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15 Years Of Devil’s Night — Before "The Crow," Brandon Lee's biggest role was in "Rapid Fire," an above-average action flick carried mostly by his grace, charm and combination of various martial arts styles years before the phrase "MMA" was popularized.
Oct 24, 2014

THE CROW is 20 yrs old! I talked to actors, producers & the lost Skull Cowboy to honor the 15 yr anniversary: @ibtrav

15 Years Of Devil’s Night — PART FIVE: REMEMBERING BRANDON LEE AND "THE CROW" By Ryan J. Downey Today we post the final installment of our five-part Halloween Week retrospective on "The Crow," celebrating the film's 15th anniversary with cast and filmmaker interviews that explore its origin and legacy.

8 Books To Read With Your Cat — So, you guys, not only is tomorrow Caturday - I mean, Saturday - it's also Hello Kitty Reading Day! Can you imagine a sentence more perfect than the one I just typed? Me neither. I would quit my job now and retire to the hills of Ireland if I didn't have so much more to tell you about all of this!