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The comeback cubs: The great sea otter invasion — I'm here with marine ecologist Erin Rechsteiner, who has been watching sea otters at this particular spot since they first arrived in autumn 2013. The raft of males, numbering up to 130 animals in winter and spring, is a sea otter vanguard.

Solar superflares: A new danger from the sun

Oct 24, 2014

RT @newscientist: The largest sungrazing comet survives a roasting:… A thing of almost unimaginable power:

Asteroid miners to launch first private space telescope — It may be one small step - but it could be a giant leap for the commercial exploitation of space. On 27 October, private space company Planetary Resources hopes to place its first spacecraft into Earth orbit, the first step towards its goal of mining asteroids for precious metals, minerals and water.