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America's first cat cafe opens in New York -- for 4 days — New York has joined the ranks of London, Tokyo and Seoul with a pop-up cat café where visitors can sip cat-inspired coffee while playing with furry - and adoptable - felines. Purina ONE and the North Shore Animal League, the country's largest no-kill rescue, teamed up to create the café, which is open April 24-27 in Manhattan's Bowery neighborhood.

Big Basin Redwoods State Park: California's oldest state park — California is rich with iconic natural features. Gold, earthquake fault lines and dramatic coasts are examples. But the massive, ancient redwood trees that can be found in certain parts of the state never fail to capture the imagination.

10 things you didn't know about Johnny Appleseed — Every year on Arbor Day, people worldwide celebrate by planting trees in and around their neighborhoods. But no matter how many trees we all plant this Arbor Day, our efforts will probably pale in comparison to those of the most legendary tree-planter of all, Johnny Appleseed.

Tenants of L.A. apartment complex must love - and own - dogs — In a scratch-, stain-, and pee smell-wary rental market where otherwise flawless tenants can be turned away from the apartment of their dreams simply because they have a loveable mutt or a couple of kitties in tow, one Los Angeles landlord has taken a refreshingly unorthodox - and apparently, legal - approach to pet-based rental discrimination.
Tenants of L.A. apartment complex must love — and own — dogs…