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Apple releases iCloud Drive for Windows PCs — Mac users are better off waiting for OS X Yosemite to drop before upgrading to iCloud Drive, but iOS 8-toting Windows users are cleared for takeoff. Apple recently released an upgraded version of iCloud for Windows loaded with iCloud Drive. To enable the feature, just grab and install iCloud for Windows from Apple's support page.

The killer PC games of holiday 2014: A comprehensive guide — The Witcher 3 was delayed until February 2015. Battlefield: Hardline was delayed until February 2015. Batman: Arkham Universe was delayed until February, 2015. Evolve delayed until February 2015. Sure, February 2015 is shaping up to be a rocking month for PC gamers, but after the deluge of delays, are there any games left to launch this year ?
Sep 19, 2014

RT @pcworld: The killer PC games of holiday 2014: A comprehensive guide. Release dates, details, and more

Larry Ellison's best zingers: a look back — Few CEOs have been as consistently entertaining as Larry Ellison. Love him or hate him, you can depend on him to liven up a speech with a put-down, a faux pas or a zinger for a competitor. Reporters joke that his public relations staff must take a lot of Xanax before he takes the stage.