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Why Apple's iPad May Have Peaked

readwrite.com — Even though Apple's Q2 2014 earnings on Wednesday broke all previous company records for the January-March quarter- with growth across nearly all product lines in all markets -one product was left behind. And that product was the iPad.

Why The Cable Companies Have Reason To Fear Amazon

readwrite.com — The Platform is a regular column by mobile editor Dan Rowinski. Ubiquitous computing, ambient intelligence and pervasive networks are changing the way humans interact with everything. HBO programming is among the most coveted in all of television. Its catalog includes some of the best produced and most critically acclaimed comedy and drama series ever created.

ReadWrite At 11: Mapping The Future

readwrite.com — Eleven years ago, on April 20, 2003, ReadWrite founder Richard MacManus wrote this site's first post, declaring that "[o]rdinary people should be able to write to the Web, just as easily as they can browse and read it." In the decade that followed, ReadWrite has lived up to that mission.