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‘King of pot’ Jimmy Cournoyer should get 30 years in jail, U.S. prosecutor says — MONTREAL - The prosecution in the U.S. case against Jimmy Cournoyer has requested that he serve at least 30 years of a life sentence for having shipped hundreds of kilos of Canadian-grown marijuana across the border. The prosecution's position statement, filed over the weekend in a U.S.
Jul 22, 2014

new version of story about sentence the U.S. govt seeks for the "king of pot" Jimmy Cournoyer. Photos of stuff seized…

Jul 22, 2014

‘King of pot’ Jimmy Cournoyer held meetings in metro system to hide from parole officers. U.S. att.seeks 30 years.…

Mayor Denis Coderre to answer questions from citizens on TV this fall — Want to ask Mayor Denis Coderre a question, in English, without having to wait in line at city hall during the monthly city council meeting? Citizens will have the chance to put their questions directly to Montreal's mayor during a new segment called Talk of the Town on CTV news, to air every two weeks during the Friday 6 p.m.

Former city engineer suspended for taking bribes — MONTREAL - Quebec's Order of Engineers has suspended Gilles Vézina for six years, in a ruling that found him guilty of accepting bribes while he worked for the city of Montreal. During his 2012 testimony at the Charbonneau Commission, Vézina admitted to receiving gifts from construction firms who, in turn, were awarded millions of dollars in contracts funded by the city of Montreal.

Make the most of summer with meringue — Jillian Page I've rediscovered two great albums this summer: Janis Joplin & Big Brother and the Holding... Jul 22, 2014 10:09 AM | Montreal Gazette " Life Jillian Page The story of Meriam Ibrahim has taken yet another sad turn, according to All in a July 18...

Opinion: Respecting our heritage — Instead of demolishing mouldy schools completely, we should be looking at preserving their facades.
Jul 22, 2014

Opinion piece by Projet Montreal leader Richard Bergeron in today's Gazette: Respecting our heritage… #Montreal

Jul 22, 2014

Opinion: Projet Montreal leader Richard Bergeron on respecting our built heritage via @mtlgazette…

Opinion: My mother guides my hand when I open her recipe box — My mother is standing right beside me in the kitchen. This is a bit otherworldly, though, because she died 11 years ago.

Report on Farshad Mohammadi’s death calls for better police training, Taser use and a boost in mental health care — The death of another unstable homeless man at the hands of Montreal police officers has elicited another Quebec coroner's report calling for better adapted mental-health services and better adapted police training to help people in mental distress.
Jul 22, 2014

Coroner laments yet another fatal confrontation between homeless, mentally-ill man and police. By @CityHallReport…

Jul 22, 2014

Report on Farshad Mohammadi’s death calls for better police training, Taser use and a boost in mental health care…

Montreal's 9 top places to beat the heat wave — The Quebec-based travel company that organized an ill-fated bus trip to New York State last week has provided an update on the condition of passengers injured when the vehicle rolled off the highway.