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Most Talked About New York Post Stories

Married lesbian ‘throuple’ expecting first child

nypost.com — Here come the brides! Three Massachusetts lesbians got hitched and are now expecting their first child. The nuptials of Doll, Kitten and Brynn Young were held this past August, with all three brides wearing white and traditional wedding veils. Brynn and Kitten were married 2 ½ years ago in the Bay State, before adding Doll to their household mix.

Call of Duty loser calls in SWAT team hoax on kid who beat him

nypost.com — Long Island police scrambled helicopters, emergency vehicles and an army of cops to a home where someone called in a bloody rampage on Tuesday. They arrived with guns drawn and ready for war - only to find out the call to cops was an act of revenge by a gamer whom the teen who lives inside had just beaten in an online "Call of Duty" battle.
US Police Depts are really quick to bust out the SWAT team bit.ly/1jLXhCb & bit.ly/1jLXkxV
RT @paulmcpolin44: Call of Duty loser calls in SWAT team hoax on kid who beat him via @NYPost nyp.st/1jHk8yQ
RT @nypost: Sore loser calls in SWAT teams on the kid who beat him in Call of Duty nyp.st/1iKo2ZN
RT @JessicaSimeone: Sore Loser: Call of Duty loser calls in SWAT team hoax on Long Island kid who beat him nyp.st/1jHk8yQ @nypost #videogames #gaming
Sore Loser: Call of Duty loser calls in SWAT team hoax on Long Island kid who beat him nyp.st/1jHk8yQ @nypost #videogames #gaming
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Prince George ‘grew an extra fat roll’ on vacation

nypost.com — Gorgeous Prince George has grown "an extra fat roll" during his tour of Australia and New Zealand, says his mom, the Duchess of Cambridge. The Duchess made the comment about the...

Judge orders reporter to turn over Schoolcraft’s documents

nypost.com — A Manhattan federal judge sided with the de Blasio administration on Tuesday by ordering former Village Voice reporter Graham Rayman to turn over documents and emails he used as sources...
Judge orders reporter to turn over documents used in reporting on police misconduct | New York Post buff.ly/1k6WQEo
RT @mgsledge: Ex-Village Voice reporter @GrahamRayman ordered to turn over NYPD whistleblower's documents nypost.com/2014/04/23/jud…
Judge orders reporter to turn over Schoolcraft's documents nyp.st/1mD3rde

City’s rising rents are top in US as income lags

nypost.com — Already-too-damn-high New York City rents are increasing more quickly than those in other parts of the nation - threatening to make apartments here downright unaffordable for those in the lowest income brackets, a new report says.
RT @MarketUrbanism: Finally, some accurate average NYC rental data! Citywide is $1,167, Williamsburg/Greenpoint is $1,297 nypost.com/2014/04/23/ris…
NYC average rents increased 67.2% between 2000 and 2012, compared to 50% for rest of America bit.ly/1hicoVJ
@nypmetro: NYC rent is skyrocketing faster than nat avg& incomes are dropping nyp.st/1lER28Z” $1,167: avg includes rent-stabilized
"Rents are going through the roof, incomes are going down, and that's where you're having the affordability crunch." nypost.com/2014/04/23/ris…

NYPD’s Twitter campaign disaster spreads to LAPD

nypost.com — The NYPD's disastrous attempt to create some good will on Twitter is now a coast-to-coast failure. Californians read about the online backlash New York cops faced after inviting people to post pictures of friendly cops on the Web site - and bashed the LAPD with the same vitriol critics mocked New York's Finest here.

