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17 Technologies That Are Dead-Or Are They? — Every year on All Hallow's Eve, the veil separating the land of the dead from the world of the living is at its thinnest. It is on this night that spirits can cross over and seek revenge against those who have wronged them all Freddy Krueger style.

9 Stunning Photos of Microscopic Creatures — It's a small world after all, as evidenced by the winners of Nikon's 40th annual Small World Photomicrography Competition. Rogelio Moreno won the top spot for capturing a unique image of a microscopic creature known as a rotifer, who was caught open-mouthed and facing the camera-a task that requires the utmost patience.

Amazon Not Giving Up on Phones After Fire Flop — Yes, Amazon knows the Fire Phone was a dud; it cost the company $170 million in the last quarter, and left it with an $83 million surplus in unsold phones. Despite its adorable marketing campaign, and features like a 3D-esque parallax display and the "Firefly" identification software, the e-retailer's first attempt at a smartphone barely registered.

Mobile Woes Drag Down Sony Despite PS4 Gains — Sony's PlayStation 4 helped keep the game maker afloat, despite financial losses in the second quarter. The Japanese electronics giant reported its latest financial results, including operating losses of 85.6 billion yen ($765 million), but also a 7.2 percent increase year-over-year in revenue, totalling $17.45 billion.

Expect a Major Cyber Attack by 2025 — The Web in inescapable today; everything from our smartphones and tablets to fitness trackers and home appliances can connect to the Internet. But could this deep connectivity be our downfall? More than 60 percent of experts surveyed by Pew Research believe that by 2025, a major cyber attack will have caused widespread harm to a nation's security and capacity to defend itself and its people.

Russian Official Wants to Ban Tim Cook — Reaction to Tim Cook's decision to publicly come out in a Bloomberg Businessweek op-ed has been mostly positive for the Apple CEO. But not everyone is so supportive. Vitaly Milonov, Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, and notable homophobe, on Thursday said he wants a lifetime prohibition on Cook's entrance into Russia.

Ask Zuck: Facebook CEO to Hold Online Q&A — Always wondered whether Mark Zuckerberg prefers briefs or boxers? Been pining to ask the Facebook CEO what his five desert island movies are? Tune in to the social network on Nov. 6, at 2 p.m. PT (5 p.m. ET) to ask.

Cook 'Proud to be Gay'; Rubin Leaving Google; Microsoft's $199 Smart Band — Topping tech headlines on Thursday, Tim Cook announced that, yes, he is gay. "While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven't publicly acknowledged it either, until now," he said in an editorial penned for Bloomberg Businessweek. "So let me be clear: I'm proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me."

7 Surprising Ghost-Hunting Gadgets — It's been 30 years since Ghostbusters hit theaters, and still we dream of putting on a proton pack and battling Zuul. But ghostbusting is not really a career option. But what about ghost hunting? There are no proton packs, ghost traps, or PKE meters involved, but there is a lot of other technology involved in "capturing" ghosts.
Oct 31, 2014

RT @PCMag: Are you being haunted? You might need one of these ghost-hunting gadgets.

Ask Alex: Put Your Camera Behavior in Focus — Eats, Shoots, and Leaves This is a very divisive issue, but as someone who likes to indulge in their fair share of food porn, I have to believe there's a way to photograph your food politely. That said, I think you should handle this the same way you would any other group dining situation.
Oct 30, 2014

RT @alexandergcolon: Back in the advice game. This month: Instagraming food, tagging without asking, and getting more pics on dating sites,281…

Oct 30, 2014

Back in the advice game. This month: Instagraming food, tagging without asking, and getting more pics on dating sites,281…

Netflix, Hulu Nab Big Names for New Shows — Cinematic serial storytelling is no longer reserved for HBO and Showtime: Netflix continues to snag big names and even bigger narratives to compete with cable television. The streaming site has launched the first look at upcoming original programs Marco Polo and Bloodline, ready for binge watching in December and March, respectively.

Report: Nintendo Prepping Sleep-Tracking Device — Nintendo is looking to bounce back with a new healthcare division, which is reportedly developing a bedside device that measures fatigue and maps sleep. CEO Satoru Iwata (pictured) on Thursday shared an image of the device, which Reuters said uses microwave transmission sensors to collect data and prescribe healthier sleeping habits.

Droid Turbo by Motorola (Verizon Wireless) — By Eugene Kim Before Galaxy, there was Droid-a brand so synonymous with Google's OS that few people knew or cared about the full Android namesake. But as the Samsungs of the world gained ground, the killer robot brand languished, while Motorola itself turned its attention towards the fresher, cleaner Moto moniker.

Inky (for Mac) Review & Rating — Inky is a spritely email client app that gives you the ability to see exactly the kinds of messages you want to see across a number of email accounts. The Inky Mac app (free) unifies your Yahoo, Gmail, and other email accounts into one desktop app.

CloudMagic (for iPhone) — CloudMagic (free) is a simple and easy-to-use email client app for iPhone that unifies all your Web mail accounts, including Google Apps and Mac email, into one view. It offers a handful of options for viewing the content of your inboxes, such as showing only unread mail across multiple accounts.

Crazy Spy Software Makes Computers Spill Secrets Over Radio — The final scene of the 1964 film Goldfinger was shot in Puerto Rico, at El Conquistador resort. Fast forward 50 years and you find the 9th IEEE International Conference on Malicious and Unwanted Software ( Malware 2014 for short) in the same venue.

FTC Sues Dating Site Over Fake Profiles — The Federal Trade Commission is dipping its toe into the online dating pool-but only to sue an English company for creating phony profiles to lure users into paying more. According to a settlement with the FTC, JDI Dating Ltd. must pay a $616,165 fine, and is now prohibited from using fake, computer-generated profiles to trick users into upgrading to paid memberships.

MPAA Cracks Down on Wearables in Theaters — The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) are cracking down on wearable tech in theaters. According to an updated anti-theft policy from the organizations, they support a "zero-tolerance policy toward using any recording device while movies are being shown."

Samsung Gear S Rollout Starts Nov. 7 — Samsung's standalone Gear S smartwatch will be available in black or white via all four major U.S. carriers beginning Nov. 7. The Gear S does not require a smartphone connection, meaning you can make and receive calls directly from your wrist, or get calls forwarded from a smartphones.