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When NASA Launched Stardust, They Had No Way To Retrieve Its Samples — On August 14, researchers from University California, Berkeley, announced an amazing discovery from NASA's Stardust probe: During its deep space voyage, the ship had captured seven tiny pieces of interstellar rocks, making them the first confirmed samples of intact dust from beyond the Solar System.
Aug 20, 2014

The Stardust space probe had a dirty little secret:… Fun story by @lorengrush (h/t to @kathrynpeek for the tip!)

Foodborne Chicago Twitter Bot — Those moules frites you had at the French bistro last night were delicious, but now you're feeling kind of funny. Worse than funny. Actually, you're trapped in your bathroom, suffering from food poisoning. Who are you going to tell about this? Many cities have hotlines where citizens can report getting food poisoning from restaurants, but not everybody uses them.
Aug 20, 2014

Cool! Innovative approach: #Chicago uses #Twitter to track down food poisoning cases, go after restaurants (via @SAI)