Murder suspect wants jury to ignore ‘murder’ neck tattoo

nypost.com — A Kansas man on trial for murder is ruing the day he decided to get the work "MURDER" tattooed across his neck. Jeffrey Chapman is now worried the jury will be prejudiced to him because of his unique neck art when his first degree murder trial starts next Monday, the Great Bend Tribune reports.
RT @nypost: This guy's on trial for murder. Try to ignore the "MURDER" tattoo on his neck nyp.st/1l2Nqe8 pic.twitter.com/0NuCX0IxJZ
RT @nypost: This guy's on trial for murder. Try to ignore the "MURDER" tattoo on his neck nyp.st/1l2Nqe8

Brooklyn’s DA is ok with Brooklynites possessing a little bit of pot

nypost.com — Fire 'em up, Brooklynites! Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson no longer plans to criminally prosecute potheads without previous criminal records who are busted for possession of small amounts of marijuana. In a memo obtained Wednesday by The Post, the former federal prosecutor said such prosecutions are a waste of resources and unfairly stigmatize too many young people with criminal records.
for a mere $100, you can smoke #pot in Brooklyn if you don't have a criminal record: bit.ly/1hke2WW
It's OK to toke in Brooklyn. DA Thompson is making good on promise to treat low-level pot busts as violations nyp.st/1i8RXv9 @nypost
"Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson no longer plans to criminally prosecute potheads without previous criminal records" nypost.com/2014/04/23/bro…

De Blasio wants to ban new fireplaces

nypost.com — Mayor de Blasio celebrated Earth Day on Tuesday by proposing more regulations - including a ban on new wood-burning fireplaces. The mayor made the proposal, along with those for other sweeping regulations that he said would update emission standards and help curb air pollution.
rents are skyrocketing schools are failing unemployment is high but comrade @deBlasioNYC wants to bad fireplaces: nypost.com/2014/04/23/de-…

Jessica Chastain in talks to play Marilyn Monroe in biopic

nypost.com — Jessica Chastain is said to be circling the role of Marilyn Monroe in a new adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates' 2000 fake memoir, "Blonde." She'd replace Naomi Watts, who must have had her fill of tragic fair-haired icons after starring in "Diana" last year.
Having some fun with Marilyn Monroe & her screen avatars: nyp.st/1jON2wZ. All biopics should be as lurid as "Norma Jean & Marilyn."

Rumor mill grinds up Fosun’s bid for Forbes

nypost.com — Speculation is rampant that the auction of Forbes Media has hit a bump and that the one-time front runner, China's Fosun International, has dropped out. The sale process that began in mid­-November is now entering its sixth month. Fosun did not return an e-mail on Monday seeking comment.
Ain't no Fosun now; they're gone, reports @Media_Ink > nypost.com/2014/04/22/rum… Just ask Forbes... they've gone away.

New York’s new MLS team building facility at Manhattanville

nypost.com — A day after Monday's announcement that New York City FC would play its debut season in Yankee Stadium, the MLS expansion side got approval Tuesday night for a Westchester training ground. "This is another important and exciting step in the evolution of New York City FC,'' NYC FC Chief Business Officer Tim Pernetti said in a statement.
#NYCFC has 5-yr deal w/ 2 renewal options at 1 or 2 yr. Renovate+add fields, fix up gym, may use 4 academy/exibitions bit.ly/RMxEK2
Harrison Planning Board approves $10 million plan by #NYCFC to renovate & use land at Manhattanville College. #MLS bit.ly/RMxEK2

‘The Other Woman’ not worth falling for

nypost.com — Playing like a script that's been moldering since Diane Keaton turned it down in 1983, "The Other Woman" is a weak adultery rom-com in which the most authentic performance comes from a non-housebroken Great Dane. The premise, basically, is that the best way to deal with a cheater is to devote every waking minute to thinking about him.

John Wayne’s weirdest movies

nypost.com — John Wayne is back, pilgrim - in an acclaimed new biography by Scott Eyman and a marathon of his films running through Friday on Turner Classic Movies.

NYPD stops annual post-auto show gang violence in Times Square

nypost.com — The NYPD has finally rid Times Square of the annual post-New York Auto Show gang-initiation violence that plagued the area for years, police sources told The Post on Tuesday. Bloods and Crips took to Facebook and Twitter to alert fellow gang members that there were too many cops in the area this year and to stay away, the sources said.
Gang initiation after the New York Auto Show switches from Times Square to a Coney Island McDonalds #deblasiosnewyork nypost.com/2014/04/23/nyp…
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