writers and editors via Twitter and Facebook.
Nov 21, 2014

RT @chrisphin: Been amazed at the quality of comments on my @Macworld columns. Kudos in part to @BodyofBreen, apparently.…

Why Uber’s long PR nightmare will end in a user privacy win — Uber is in advanced-stage damage control mode to prove to the world that it actually cares about your privacy, but it's going to be an uphill battle. The good news for you: The end result will be a strict privacy policy crafted by a company so scared of running afoul of regulators and potential users that it will elevate standards for the entire industry.
Nov 21, 2014

Car-hailing apps are falling over themselves to prove they're nothing like Uber. That's good news for users.

Bugs and Fixes: What's with Yosemite renaming shared computers? — There's a mysterious network bug in OS X 10.10 Yosemite. The symptom is that the shared name (as viewed in the Sharing System Preferences pane) of one or more of your OS X devices keeps changing. It may start out, for example, as "My MacBook." Check back later and it will be "My MacBook (1)."
Nov 21, 2014

RT @tedlandau: If your computer gets numbers auto-appended to its name, check this: What's with Yosemite renaming shared devices?

Why you should delete Uber, and what to use instead — I deleted Uber from my phone last night, and I think you should too. Let me explain why. On Monday, BuzzFeed's Ben Smith posted a dilly of a scoop, quoting Uber's Senior Vice President of Business Emil Michael, who told a fancy dinner party of New York elite that Uber could spend $1 million to discredit its critics in the press, specifically Pando Daily's Sarah Lacy, who has written about the company's shady tactics and misogynistic culture.