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Do You Yo? And Should Your Newsroom Be Yo-ing? — Starting September 4,work with a literary agent to complete a full proposal that wins an agent and a contract! Ryan Harbage from The Fischer-Harbage Agency, Inc. will teach you how to convey your idea in a winning book proposal format, write your proposal letter, understand the nuts and bolts of the nonfiction book industry, and more.

Post-Plagiarism, Ashton Kutcher Site Adds Chief Revenue Officer — It was an ugly plagiarism scandal. Last month, thanks to the intrepid efforts of The Daily Dot's Rob Price , the Ashton Kutcher media empire website A Plus was found to have purloined content from various other Web sources. Thanks to Price's article, posts, tweets and at least one LinkedIn profile were quickly deleted.

Sexist Headline in The Telegraph Sparks Backlash, Social Media Uproar — When was the last time you saw a headline about a man's job promotion that read, "Father of Three Poised to Lead Major Company?" Oh, that's right. Never. Which is why this recent headline in The Telegraph announcing the expected career move of Rona Fairhead, the former Financial Times chief executive who is likely about to become the first female chair of the BBC Trust, just didn't sit well with readers.
Sep 02, 2014

Writing one-column headlines is tough, but that's no excuse for this.

CNN Photojournalist Dies. Sarmad Qaseera Captured Indelible Images From Iraq War — Sarmad Qaseera , a CNN photojournalist first in Iraq and for the last 8 years in the U.S, died suddenly Monday. Qaseera was behind the camera of some of the most memorable images on CNN in the last 10 years, especially during the war in Iraq.
Sep 02, 2014

CNN Photojournalist Dies. Sarmad Qaseera Captured Indelible Images From Iraq War… via @tvnewser