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Dear GOP: Show, Don’t Tell — Hey, Jeb, Ted, Rand, Marco, Bobby, Chris, and the dozen or more others I'm forgetting, here's something to write on your bathroom mirror in 2015 and beyond: The "P" in POTUS stands for "President," not "Pundit." I understand that the Seinfeldian faux-holiday Festivus is behind us, but I want to get at least this one grievance in for next year a bit early.
Dec 28, 2014

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Who’s to Blame for the NYPD Killings? — A week ago, New York City police officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were murdered in an act of premeditated assassination by a man who was patently inspired by - indeed, was a documented participant in - a radical movement that has brazenly called for cops to be murdered.

Tinker, Tailor, Stalker, Spy — A private investigator once explained to me why he always turned down husband-and-wife cases: If your marriage has gone so sour that the best course of action you can think of is hiring a guy to spy on your spouse, then you don't need an investigator - you need a minister, a therapist, or a good divorce lawyer.

For Whites Only | National Review Online — Ava DuVarney's makes a valiant attempt to snatch back the 1960s Civil Rights Movement from Hollywood - the filmmaking institution that has lately used America's racial history for its own white liberal self-aggrandizement. (Who can forget the throwback image of British director Steve McQueen jumping Jim Crow at this year's Oscars?)

The Emerging Junta | National Review Online — I will confess to a little despair over the relatively mild reception that has greeted the evidence, now conclusive and irrefutable, that the Internal Revenue Service, under the direction of senior leaders affiliated with the Democratic party, was used as a political weapon from at least 2010 through the 2012 election.
Dec 27, 2014

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Good Grief: Now It's "Death Doulas" — Doctors don't take it much anymore, but the people still embrace its core purpose as an essential protection of their lives and wellbeing. Now, in the LA Times, a doctor and journalist try to put the Oath out of its misery by taking the primary responsibility for interacting with dying patients away from physicians and handing decision-making over to "death doulas."

Sweden Cancels an Election — Following the rejection of the new (minority) 'Red-Green' government's budget earlier this month, Sweden was due to hold a fresh election early next year. That's just changed.

Hollywood Renegade | National Review Online — Everyone has a favorite John Milius story. This is mine: It is the mid 1980s. There is a party at the house of screenwriter Paul Schrader. Milius, who wrote Dirty Harry and Apocalypse Now and directed Conan the Barbarian and Red Dawn, is there when Pauline Kael arrives.
Dec 27, 2014

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Learning from the Saints — A Year with the Saints: Daily Meditations with the Holy Ones of God is a handsome daily devotional edited by Paul Thigpen (and it's available for Kindle, too), published by the Catholic St. Benedict's Press. It's got Church fathers and doctors of the Church, and it covers household names like St.

Why New York Is Declining — If you want to understand how ideological environmentalists think, consider that the argument for Governor Andrew Cuomo's recently announced ban on modern techniques for natural-gas extraction (the feared and hated "fracking") contained a litany of risks, some of them legitimate (managing fracking waste-water is a challenge) and some of them less so.
Dec 26, 2014

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Obama: 'The World Is Better, It's Safer' — President Obama promised that Afghanistan will "not going to be a source of terrorist attacks again" during a Christmas meeting with service-members, an echo of the pledge he made regarding Iraq before U.S. troops withdrew and ISIS took over major cities in the country. "Afghanistan has a chance to rebuild its own country," Obama said.
Dec 26, 2014

Obama, 2011: 'Tide of war is receding.' Obama, '14: 'I will not hesitate' to bomb ISIS. Now: 'The world is better'

Hope for Persecuted Christians in the Mideast — If recent Christmases provide any indication of things to come, somewhere in the Middle East terrorists are constructing, as I write, bombs intended to kill Christians attending Christmas liturgies. The terrorists know that their targets will include the defenseless. They know that they will kill women, children, and the elderly but will carry out their attacks nonetheless.

Christmas under Fire | National Review Online — It's not cheery, but one of the most striking things I've read in the run-up to Christmas comes from historian Stanley Weintraub. He has written about Christmas in time of war before now, and more than once.