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Guide to pairing wine with Halloween candy — Come this Saturday morning there will be candy in my house that I would rather not have be there. That's the reality. I allow my boys to go trick-or-treating on Halloween and they come home with pillowcases stuffed with all sorts of candy that I don't normally allow in the house.
Oct 30, 2014

Halloween vino! Cabernet with Reese's? Chardonnay with Butterfinger? Easier way: go with Thunderbird with everything.

Been car scammed? Get it fixed (and get revenge, too) — Have you ever been ripped off in a car deal? I know, that's like asking, "Have you ever owned an automobile?" There are plenty of scam artists out there who take advantage of you if you buy or lease a car, rent a car, get a car repaired or sell a car to someone else.
Oct 30, 2014

Have you been car scammed? Get a free fix (and revenge too) through this new Spike TV show: @MotherNatureNet:

Will Potter's drone army sets its sites on factory farms — While Kickstarter has become a beacon for inventors and startups looking to create the next big billion-dollar idea, it's also turned into an attractive source of funding for investigative journalism. In June, the site launched an official category for journalists - an announcement that caught my eye and my mouse, leading me to scan dozens of projects seeking backing.
Oct 30, 2014

Animal activism with a #tech spin: @Will_Potter 's drone army sets its sites on factory farms |

New frog species discovered in the middle of New York City — It may seem like an unlikely place to find a new species, but scientists have identified a frog not previously described by science in the very heart of the most populous city in the United States-- New York City. Though similar to the leopard frog in appearance, the new species has a discrete croak and a distinct genetic makeup, reports Discovery.

How to prevent your child being bitten by the family dog — Your young child and beloved golden retriever are lying on the floor together, your child building a castle of blocks. You look down at your reading or walk into another room for just a moment - and then you hear it: a short rumble of a snarl and the cry of a child who has just been bitten.