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Patent issued for filming a yoga class — The patent issued to an outfit called YogaGlo covers methods - a term used loosely here - for filming a yoga class and transmitting those images over the Internet.

HP exec: Unlike Amazon, we don’t have to hire enterprise sales experts — In a wide-ranging interview with Bill Hilf, HP's VP of Helion cloud product and services, Network World editor in chief John Dix and I asked him among other things about competition with Amazon Web Services - the leading public IaaS cloud computing vendor.
Oct 30, 2014

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Startup Capriza scores $27M to Zapp legacy apps into mobile ones — Capriza, a startup that helps enterprises convert their legacy apps into mobile- and cloud-based ones, Thursday announced it has racked up an additional $27 million in venture funding. That should be enough to help Capriza scale its business on the marketing and sales side, and maybe even have enough left over to afford a drummer and bassist to form a company band (more on that later...).
Oct 30, 2014

Startup @Capriza scores $27M to Zapp legacy apps into mobile ones @oariel @pmarca @chrismarshuk @CRV

Guinness World Record: Amplifier operates at a speed of one trillion cycles per second — DARPA said today that a solid-state amplifier developed under its Terahertz Electronics program was recognized by Guinness World Records as the fastest ever recorded -- one terahertz (1012 GHz), or one trillion cycles per second-150 billion cycles faster than the existing world record of 850 gigahertz set in 2012.
Oct 30, 2014

Guinness World Record: Amplifier operates at a speed of one trillion cycles per second

Apple Watch will need to be charged daily, Tim Cook confirms — There's still much we don't know about Apple's highly anticipated Apple Watch. First and foremost, we don't know when the device will launch, aside from a somewhat vague window of "early 2015." What's more, we have no idea how Apple plans to price its impressive lineup of Apple Watch devices.
Oct 30, 2014

I don't care how wondrous the Apple Watch might be, I'm not buying one if it has to be charged every day…

Tim Cook: ‘I’m proud to be gay’ — That Apple CEO Tim Cook is gay couldn't even be call called an open secret because it has been so widely understood and on several occasions reported. Yet Cook himself had never publicly acknowledged his sexual orientation. Today that changed. For years, I've been open with many people about my sexual orientation.

Best Halloween musical light shows — Techies wire up spooky home light shows to scare/entertain the neighborhood.

Internet2 slices network — The Internet2 this week said it can now demonstrate a nationwide virtualized multitenant network that operates as multiple discrete, private networks. Virtualization allows Internet2 to be partitioned into isolated "slices" that can accomodate multiple users and their applications, as if they had their own private network.

Cisco, others pushing 2.5G, 5G Ethernet — Cisco and three other vendors have formed an alliance to promote the development of 2.5 and 5 Gigabit Ethernet technology for enterprise networks. The other three participants in the NBASE-T Alliance are silicon, semiconductor and IC companies Aquantia, Freescale and Xilinx. The objective of the nonprofit alliance is to enable multi-gigabit Ethernet speeds on existing Gigabit Ethernet cabling.

Getting chipped: Why I will live with an NFC chip implant for a year — There are days when even your wife thinks you're crazy. In my case one those days was when I told her I decided to implant a near-field communication chip in my hand. "You of all people? And that thing will stay in your arm for a year?" she asked incredulously.

Google gets its ‘spagger’ on — A post yesterday addressed an unusual failure on the part of Google to provide me with a definition for a word - slang, actually -- with which I was thoroughly unfamiliar: spagger. Turns out, no thanks to Google, that it's shorthand for "spaghetti dinner." The post ended with me noting: "Someone needs to tell Google."

NoSQL takes the database market by storm — CARFAX, the online vehicle tracking and valuation website, built its first database in 1984 based on technology named OpenVMS. At the time, it was cutting edge for its ability to handle millions of records. But the company grew.

What it's like living on a Chromebook, Part 1 — I've been a Linux user (traditional desktop Linux distributions) for years and years. And Android (which is also Linux, though I don't really consider it a traditional Linux distro) has been one of my primary computing environments over the last year or so. But there's one Linux-based system that I've never really given a fair shot: ChromeOS.

FBI: List of purchase order scam victims growing rapidly — The FBI today updated a warning issued last month: a Nigerian-based criminal group using e-mail account spoofing, phishing and a variety of social engineering attacks is amping up attacks that defraud retailers of everything from laptops and routers to industrial equipment. The FBI said more than 85 companies and universities nationwide whose identities were used to perpetrate the scheme.