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Justice finally comes to the pardons office and perhaps to many inmates

msnbc.com — The Obama administration announced a new pardons policy that could potentially allow hundreds of federal inmates to be freed early from prison.
RT @DafnaLinzer: It took a lot of time & evidence, but the pardon attorney is finally gone, ushering in a new era for mercy: http://t.co/i5…
RT @npalmerrothman: Justice finally comes to the pardons office. on.msnbc.com/QyjNpK Goldsmith Prize for Inv. Reporting finalist, 2012. @DafnaLinzer
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Politicians from the hungriest counties voted to cut food stamps

msnbc.com — Members of Congress representing the two hungriest counties in America ultimately voted for the Farm Bill's food stamp cuts.
The people who most want to cut food stamps are A) really good at it and B) definitely going to keep trying. on.msnbc.com/1iMr6EI
what do you do if you represent the hungriest counties in America? Vote against food stamps of course: msnbc.com/msnbc/humphrey…
RT @AdamSerwer: Politicians from the hungriest counties voted to cut food stamps on.msnbc.com/1mEWlF4 via @resnikoff
Politicians from the hungriest counties voted to cut food stamps on.msnbc.com/1mEWlF4 via @resnikoff
RT @resnikoff: How the GOP got legislators from America's two hungriest counties to vote for food stamp cuts: on.msnbc.com/1iMr6EI
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America's hunger crisis, and why Washington ignores it

msnbc.com — Fifty million people in this country lack sufficient food. What's even more striking is how little attention the problem has received in Washington.
RT @MiyaTokumitsu: By framing "inequality" as an abstract issue, we overlook the nearly 50 mil Americans who don't have enough food msnbc.com/msnbc/hunger-c…
Folo @resnikoff for his incisive coverage of hunger and poverty. HIs latest, on how 'opportunity' eludes the hungry: msnbc.com/msnbc/hunger-c…
RT @resnikoff: “35 million people who were food insecure. People would say it’s a hidden problem, and I’d say, Really?" on.msnbc.com/1nGfTpY
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Piketty's 'Capital in the 21st Century' hits #1 on Amazon

msnbc.com — A 700-page tome about the perils of capitalism by Thomas Piketty has become a blockbuster hit.
RT @bfouhy: Piketty, per @SuzyKhimm, is outselling Game of Thrones, Disney’s “Frozen,” and the “10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse.” msnbc.com/msnbc/inequali…
Piketty, per @SuzyKhimm, is outselling Game of Thrones, Disney’s “Frozen,” and the “10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse.” msnbc.com/msnbc/inequali…

The truth behind Rand Paul’s ‘inconvenient revelation’

msnbc.com — The argument Rand Paul made just a few years ago about Reagan is a helpful reminder of just how thoroughly and quickly history can be revised and rewritten.

Poll: McConnell virtually tied with Grimes

msnbc.com — Nate Cohn, from The Upshot, joins Luke Russert to discuss new polls from The New York Times and Kaiser Foundation that show hope for Democrats running for Senate seats in southern states.
RT @msnbc: New polls show Alison Lundergan Grimes virtually tied with Mitch McConnell. Watch @lukerussert discuss: onmsnbc.co/bLbXQ8

Georgia governor signs sweeping gun bill into law

msnbc.com — Republican Gov. Nathan Deal on Wednesday signed into law a bill that allows patrons to carry firearms in bars, nightclubs, classrooms, and government buildings.
RT @msnbc: Georgia governor has signed a new gun bill into law, allowing citizens to carry firearms in bars, schools, and more: onmsnbc.co/LGVNZP

U.S. more oligarchy than democracy, study suggests

msnbc.com — A new study has found that elites and business interests wield the most political influence.
RT @barrsm: @siracusa msnbc.com/msnbc/the-us-n… “policies supported by economic elites and business interest groups were far more likely to become law”

Art as a tool for education

msnbc.com — Actress Anna Deavere Smith talks about how the arts could potentially be used as a solution for the school to prison pipeline.

Coke vs. Pom tests food companies' labels

msnbc.com — The court battle between Coke vs. Pom is about more than pomegranate. It's about food companies telling consumers what they're ingesting.
Why is Pom suing Coke for lying about fruit juice? and is Pom gross? My editorial today on intense food politics: on.msnbc.com/1mAstXL

In losing campaigns, consultants still win

msnbc.com — Josh Barro explains how consultants and political action committees can make a profit off of Tea Party candidates even when they lose.
Some "Tea Party" groups are just apparatuses to move money from conservative donors (large and small) to consultants. msnbc.com/the-last-word/…

Holder tips hat to Sotomayor’s ‘courageous’ affirmative action dissent

msnbc.com — The nation's first black attorney general chided those who "feel that this country's long struggle to overcome disparity and discrimination has ended."
Stupefying that the Attorney General has to weigh in and agree with a Supreme Court justice that racism still exists: on.msnbc.com/1jC5zLP

US citizen detained in Cuba 'not doing well'

msnbc.com — High-level meetings took place in Havana, Cuba today over the detention of American citizen Alan Gross, who has been imprisoned in Cuba for over four years. Gross' attorney, Scott Gilbert, discusses meetings with Gross and Cuba's foreign minister.
Alan Gross' lawyer says "he (Gross) will return to the United States before his 66th birthday, dead or alive" nxt yr on.msnbc.com/1lGdk5Z

New subpoenas in bridgegate investigation

msnbc.com — The New Jersey committee investigating the George Washington Bridge closure has issued four new subpoenas for Christie aides and Port Authority officials.
RT @msnbc: Four new subpoenas have been issued in the Bridgegate investigation. @PoliticsNation has the details: onmsnbc.co/9AUHlr

Political Lies and the First Amendment

msnbc.com — The Supreme Court heard a case about lies in campaign ads and the decision could have an impact on future ads. Sam Stein and Geoffrey Stone join Ari Melber.
Do you have a 1st Amendment right to #lie about politics?... tackled the new SCOTUS case w Prof Stone & @samsteinhp: on.msnbc.com/1nFFyix
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