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Most Talked About New York Observer Stories

Morning Politics: ‘A Fraught Moment’

observer.com — Headline of the Day: "Groups Give Different Accounts After Horse Carriage Falls Over Outside Central Park." The New York Post reports that Mayor Bill de Blasio "is negotiating a sweetheart deal with horse- carriage owners that would give them recession-proof yellow taxi medallions worth about $1 million each to compensate them for a ban on their business."

Mainstream Media Takes Cues from Blogosphere

observer.com — Hillary Clinton deserves a spot in the pantheon of prophetic media critics. Early 20th century media critics were some of the first to describe how false news was easily propagated through the media system. A local newspaper would run an inaccurate item.

Eric Adams ‘Open’ to Future Mayoral Run

observer.com — Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams isn't hiding his future ambitions. The newly-minted borough leader-who was recently quoted saying that Mayor Bill de Blasio was "just keeping the seat warm for me for eight years. Maybe four"-openly admitted yesterday that he wants to be "promoted one day" to a position above his current job.
I asked Borough President Eric Adams if he was looking to run for mayor. He didn't say no. observer.com/2014/04/boroug…

Bill de Blasio Throws Cold Water on Key Council Budget Asks

observer.com — Mayor Bill de Blasio this afternoon offered a luke-warm assessment of one of the City Council's major budget priorities and flatly dismissed another. This morning, City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and a gaggle of other members unveiled the council's preliminary budget recommendations, which include hiring an additional 1,000 cops, eliminating school lunch fees and creating a panel to look at ways to overhaul the city's arcane property tax code.
"the resources we have now are getting the job done"--@BilldeBlasio re: hiring more cops. observer.com/2014/04/bill-d… via @colvinj #nypd
Bill de Blasio Throws Cold Water on Key Council Budget Asks nyob.co/RMJHap via @ColvinJ

Estelle Parsons Charges Broadway for a 30th Time in a Show of Gray Power, Stiffened With Molotov Cocktails

observer.com — Way up north on West End Avenue, Estelle Parsons and her husband, Peter Zimroth, call home a sunny, sprawling Hannah and Her Sisters-type apartment that basks in silver shafts of light from the Hudson. The previous owner built the building, which is plainly from another and better era, so the splendor is authentic.