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8 delicious ways to get more broccoli on the menu — It doesn't matter if you loved or hated those little green trees that showed up on your dinner plate while you were growing up; it turns out that broccoli is among the best vegetables your parents could have fed you and, regardless of your age, it's one of the best you can put on your plate as an adult.

A peep is a real bird (not just a weird candy!) — And we thought "peeps" were just candy If you use the word "peeps" out in the field, well away from any grocery stores or trendy teenagers, chances are that the people around you are going to know you're not talking about candy or each other.

Your zombie-proof log cabin has arrived — 24,000 zombie survival kit? Check. Ridiculously tricked-out vehicle to mow down the undead? Check. A collection of books to prepare yourself for what's coming next? Check. What's missing? A personal fortress to house it all. And today my paranoid friends is that day.
Oct 22, 2014

Zombie fortification cabin for sale. Flame thrower & water cannon optional. + 10-year anti-zombie guarantee. Yup

Oct 21, 2014

Is anyone interested in buying this $113,000 zombie-proof cabin? #includesxbox