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Martin Luther King's Lost Speech & The BDS Movement — Earlier this month Democracy Now! aired the audio of a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., found by the the director of the Pacifica Radio archives, Brian DeShazor, about apartheid in South Africa and the struggle for black civil rights in the United States.

A List Of All 61 Journalists Killed In 2014 — Internationally, many journalists are killed all each year while gathering the news for us. Two major organizations keep track of their deaths: the Committee To Protect Journalists and Reporters Without Borders. Both organizations have specific criteria governing the investigation and confirmation-as well as establishing motive-for each killing, including whether it occurred because of the journalistic activities of those killed.

Trial Begins In Major Trafficking Case Stemming From Hurricane Katrina Clean-up — WASHINGTON - The first in a series of lawsuits got underway earlier this month in what supporters say collectively entail one of the largest cases of human trafficking ever recorded in the United States. Each of the cases involves allegations of misrepresentation and forced labor, brought by dozens of South Asian workers against Signal International, a marine-services company.
Jan 27, 2015

One of U.S.'s largest human trafficking cases begins, involving 600 brought in to work after Hurricane Katrina…

ANALYSIS: Who Are The “Moderates” Washington’s Supporting In Syria? — The U.S. is sending hundreds of million of dollars to them, and U.S. allies are rallying in support of them, but who, exactly, are Syria's so-called "moderates" and how much longer can they avoid being sucked into the radical extremism taking hold of the Middle East?
Jan 28, 2015

US sends millions to #Syria 'n rebels who are being sucked into radicalism creating never ending War On Terror…

How The CIA Made Google — Originally published on Medium. INSURGE INTELLIGENCE, a new crowd-funded investigative journalism project, breaks the exclusive story of how the United States intelligence community funded, nurtured and incubated Google as part of a drive to dominate the world through control of information.