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A Professional Hub for Creators and their Crew — While services like SoundCloud, Vimeo and YouTube allow content creators to share their work with the world, Clowdy is a relatively new service that aims to provide more of a network to help them develop their careers. Audio, video and photography can be uploaded and sold directly to fans in what the founders hope will become a thriving social hub for discovering creativity.
Oct 30, 2014

Clowdy: A professional hub for all content creators, from director to intern

Instagram Video Aads are Rolling Out Today — Instagram has been serving up ads for a while already in some markets, but now it's officially rolling out video ads too as expected. As AdWeek reports, the Facebook-owned platform has inked deals to display 15-second skits from a number of big brands, including Disney and Banana Republic.

Create Music Videos with Smule's Karaoke App — Karaoke is experiencing a rise in popularity. As a society, we've seen that singing in public, both on TV and YouTube, isn't as weird as our parents led us to believe. In fact, it could lead to to fame and riches.
Oct 30, 2014

If you wanna sing a song with me, my user name is: strngwys…

Microsoft Band is a new cloud-powered wearable fitness tracker — Microsoft launched its new fitness-focused wearable that plugs into the new cloud-based Microsoft Health tracking service today. Dubbed Microsoft Band, the $199 device tracks users' heart rate, steps taken, sun exposure, stress levels, calories burned and sleep quality.

Netflix is Coming to BT in the UK — In a move partly designed to cure subscription fatigue, UK telecoms giant BT has revealed it will offer Netflix bundled in alongside its other products. This move was rumored already, but the official reveal was quietly slipped in alongside its Q2 results earlier today. The company says: "We added 38,000 TV customers in the quarter.
Oct 30, 2014

The great bundling >> Netflix is Coming to BT in the UK

Google Releases Its New ‘Stars’ Bookmark Manager for Chrome — After multiple leaks over the past few months, Google's new Stars interface for the Chrome Bookmark Manager has launched on the Chrome Web store. Downloading the extension completely replaced Chrome's old bookmarks interface, so you'll want to keep that in mind if you're thinking of installing.
Oct 30, 2014

ICYMI: @Google releases its new ‘Stars’ Bookmark Manager for Chrome

Oct 29, 2014

Google (finally) releases it's much-leaked ‘Stars’ Bookmark Manager for Chrome

Oct 29, 2014

RT @TheNextWeb: Google releases its new ‘Stars’ Bookmark Manager for Chrome by @beijingdou

Oct 29, 2014

Google releases its new ‘Stars’ Bookmark Manager for Chrome

Oct 29, 2014

Whee. // Google releases its new ‘Stars’ Bookmark Manager for Chrome

Lenovo Completes $2.91bn Acquisition of Motorola from Google — Lenovo has today completed its $2.91 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility first announced in January this year. Formerly owned by Google, the completion is a mere formality but allows Motorola to go ahead at full force with its upcoming products with the support of Lenovo - one of the world's largest PC suppliers by market share.
Oct 30, 2014

Lenovo completes $2.91bn acquisition of Motorola from Google

Flipboard launches a fresh new design and gives you 30,000 topics to follow — Flipboard just launched v3 of its popular news aggregation app for iOS and Android devices, with a new UI and a host of smart new features to make it 'more personal and more magazine-like' than ever.

Microsoft's fitness wearable leaked in mobile app stores — Speculation has been circling that Microsoft will unveil a fitness wearable in the near future and we've now got our first look at the upcoming device thanks to a leak of its syncing software by Apple, Google and even Microsoft's own app store.

UK Operator EE Switches on 150Mbps '4G+' Network in London — EE has announced that its 4G users in London are set to get a speed boost from today, following the switching on of its '4G+' network in the capital. Also known as LTE-Advanced (or LTE-A), the faster network will offer downloads speeds of up to 150Mbps, the company said.
Oct 30, 2014

.@EE switches on ‘4G+’ in #London with speeds of up to 150Mbps – but not for your iPhone 6

Oct 30, 2014

UK operator EE switches on ‘4G+’ in London with speeds of up to 150Mbps – but not for your iPhone 6

YouTube makes gamers happy with 60fps playback — Gamers and Peter Jacksons of the world rejoice, YouTube is now offering high framerate videos. We already knew the feature was coming, as 48fps and 60fps support were both announced at VidCon earlier this year, but as Kotaku spotted, this is the first time the feature is available to the public.

Google Maps Lets You Sign In on Third-Party Embeds — While Google Maps is a massively useful service in its own right, the fact that Google makes the platform available for third-party developers to integrate in their own applications is what gives it true scale. However, thus far, developers haven't been able to connect their users into the broader Maps ecosystem via their Google account - something that's about to change.
Oct 29, 2014

Good news for developers >> Google Maps lets users sign-in to maps embedded on third-party sites

Facebook ups its Internet Defense Prize award to $300,000 — Facebook announced today that it is upping its commitment towards internet security with larger awards in 2015 for winners of the Internet Defense Prize. DDoS attacks and user data theft are becoming increasingly common on the Web, with black-hat hackers around the world taking a stab at penetrating servers from top companies and popular online service providers that have large user bases.

4 Brands That Built Empires Without Traditional Advertising — Franklin Morris is a Senior Writer for Rackspace Digital -the digital marketing infrastructure specialists. The mom-and-pop shop on the corner probably doesn't rely on traditional advertising (television, print, billboards, etc.) to bring in customers. Neither does your favorite local burger joint. But most iconic brands have hired an ad agency at some point on their upward journey.

Rocket Internet's SpaceWays Launches in the USA — Although Rocket Internet has (or has had) presences in lots of countries around the world, the USA has never been much of a market for the business-model-cloning incubator. It does make occasional exceptions, though, for example Glossybox and HelloFresh, and now, weeks after its IPO, another Rocket-backed startup is launching there.
Oct 29, 2014

The USA of is 'of interest' to Rocket Internet (its SpaceWays startup just launched there), but not a priority >

Blackberry CEO Talks up Incoming 'Classic' Handset — BlackBerry CEO John Chen revealed details of BlackBerry's next smartphone: the Classic. It's a pretty appropriate name too from the looks of it; the device will feature BlackBerry's much-loved full hardware Qwerty keyboard and is clearly being angled at the brand's most loyal fans.

Bitstrips Releases an Emoji Sticker App — Bitstrips, the personalized cartoon app that people love to hate but secretly kind of love, today launched a new app, Bitmoji, that turns your avatar into stickers and emoji. If you're already a Bitstrips user, you can import your avatar by signing in with Facebook, while new users can create their own likeness.