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Police seek man who found money and kept it — Is it finders-keepers or theft? Police say theft. LOCUST GROVE, Ga -- Police in Henry County are trying to identify a man who picked up $400 in cash just after it was dropped on the floor at a fast food restaurant. Police say he broke the law by keeping the money.

Walmart ice cream sandwich left in sun, doesn't melt — HOUSTON (KHOU) -- A viral video has been making the rounds around the web, as it shows a man leaving a Walmart "Great Value" brand ice-cream sandwich out in the sun for over an hour. The man in the video says he heard a woman in Cincinnati accidentally left out her ice cream sandwich in the sun, only to find it virtually unchanged.

Get the most from your tax-free shopping weekend — Georgia's tax-free weekend will be August 1st and 2nd. 11Alive has put together a guide to the tax-free weekend to make sure you get the most from your back to school dollars. The tax exemption will run from 12:01 a.m on August 1st to 12:00 midnight on August 2nd (scroll down to see a list of stores opening early).