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Best books of 2014 in conservation photography — This year has seen the publication of many extraordinary books celebrating the natural world and all that is worth saving. We've gathered up some of the best works created by conservation photographers. The following are some of the most beautiful and important must-read books of the year.

'Smart' bicycle has radar, vibrates when it senses obstacles — A new 'smart' bicycle has been unveiled in the Netherlands, and its high tech gadgetry might be the closest thing to a Pee-wee Herman bike on the market, but far less accident prone. In fact, the bike is loaded with safety features and was designed specifically for the purpose of reducing the high accident rate in the bicycle-loving country, particularly among elderly cyclists, reports Discovery News.
Dec 18, 2014

(I prefer being a smart rider) 'Smart' bicycle has radar, vibrates when it senses obstacles… via

Reindeer herding is really a job (in Finland) — The cowboy lifestyle has always been romanticized. Who hasn't fantasized about leaving the modern world behind for a life defined by nature, the seasons and animals instead of iPhones, NASDAQ and the 24-hour news cycle? But cowboys are not a purely American phenomenon.

4 reasons why Alaska's Bristol Bay is worth protecting — Bristol Bay, an Alaskan utopia for salmon and other subarctic wildlife, is now protected from oil and gas drilling indefinitely. President Obama signed a memorandum Tuesday that withdraws the bay from any future offshore drilling, citing both its ecological and economic importance to the entire country.

Researchers say feeling younger can help you live longer — The late celebrated author Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez once wrote: "Age isn't how old you are but how old you feel." Turns out there's some science behind that belief, with a new study reporting that people who feel younger than their actual age have a lower death rate.

10 sculptures that will leave you yearning for snow — If you're like most people, you can barely create a snowman - well, not a recognizable one, at least. But some talented sculptors are so good at manipulating this icy medium that international competitions are held during the winter around the world.

This moth looks like bird poop on purpose — Eudryas grata is known by its common name, beautiful wood nymph It seems like a bit of a joke considering this moth purposefully looks like bird poop but indeed the common name for this species is "beautiful wood nymph." Scientifically, however, it is Eudryas grata, one of three species in the genus.
Dec 17, 2014

Brilliant camouflage strategy! This moth looks like bird poop on purpose via @mothernaturenet

Welcome to the magical world of Christmas tree worms — There is such a thing as a Christmas tree worm, but it isn't the evergreen-eating pest its name might imply. It lives in tropical oceans, not tannenbaums, embedding itself in coral reefs and growing bizarre, colorful structures that sort of resemble a Whoville Christmas tree - hence the name.

What's wrong with my cookies? A troubleshooting guide — It happens to all of us. With bakers of all experience levels in mind, my mom and I decided to experiment. We intentionally mucked up the cookie dough in a few different ways to see what would happen and if we could fix the problem.

When there is no driver, car interiors can go wild — It took a long time before car designers realized they didn't have to deal with a horse. That may sound funny, but the first "horseless carriages" looked just like, well, carriages. And it's going to be just like that as we switch to self-driving cars. It's a challenge that calls for out-of-the-box thinking.
Dec 16, 2014

When there's no driver, car interiors can go totally wild. Who says the driver has to face front? @MotherNatureNet:

Why sunrises are more amazing in winter — When it comes to getting great sunrise and sunset photos, perhaps the best time of year to find success is during winter. There are two reasons why the winter months offer up the greatest opportunities.

8 breathtaking videos captured by drones — Of all the advancements in photography and videography over the last couple years, the rise of the aerial drone has proven to be one of the more exciting. While the technology itself is not without controversy, the footage captured has transformed not only how we see the world but our accessibility to it.
Dec 15, 2014

8 breathtaking videos captured by #drones | The boulders and Dom Tower are my favorites.

Highliners, BASE jumpers rig massive aerial space net over Moab's red desert cliffs — Suspended 400 feet above rugged desert terrain, this massive aerial space net, dubbed the "Mothership Space Net Penthouse," is not for the faint of heart. Luckily, that's no problem for the thrill seekers who gather every autumn in Moab, Utah for a long weekend of highlining, BASE jumping, paragliding and other heart-racing activities.