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GoPros Can Help Prevent the Next Ferguson — The misery in Ferguson, Missouri seems like the last place the tech industry could step in to help. But that's wrong. There's something tech could do to help bring America together, to do some small bit to heal and solve these very real divisions: body cameras, now.

How Much Do You Know About the Web? — Less than a quarter of Americans know that "the Internet" and "the World Wide Web" are not the same thing. According to a Pew Research study, American Web users' understanding of online terms, famous faces, and tech history varies: While 82 percent of people are aware that hashtags are widely used on Twitter, only 21 percent could identify Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Sony Shifts Focus to Gaming, Reportedly Dumps FIFA — Sony today announced plans to reduce its smartphone and TV lineups to cut costs, and rely heavily on the gaming business. "We're not aiming for size or market share but better profits," Hiroki Totoki, Sony's new mobile division chief, said during an investors conference, as reported by Reuters.

Google Fiber Austin Pricing Revealed — Ahead of next month's gigabit Internet rollout in Austin, Texas, Google has offered a sneak peek at its residential pricing plans. For $70 per month, local users can get 100 times faster Web speeds, up to 1,000 Mbps upload and download speeds, and 1TB of Google cloud storage.

T-Mobile to Be More Transparent About Customer Data Throttling — T-Mobile will stop showing throttled users bogus speed test results and be more transparent about when customers' data speeds have been reduced, the FCC announced this week. "The FCC is committed to ensuring that broadband providers are transparent to consumers," Chairman Tom Wheeler said in a statement.

Sony Pictures Computer Network Hacked — A hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment has left many employees without access to the network. Workers on Monday were met with an ominous skeleton image on their PCs, from a group called #GOP (Guardians of Peace), alongside a message threatening to release "top secret" data if undisclosed demands were not met.

Report: Struggling Samsung Eyes Exec Shake-Up — Samsung is reportedly considering a major executive shake-up. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the company is considering various scenarios in an effort to boost is lagging mobile sales. Most notably, co-chief executive and mobile head J.K. Shin could be moved from his role at head of Samsung's mobile division, and lose the CEO title.

Regin Malware Threat; Apple (RED) Campaign; More T-Mobile Music Partners — Topping tech headlines on Monday, security experts warned of malware that's been used to spy on international targets. Known as Regin, the back-door Trojan is what security firm Symantec called "a complex piece of malware whose structure displays a degree of technical competence rarely seen." Reports suggest that the threat can be traced to U.S.
Nov 25, 2014

ICYMI Monday: #Regin malware threat; Apple (RED) campaign; more @TMobile music partners.,281…

Which Antivirus Products Are Best at Protecting Themselves? — You depend on your antivirus or security suite to protect your data and your devices, but how well does it protect itself? Security software is just software, and subject to flaws, like any other type of program. Coders can take some simple steps to make sure a software flaw doesn't open the program to exploit attack.
Nov 25, 2014

RT @securitywatch: If your antivirus can't protect itself, it can't protect YOU. AV-Test rates products on self-defense abilities.…

The Best Products of 2014 — With more than 1,850 reviews under our collective belts in the PC Labs so far this year-228 of them in October alone-we're feeling pretty good headed into the holidays. But it's no time to slack off. Instead, we tapped our expert analysts and editors and asked them to name a single product that kicks major ass in each category we review.

Mobile Threat Monday: The Most Sophisticated Android Botnet — Creating a malicious Android app is ridiculously simple. Disassemble an existing app using freely available tools, slot in an open-source payload that, for example, sends texts to premium numbers, recompile, and upload to a third-party app store. Done! A vast number of malicious Android apps are just this simple.
Nov 24, 2014

RT @securitywatch: Lookout reports on what may be the most sophisticated Android botnet ever. Don't let it infest your device!…

Nexus 5 Tops Nexus 6 in Repairability — Google last month launched its first phablet-sized smartphone, but the Motorola-made Nexus 6 is not quite as DIY-friendly as its smaller predecessor. In terms of repairability, iFixit awarded the 6-inch handset a seven out of 10-one point short of last year's Nexus 5, and the same grade earned by rival iPhone 6 Plus.

FCC Commissioner Walloped by Reddit — FCC commissioner Mignon Clyburn is an apparatchik. That's not always a bad thing. But longtime bureaucrats tend to have their blood bled out of them, and she just wasn't ready for the pure consumer rage unleashed when she did an "ask me anything" hour on Reddit.

Elon Musk Tips Tesla, BMW Battery Talks — A global automotive collaboration may be in the works between Tesla and BMW. The manufacturers are reportedly in talks to collaborate on batteries and lightweight components. Germany's BMW uses carbon fiber materials from its joint venture with SGL Group for parts of its i3 electric hatchback and i8 plug-in hybrid sports car.

The Best Free Google Chrome Extensions 2013 — PRODUCTIVITY DuckDuckGo for Chrome Because it doesn't track you like Google does, DuckDuckGo is a search engine gaining fame among those with serious privacy concerns. With this extension installed, a Google search also shows the top results for DuckDuckGo-or you can go directly to searching with DDG by clicking the drop-down menu.

The Best Free Google Chrome Extensions 2013 — Despite increased competition from Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Google Chrome remains our Editors' Choice for Web browsers. Version 27 still has the best HTML5 support, amazing response time and security, a built-in Flash player and PDF reader, bookmark and preference synching across computers and even handhelds, and the best minimalist interface on any browser.

Bids in FCC Spectrum Auction Top $34B — Demand for mobile broadband airwaves is stronger than ever, as evidenced by the more than $34 billion that has been bid in the FCC's ongoing spectrum auction. The auction, for 65 megahertz of spectrum in the AWS-3 band, kicked off on Nov. 13.

Apple Launches Holiday (RED) Campaign — Apple developers are turning (RED) this holiday season: A new section of the App Store now offers 25 applications with exclusive content, the proceeds of which will go directly to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.

The Best Productivity Apps of the Year — As the year is creeping to a close, I've been thinking about the apps that have come out this year and made life more organized and productive for individuals. This list covers some of my personal favorites, as well as those that seem to benefit the more disorganized people in my life.
Nov 24, 2014

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