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Hear An Extended Preview Of A$AP Rocky's 'Pretty Flacko 2' — A$AP Rocky performed his new song 'Pretty Flacko 2' at a show in London this week,

Growing Up 'Cosby': Why Cliff Huxtable Shouldn't Have To Pay For The Sins Of Bill Cosby — After airing out Bill Cosby's alleged history of sexual assault during a standup gig - right in the iconic TV dad's native Philadelphia - comedian Hannibal Buress, explained a bit of his motivation to the crowd last month, saying, "I want to just at least make it weird for you to watch 'Cosby Show' reruns."
Nov 23, 2014

RT @MTVNews: Should Cliff Huxtable have to pay for the sins of Bill Cosby? @Rebeccabuilds weighs in on 'The Cosby Show's legacy:

The New 'Jurassic World' Teaser Trailer Reveals An Even Bigger Announcement — It's a day we've waited seemingly a millenia for, but is finally upon us: the teaser trailer for "Jurassic World" has arrived. It's been over 11 years since "Jurrasic Park" first ushered us into the prehistoric island that changed everyone's '90s childhood forever - with two sequels in between then and now in 1997 and 2001 - but this go-around looks to be our most dino-filled excursion in terms of exploring the beasts themselves.

Jared Leto Responds To 'Joker' Casting Rumors In The Best Possible Way — "You know there is a film called 'Fight Club' my friend, and you know what the first rule is don't you," says Leto in response to rumors that he will play The Joker in "Suicide Squad."

Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: A Track-By-Track Guide — Kanye West's new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, is a return to form of sorts for the mercurial star on the most basic of levels - as a producer and an MC - following a departure with his last project, 2008′s 808s & Heartbreak, a soul-baring effort soaked in personal pain and filtered through AutoTune.
Nov 22, 2014

In honor of 4-year anniversary my thoughts then --> Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: A Track-By-Track Guide…

One Direction Made Sure Their Dolls Were As 'Authentic As Possible' — The guys of 1D sat down with MTV News' Jocelyn Vena to discuss their new dolls.

Azealia Banks Goes All 'Nude Beach A-Go-Go' With Ariel Pink — Azealia Banks and Ariel Pink totally got nude together - at least in the sense that they collaborated on a song about nude beaches: "Nude Beach A-Go-Go," which appears on both of their most recent records. We knew that Banks was working with Pink on her just-dropped Broke With Expensive Taste .
Nov 21, 2014

Azealia Banks Goes All 'Nude Beach A-Go-Go' With Ariel Pink via @MTVNews

UC Davis's Test on Sexist Words — Students at the University of California, Davis have been taking a unique test about sexual assault before they can register for classes. In an effort to combat and educate students on "problematic" words, sexism, and sexual violence, UC Davis created a "Words that Hurt" section where you have to match words and phrases with why they're problematic.

Taylor Swift Reveals Why She Never Shows Her Belly Button — So, uh, does Taylor Swift even have a belly button?
Nov 21, 2014

Taylor Swift finally discusses why we never see her belly button

Transgender Teen Talks Trans Remembrance Day — Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance, and "Becoming More Visible," a documentary on life as a transgender teen, is now in production. Producer/director Pamela French and photographer/producer Josh Lehrer spoke to MTV Act earlier this year while in the midst of a successful Kickstarter campaign for the documentary.

Watch Homer Simpson Spring To Life As A Towering Mass Of Junk Food — Over 100 gummies and various other kinds of candy were used to bring 'The Simpsons' star to stunning, 'sacrelicious' life.

Robbie Williams Loves Googling, Shrugs About Lack Of U.S. Success — HOLLYWOOD - When you're Robbie Williams, this is how the dating scene in Los Angeles works: You meet a girl, she blows you off, then she looks up your name on the Internet search engine Google, finds out you're one of the richest pop stars in the world, and voila!
Nov 21, 2014

First time I heard "Google" as a verb? 2003. @RobbieWilliams explained it, as it had just been explained to him. #TBT