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@Virusinthebronx We didn't apologize on her behalf, fool. Oh, and name the time and place.
What's the most unequal sector of the American economy? The answer will surprise you. (No it won't.) on.msnbc.com/1tHsAVR
Strong contender for most badass classic jazz album art ever pic.twitter.com/sPgo72UZnb
DEVELOPING: Possible Ukraine-Russia deal requires ban on phrase "What's your analysis of the situation?"
We're live at 3 with a packed show. If you're in need of an afternoon pick-me-up we got you covered @thecyclemsnbc!
An unsentimental look at Philadelphia, or "Comcast Country," from tour guide @DanielDenvir: nyti.ms/1tEgg8x
I'm concerned that news about one white supremacist is crowding out news about another today.
RT @jimgeraghty: You know, media, Bundy vs. BLM could be a story without any heroes. Kind of like Snowden vs. the NSA.
"Let me tell you something about The Negro...W.E.B. DuBois 1915 history of blacks in America." -- Bizarro Cliven Bundy
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