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Most Talked About The New Yorker Stories

Is America an Oligarchy?

newyorker.com — From the Dept. of Academics Confirming Something You Already Suspected comes a new study concluding that rich people and organizations representing business interests have a powerful grip on U.S. government policy.
RT @shashib: Very interesting @nigelcameron: How do we frame the democratic qn? RT @NewYorker: Is America an oligarchy? http://t.co/t2sGT7…
RT @nxthompson: Academics prove that US gov’t does what the rich & powerful, not the poor, want. @TNYJohnCassidy nyr.kr/1i30DOp
Academics prove that US gov’t does what the rich & powerful, not the poor, want. @TNYJohnCassidy nyr.kr/1i30DOp
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Three at a Time: The Yankees' Triple Play : The New Yorker

newyorker.com — The Yankees' triple play last night, which came in the second inning against the home-team Tampa Bay Rays, received the customary tepid buildup in the ensuing media recountings. Customary because triple plays, despite their rarity, are over almost before they begin, and rarely involve a great play or a close call anywhere.
"...this pausing, staccato, and inexorably accruing pastime..." 93-yr-old Roger Angell on the triple play nyr.kr/1kJMewc
Roger Angell on triple plays: newyorker.com/online/blogs/s… I've seen one live—this one—and I'm in a shot (field-level box): youtube.com/watch?v=-A2zB-…
Craftsman at work; lovely: RT @NewYorker: RT @SportingScene: Roger Angell on what's so great about the triple play: nyr.kr/1tiWO10

Legitimate Questions About the Clinton Shoe-Thrower

newyorker.com — A number of prominent conservative media commentators suspect that Hillary Clinton faked a scene last week in which she was nearly hit by a shoe. - Huffington Post Why did Clinton seem to dodge a half-second after the shoe was thrown? In the footage, Clinton awkwardly ducks backward well after the shoe sails past.

Baseball Replay Works-And It’s Terrible

newyorker.com — Last summer, when Major League Baseball announced plans for a new replay system to review controversial calls, I wrote that it might make games more exciting to watch, rather than less, as some critics feared. That's what had happened in football, after all, where the replay review has become its own kind of mini-drama within the game.

Richard Avedon's Portrait of Gabriel Garcia Marquez : The New Yorker

newyorker.com — Richard Avedon had long wanted to make a portrait of Gabriel García Márquez. He first photographed the writer on a rainy day in 1976, but he felt that the portrait was a failure. In 1999, he wrote a letter to Jon Lee Anderson, whose profile of García Márquez had just appeared in The New Yorker, expressing his desire to try again.
RT @DavidGrann: Richard Avedon’s Portrait of Gabriel García Márquez buff.ly/1jj1GfG via @NewYorker
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An Appreciation : The New Yorker

newyorker.com — At the beginning of "One Hundred Years of Solitude," Macondo's patriarch, José Arcadio Buendía, wants to move the idyllic yet isolated community he founded to another, more accessible location. And since no one else wants to go with him, he decides that he and his wife, Úrsula, and their son should leave by themselves.
Beautiful piece. RT@jonleeanderson: Edwidge Danticat on Gabo: Gabriel García Márquez: An Appreciation newyorker.com/online/blogs/b…
"Gabriel Garcia Marquez: An Appreciation : Edwidge Danticat" feedly.com/k/1mdkRN7
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A King in New York

newyorker.com — Directing himself in his last starring role, from 1957, Charlie Chaplin, nearing seventy, lets fly with anarchic humor and political outrage. He plays the refined and worthy King Shahdov, deposed and exiled from the land of Estrovia for his rejection of nuclear arms, who arrives in New York as a broke celebrity and is taught by a pushy and seductive ad woman (Dawn Addams) how to cash in on his fame-at the price of his dignity.
DVR Alert, the lion roars with derisive laughter: Charlie Chaplin's A King in New York @tcm 6 AM Eastern: newyorker.com/arts/reviews/f…

N.B.A. Music : The New Yorker

newyorker.com — Ah, the N.B.A. playoffs. Many sports leagues move into their postseason with pomp and circumstance, but few of them do so with as strong an interest in the musical component of that pomp and circumstance. The league's association with music makes sense.

The Many Deceptions at the Heart of the Internet : The New Yorker

newyorker.com — Everyone knows about the big Internet scams: the e-mails advertising diet pills, the proposed Nigerian bank transfers. But we tend to overlook the milder forms of truth-stretching that have come to shape online living, and it's hard not to. They're often perpetuated by big and reputable companies, like Apple, Seamless, and Amazon.

Schmoozing with el Presidente

newyorker.com — Now that Hugo Chávez, Venezuela's longtime ruler, is dead, and Lula da Silva is no longer the President of Brazil, Rafael Correa, the President of Ecuador, is the closest thing South America has to a regional leader. In many cross-national polls, his approval rating-currently at seventy-five per cent-is the highest of any Latin-American head of state.

Soft in the Head

newyorker.com — Nathan Silver's raucous, disturbing new film is a shrewdly conceived yet emotionally unhinged blend of uproarious situations and devastating outcomes.
Nathan Silver's extravagant, nerve-jangling, daringly dare-you-to-laugh drama Soft in the Head opens @ Cinema Village newyorker.com/arts/reviews/f…

Michael Bloomberg Spend Big on Gun Control : The New Yorker

newyorker.com — That's the lede on a Jeremy W. Peters story in Wednesday's Times. If you saw it, did your heart leap? Mine did. But then I read the second graf: This is the trouble with "centrism," the nonideological ideology of which the Mike Bloomberg brand is state of the art.
RT @NewYorker: .@RickHertzberg on @MikeBloomberg: “The man is a Jedi knight of bipartisan nonpartisanship.” nyr.kr/1ti8gdq
Brilliant RT @JoshuaGreen: Sometimes I just marvel at Rick Hertzberg's writing -- like his last graph here: newyorker.com/online/blogs/h…
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The New Yorker Digital Edition : Sep 27, 1999

RT @brochman: In memory of Gabriel García Márquez, here’s @jonleeanderson’s 1999 @newyorker profile of the writer: nyr.kr/QrWkWU
In memory of Gabriel García Márquez, here’s @jonleeanderson’s 1999 @newyorker profile of the writer: nyr.kr/QrWkWU
RT @NewYorker: In memory of Gabriel García Márquez, here’s @jonleeanderson’s 1999 Profile of the writer: nyr.kr/QrWkWU
RT @NewYorker: In memory of Gabriel García Márquez, here’s @jonleeanderson’s 1999 Profile of the writer: nyr.kr/QrWkWU
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