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This Is the Microsoft Branding on Future Lumia Devices Will Look like — Earlier this week, we got confirmation of what everyone was assuming anyway - that Microsoft will use the 'Microsoft Lumia' brand for its range of smartphones but we were left with questions over what the actual devices would be branded with. Now, we have our answer: just 'Microsoft'. Cunning, isn't it?

Pixelmator for iPad is an Elegant Rendition of the Desktop App — Pixelmator has long been a favorite among artists and photographers seeking an alternative to the subscription-based Adobe Photoshop. Its appearance onstage at Apple's most recent event to introduce its eagerly awaited iPad app has certainly given Pixelmator's profile a boost.
Oct 24, 2014

Hands on: Pixelmator for iPad is a valuable tool for artists and photographers.

Facebook built a forum platform for your smartphone inside the new Rooms app — In the 1990s and early 2000s I was the member of a couple car forums. First Honda forums and then a Subaru forum. I used these forums mostly for technical information. Where to buy used engines and transmission, the best gas for turbo-charged vehicles, how to remove the airbag on a Del Sol without it exploding in my face.