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Afghan police officer shot dead 3 foreign doctors at Cure Hospital in Kabul. Wounded 1 Afghan woman. Cure is Christian org. #Afghanistan
@kad964 this game isn't on Dwight. It's just part of the ongoing conversation about him as a leading man.
@kad964 I'm not complaining. James Harden has had two terrible games, and this ones is still in play...
RT @AbigailPesta: Digging this 1962 ad for the Overseas Press Club Awards. The club celebrates its 75th birthday tomorrow @opcofamerica pic.twitter.com/n8F8pc50mn
@rolandsmartin oh, no argument, but when they got back into it, Parsons and the team was running. Just can't pound down low to DH...
@rolandsmartin Harden yes. But Parsons gave them good energy in the third. Dwight missed first 7 2d half shots, then foul trouble.
Barkley being proven correct by Dwight Howard's three quarters 4/12, 9 pts. Kareem, you can rest easy...
@ElizEulberg @TvS_557 Don't laugh: That winning Bears team was dominant enough to beat the Seneca Wallace-led Packers by a whole touchdown!
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