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@benfurber @nattgarun You just know someone will write a 'The Lean Relationship' book.
RT @nattgarun: Gonna start A/B testing the amount of crying with the boyfriend to see how that works
RT @nattgarun: "We actually A/B tested the amount of tears for our mascot to get you to come back [and use Duolingo]" @LuisvonAhn AB TEST TEARS #TNWEurope
CAPTCHA inventor @LuisvonAhn seems a apologetic for the trouble he’s caused us all over the years. #TNWEurope pic.twitter.com/DxbCD05ZNB
@m4tt I basically use mine as the household 'Chromecast controller'.
#TNWEurope kicks off with notable quotes and people from the history of the internet. pic.twitter.com/FneA1nImdR
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