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What the Hell Does 'Politically Correct' Mean?: A Short History — Amanda Taub's Vox piece denying the existence of political correctness does get one thing right: The phrase political correctness "has no actual fixed or specific meaning." What it does have, though Taub doesn't explore this, is a history of meanings: a series of ways different people have deployed the term, often for radically different purposes.

Watching American Sniper in Baghdad — Early in American Sniper, the title character, Chris Kyle, stares through his crosshairs at a woman and child who may be preparing an attack on American troops. Even when the woman hands the boy an RPG, Kyle waits to pull the trigger.

The American Sniper Was No Hero — Despite what some people think, hero is not a synonym for competent government-hired killer. If Clint Eastwood's record-breaking movie, American Sniper, launches a frank public conversation about war and heroism, the great director will have performed a badly needed service for the country and the world.
Jan 30, 2015

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Jan 29, 2015

Reason writer: Chris Kyle no different than what "Adam Lanza did at Sandy Hook"…

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Is It Immoral for Men to Gestate? Transgendered Women? — The first child ever successfully gestated in a transplanted uterus and brought safely to term was born in Sweden in September. The healthy baby boy's 36-year old mother had been born without a uterus. The transplanted organ was donated by a 61-year old family friend who had herself given birth to two children.
Jan 30, 2015

Should men + transgendered women be allowed to gestate when science makes that possible? Yes…

Friday A/V Club: Dick Nixon Tickles the Ivories — The Jack Paar Program. March 8, 1963. The premiere of Richard Nixon's first piano concerto, performed by the composer: The sound cuts out at 2:07; I'm not sure why. If you feel like you've been cheated out of an extra minute of musical Nixon, I'll try to sate you with this bonus footage of Nixon and Jack Benny playing a duet.

Still Alice and Wild Card — Julianne Moore has already won Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards for her performance in Still Alice, and she may well win the Academy Award for which she's been nominated. Not a lot of people have seen this movie, but that could change when it expands nationwide next week.
Jan 30, 2015

My reviews of #StillAlice (opening wide) and #WildCard (not great Statham) are up now at Reason Online:

FAA to Idiots: Don't Fly Your Drone at the Super Bowl — Yesterday the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released a 15 second video with this helpful reminder: Don't try to fly a drone at the Super Bowl, ya jerks. I suppose, given that some drunk off-duty intelligence agent crashed his drone onto White House grounds at 3 a.m.

LIVESTREAM: The Impact of Vergara v. California on the Future of Education - A National School Choice Week Event - 10pm ET/7pm PT — Tune in tonight for a livestream straight from Reason's L.A. headquarters at 9pm ET/6pm PT. Last year, a landmark education case took aim at laws protecting bad teachers--and the students won. Vergara v. California reaffirmed the fundamental right of every student to learn from effective teachers and have an equal opportunity to succeed in school, paving the way for teacher accountability and greater choice.

Idaho Bill Seeks to Make Executions Even Less Transparent — Last week, the Idaho Senate Judiciary and Rules committee decided to move ahead with legislation propsed by the state's Department of Correction, broadening its already existing death penalty confidentiality policy (designed to protect the identities of the executioner, the on-site physician, and anyone else directly involved with the execution) into state law.
Jan 30, 2015

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School Choice Battle Is 'About Power,' Says Ex-Black Power Leader — On Wednesday, January 28th, thousands of parents and students marched down the streets in Montgomery, Alabama, demanding that their state recognize the growing need for more options in elementary and secondary education. The march was a part of National School Choice Week, a movement which aims to give parents more control over their children's education through the implementation of voucher systems and charter schools.

A Few Perspectives on Political Correctness — Earlier this week, Jonathan Chait set a lot of the Internet alight with a piece on "political correctness." Much of Chait's piece will be well-worn territory to regular Reason readers, covering various recent, high-profile instances of the tyranny of tolerance run amok.

Is Hillary Clinton the of Presidential Candidates? — For a sense of how crowded and chaotic the potential Republican presidential field is, it's worth reading Sean Trende's RealClearPolitics analysis of the coming race, "What If No One Wins the GOP Presidential Nomination?"

Will This Court Case Kill Teachers Unions in California? — A legal case in California may spell doom for the California Teachers Association (CTA), the state's largest education union. Rebecca Friedrichs, who teaches in the Los Angeles suburb of Buena Park, and a group of other teachers are challenging CTA's ability to collect dues from people who don't join the union: At issue is California's "agency shop" law, which forces members of a unionized profession to pay dues even if they don't support or have membership in the union.

Is Lying About Marijuana a Prerequisite for an Attorney General? — During her confirmation hearing yesterday, Loretta Lynch, President Obama's nominee to replace Eric Holder as attorney general, showed that she will happily lie to secure the job. Alternatively, she demonstrated her fitness for the job, which requires enforcing arbitrary distinctions among psychoactive substances, by displaying woeful ignorance about the relative hazards of marijuana and alcohol.
Jan 29, 2015

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"The GOP's Long Love Affair With Schmucks" — As the silly season of Election 2016 starts cranking up, nothing is sillier and more pathetic than the quadrennial dance of Republicans with manifestly unqualified candidates vying for the party's presidential nomination.

School Choice: How Eva Moskowitz Outmuscled the NYC Teachers Union — A former college history professor and city council member, Eva Moskowitz created Success Academy, a hugely popular and successful series of publicly funded charters schools in New York City. Her schools' success earned her the ire of Gotham's teachers union and a long-simmering feud with Mayor Bill de Blasio erupted last year when City Hall tried to quash expansion plans for Success Academy.

A Fond Farewell to Andrew Sullivan, Who Is Retiring From Blogging — Andrew Sullivan, the pioneering blogger whose work set the tone for a generation of online political journalism, announced today that he's retiring from blogging after 15 years. It's hard to overstate how influential Sullivan's blogging has been over the years.

What the Collapse of Obama’s Plan to Tax 529 College Savings Tells Us About the Welfare State's Fraught Future — To understand just how bad the politics of Obama's now-withdrawn plan to tax 529 college savings were, think about it this way: Obama, under heavy pressure from both Democrats and Republicans, made a public show of pulling a proposal that already had no chance of passing.
Jan 28, 2015

RT @petersuderman: The collapse of Obama's 529 plan is a minor but revealing political fiasco, and a preview of policy battles to come:…

Jan 28, 2015

RT @petersuderman: The collapse of Obama's 529 plan is a minor but revealing political fiasco, and a preview of policy battles to come:…

The Voluntarily Unvaccinated Are Harming Other People in California Measles Outbreak — The number of cases from the Disneyland measles outbreak has now risen to 88. Of those whose vaccination status is known, the vast majority who have come down with disease have been unvaccinated. One might retort that vaccine refuseniks get what they deserve, but most of them are children who are suffering for their parents' irresponsibility.
Jan 28, 2015

The Voluntarily Unvaccinated Are Harming Other People in California Measles Outbreak…