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Most Talked About PCMag.com Stories

Hands On With the OnePlus One

pcmag.com — It's promising, that's for sure. The new OnePlus One smartphone has been bubbling through social media for a few weeks now, helped by a slow drip of official details and the buzz behind its cult CynaogenMod 11S Android operating system.

Microsoft Launches Ad-Free 'Bing in the Classroom'

pcmag.com — Microsoft's Bing in the Classroom program launched today, bringing ad-free searches to K-12 schools across the U.S. A pilot version of the service, formerly known as "Bing for Schools," launched earlier this year in five of the largest public school districts in the country.

Google Adds 'Time Travel' Feature to Street View

pcmag.com — Google is turning back time with a new Street View feature that shows users how a place has changed over the years. By adding historical imagery from past collections dating back to 2007, the search giant has created a digital time capsule of the world.

NYPD Twitter Campaign Turns Ugly

pcmag.com — The New York Police Department learned a hard lesson this week - be careful what you ask for. Especially when dealing with a public forum like Twitter. The trouble started at around 2 p.m. ET Tuesday, when the department took to its official Twitter account to launch a little contest intended to engage the public on social media.

Amazon to Start Streaming HBO Shows Next Month

pcmag.com — Amazon and HBO have inked a deal to make a number of the premium channel's most popular series available to Amazon streaming customers. HBO GO will also be added to the Amazon Fire TV set-top box this year.
The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, other HBO shows headed to Amazon Prime pcmag.com/article2/0,281… ... a huge content win for Amazon

Google Offered to Help Fund Samsung Patent Fight

pcmag.com — The ongoing patent battle between Apple and Samsung has roped in another major player: Google. Apple and Samsung are currently facing off against one another in a California courtroom. As reported by the Wall Street Journal , a deposition from Google lawyer James Maccoun was on the agenda Tuesday, in which he confirmed offering to pay some of Samsung's legal costs and damages if the Korean tech company loses to Cupertino.

WhatsApp Tops 500M Global Users

pcmag.com — Global messaging phenomenon WhatsApp this week announced a milestone 500 million users. All over the world, people are sharing more than 700 million photos and 100 million videos every day, the company boasted in a Tuesday blog post. The most significant growth, however, comes from Brazil, India, Mexico, and Russia.

Twitter Profile Redesign Available to All

pcmag.com — Twitter's redesigned Web profiles are now available to everyone. Introduced to select and new users earlier this month, the changes include a larger profile photo, customizable header, and the "Best Tweets" function. Visit your Twitter account online to launch the updates, which provides a more full-page look, most notably offset by the timeline, now centered on the site, with larger photos and bolder fonts.

Is Your Networking Device Affected by Heartbleed?

pcmag.com — It's important to remember a particular detail about the Heartbleed bug: This bit of digital nastiness is not limited to websites. Heartbleed can also affect the equipment we connect to our networks, such as Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, routers, and access points.
RT @PCMag Is Your Networking Device Affected by Heartbleed? pcmag.me/a/2456884<--How to check and fix. #Apple released an update today.
Does your heart bleed for those with Heartbleed? Guess what, Chester--that security bug could be on your ROUTER. fb.me/6tGahR1dk

Google Merges Texts, Hangout Chats on Android

pcmag.com — Google today launched an updated Hangouts for Android, which merges SMS and Hangout conversations and adds a homescreen widget, among other things. The latest version is rolling out to the Google Play store over the next few days. Hangouts 2.1 lets users choose to combine text messages and Hangout conversations with the same recipient into a single exchange.