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‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Recap 4×3: The Mordrake Defense (Video) — Yes, yes. I know you've all been wondering where this recap was...could I have possibly missed out on posting about Wes Bentley's terrible accent and extra head? No, my dears, I was just saving up all my good commentary about this week's episode for HuffPost Live's very special two-part Halloween edition of Spoiler Alert, the first half of which you can check out below.

Pro Due Process Does Not Equate to Pro Rape — Ask litigator Andrew Miltenberg how he decides whether or not to take on the idiosyncratic clients that fall outside his bread-and-butter business litigation practice, and he'll give you a couple of answers. First, he'll point you toward Pastor Martin Niemoller's famous condemnation of German intellectuals for failing to speak out against Nazism when they still had a chance.
Oct 25, 2014

The go-to lawyer in campus rape lawsuits. With a twist. He's suing on behalf of the accused: