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Engen budget proposal funds free buses, puts Missoula against levy cap

missoulian.com — Free bus rides on Mountain Line are near the top of Mayor John Engen's budget priority list of items the city should fund in the future. If additional money becomes available, Engen would like the city budget to contribute some $400,000 to transit, the amount needed to make rides free all the time on all routes starting in January 2015.
What's another $32 in property taxes? Engen budget proposal funds free buses, puts Missoula against levy cap missoulian.com/news/local/art…

UM students try out for chance to join first Grizzly softball team

missoulian.com — When Kelsey Lucostic's two years of junior college eligibility were up at Olympic College in Bremerton, Wash., the Missoula Big Sky graduate headed for home. Rather than attempting to continue her collegiate softball career in Washington, she had another option in mind.

GOP primary question: Vote for Congress or Missoula County sheriff, attorney?

missoulian.com — If you're a member of the Grand Old Party in Missoula County, you have a dilemma in the upcoming primary election. The primary will decide the outcome for Missoula County sheriff and Missoula County attorney since no Republicans filed in those races.
RT @KathleenMKimble: URGENT TO MISSOULA VOTERS: You must choose: Vote in GOP House primary or key Missoula races bit.ly/Qz27KH icymi
RT @KathleenMKimble: For real! ONLY Democratic-primary-ballot voters can vote for Missoula sheriff, county attorney missoulian.com/news/article_e…