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Does Traditional Christian Marriage Just Mean “Not Gay”? — Donald and Evelyn Knapp believe in "traditional Christian marriages," though a lawsuit filed in federal court last week on their behalf calls into question whether that phrase holds any meaning beyond "not gay." Both Pentecostal ministers ordained in the Foursquare Gospel church, the Knapps run a for-profit wedding chapel called the Hitching Post in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
Oct 22, 2014

RT @danielsilliman: At Idaho wedding chapel, defending marriage has meant redefining "traditional" and "Christian"…

Will Declining Numbers of White Evangelicals Change the Senate? — Try to make sense of this puzzle: white evangelicals, as a percentage of the American population, are on the decline, even in the South. Still, though, Republicans appear poised to gain control of the Senate, where several of the key contested races are in Southern states. What gives?