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Don't Text Me! Let's Revive The Lost Art Of Emailing — I, like so many people, spend an ungodly amount of time each day checking email. Every time my phone pings, I eagerly look at my inbox hoping to see the musings of a loved one. More likely, it's the latest sale that the GAP wants to make sure I absolutely don't miss.
Jan 23, 2015

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From Kings To Grannies: These Vine Stars Are Starting The New Year In The Top 10 — Vine, the social media platform for creating and sharing short video loops, is one of the hottest growing social media trends right now. Here's a look at the top 10 Viners from the last 30 days based on new followers.

Pebble Strikes Deal To Become The Smartwatch Of Choice For First Responders — Pebble has long been able to dish up phone alerts and pay for our Starbucks lattés. Now, it may even help save lives. Pebble just struck a deal with CommandWear System to become a communication lifeline for first responders. CommandWear's platform aims to help emergency workers stay connected without compromising their "situational awareness," by adding distractions that can compromise safety.
Jan 22, 2015

Pebble is striking a deal that may make it the smartwatch of choice for first responders.

Google Enters The Wireless Provider Market, With Sprint And T-Mobile's Help — Google will sell wireless service plans directly to consumers, managing both calls and mobile data on a cellular network, The Information reports. Sources close to the deal say that Google will pay Sprint and T-Mobile for access to their mobile networks, according to The Information.
Jan 22, 2015

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Apple Watch Battery Supposedly Lasts Only A Couple Of Hours — Woe be to anyone actually planning to use an Apple Watch. According to sources cited by Apple blog 9to5Mac, the still-unreleased iOS smartwatch's battery life lasts only for a couple hours of heavy use. See also: What You Can Do With The Apple Watch Standby time looks better; it can hang on for up to 2 or 3 days.
Jan 22, 2015

Word has it, the Apple Watch's battery may last for only a couple of functional hours

How To Hire A Data Scientist — We're getting Big Data all wrong, and it's holding us back. By making a fetish of the volume of data we're collecting, we've completely overlooked the most important aspect of our data: analyzing it. Such analysis is often assumed to be the province of data scientists, those magical unicorns that take one look at a company's data and declare, "Buy low, sell high!"