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Imoji for iPhone Turns Your Selfies into Awesome Stickers — If you're the type of person who saves memes and reaction GIFs to your iPhone camera roll, the new Imoji app for iPhone is for you. The app lets you crop photos and turn them into stickers to send your friends over iMessage. Imoji has a simple design to it, but it's confusing at first.
Jul 24, 2014

RT @nattgarun: So many possibilities | Imoji for iPhone turns your selfies into awesome iMessage stickers

Driverless Horses! — That supposed Henry Ford quote about "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses" leads the Vooza team into an amazing new field of innovation. Bear witness to this entrepreneurial brilliance... Every week, Vooza - a video comic strip about the tech world - shares a new video with you lovely TNW readers.

Better at Helping you Eat Better — It seems to be the week for updates from companies we first heard from at last year's TNW Europe Conference. Following on from the launch of Tyba, food tracking and advice app, Nutrino for iPhone, has today hit version 2.0.
Jul 24, 2014

TNW Conference 2013 alum Nutrino just updated its food tracking/advice app >

Social Internet Radio App Soundtracker Adds Personalization and Discovery Tools — Social internet radio platform Soundtracker has added new features which promise to make it far easier to discover new music and personalize the service to your own musical taste. Available now,... Keep reading →

Matter Inserts Otherworldly Forms into your Photos for Viewing and Animating — If you're not satisfied with photographing the world as it is, Pixite's new Matter app for iPhone and iPad has devised a way to let you insert all kinds of inanimate objects into your shot. These aren't just any objects, but beautifully rendered, highly customizable 3D effects, complete with their own shadows and reflections and ready for export as either photos or video loops.
Jul 24, 2014

Check this. Matter inserts otherworldly forms into your photos for viewing and animating.

PlaceUs Is an iPhone App for Smart Location Sharing — Alohar Mobile, the location startup led by ex-Google Maps architect Sam Liang, today launched a new iPhone app called PlaceUs that tries to add contextual intelligence to location sharing. PlaceUs aims to help people stay connected with a close circle of loved ones.
Jul 23, 2014

PlaceUs, an iPhone app for smart location sharing, within a family, friends or work group