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Will it Take a Keg Stand for Mary Landrieu to Get Reelected? — It's game day in Baton Rouge, and the bro in the purple shirt wants Mary Landrieu's help doing a keg stand. Landrieu, elected three times by the narrowest of margins, is once again locked in a tight re-election campaign, this time against GOP Rep. Bill Cassidy.

How Can The Atlantic Give Us 5,000 Words on Prison Life Without Interviewing Prisoners? — As someone who writes about prisons, and who two years behind bars, I devour nearly everything written about it, especially the long-form stuff. So I was excited when I saw that The Atlantic's latest issue had a major story called " How Gangs Took Over Prison." Then I read it.
Sep 21, 2014

RT @solitarywatch: Excellent response to a dreadful article: The Atlantic Writes 5,000 Words About Prisoners Without Interviewing Them…

Live Blog: Inside the Biggest Climate March in History — Images and insights live from the scene in New York.

Roger Goodell's Life Just Got a Whole Lot Worse Today — There's been a mountain of talk about the Ray Rice domestic violence case, but the evidence about exactly what happened and when it happened has remained stubbornly fuzzy. Now that's changed. Today's blockbuster ESPN piece, like all stories of this nature, relies a lot on unnamed sources and therefore still isn't quite rock solid.