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It's Thanks to Evolution That No Two Faces Are Alike, Study Finds — Virginia Hughes Published September 16, 2014 From bug eyes to aquiline noses, square jaws to chin dimples, no two faces are alike. That diversity may have evolved to make it easier to recognize other people, researchers reported on Tuesday. The shape and configuration of a human face are much more variable, compared with other body parts, the study found.
Sep 16, 2014

It's Thanks to Evolution That No Two Faces Are Alike, Study Finds saw poster on this at BAPG year back

Breadfruit, the Tree of Life for a Hungry Planet — Everyone is looking for the next superfood that will improve health and nutrition and alleviate world hunger. Well it is here and it has been here for a long time. Breadfruit has been grown in Oceania for more than 3,000 years, and on many islands the trees form the heart of complex, multispecies agroforests.

Crowdsourcing Subtitles for Endangered Languages — This text is from an official press release by Viki and the Living Tongues Institute.] Video Streaming Site Viki Partners With Living Tongues, Helps Save Endangered Languages Through Subtitles and Global TV SAN FRANCISCO (Sept. 16, 2014)-Recent reports suggest that less than 5 percent of the world's languages are online-and that for the other 95%, the Internet can be a path to extinction or revitalization.

Toxic “Toupee”: Explaining the Most Venomous Caterpillar in the U.S. — No warm and fuzzy here-a possible boom in a highly toxic but irresistibly touchable caterpillar is sending people in the eastern U.S. to the hospital. Young children from Florida to North Carolina are reporting excruciating pain after coming into contact with the most venomous caterpillar in the U.S., the furry puss caterpillar ( Megalopyge opercularis), according to news reports.
Sep 16, 2014

What's fuzzy, toxic, and has a toupee? The puss caterpillar—get all the creepy crawly details here: @edbites

Ahead of UN Climate Summit, Environmental Report Sees Economic Opportunities — Brian Clark Howard Published September 16, 2014 A week before heads of state meet at the United Nations to discuss climate change, a major report on Tuesday from global political, environmental, and industry leaders says it's possible to grow the world economy while tackling global warming.