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Menu shift boosts Greater Boston's fastest-growing burger chain — Greater Boston's fastest growing burger chain isn't really a burger chain at all - at least, not anymore. B.good co-founder Jon Olinto tells me the Malden company's shops, once known for its hamburger-and-fries menu, are enjoying a banner year because of the company's shift into healthier fare.
Nov 23, 2014

Looking for the next Potbelly or 5 Guys? This burger/salad chain might be it:…

Shama Hyder: How you can use LinkedIn to help with B2B businesses — LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for creating business-to-business relationships. To further its B2B standing, LinkedIn has implemented several business targeted tools specifically meant to allow you to monitor your impact on the social network help tailor a presence to suit your desired audience.
Nov 23, 2014

.@Shama explains it all for you => Advanced LinkedIn tips for B2B companies… via @stlouisbiz

Microsoft 'Developer Evangelist' speaks at Global Entrepreneurship Week Albuquerque — Michael Palermo from Microsoft spoke at FatPipeABQ on Monday afternoon as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. Palermo, a "Developer Evangelist" for Microsoft, spoke for an hour about the pitfalls of app and software development, as well as how Albuquerque fits into the overall entrepreneurial scene. See the accompanying video to hear some of his remarks.

Kanoodl CEO pitches interactive music service at ABQid's Demo Day — Kanoodl CEO Matthew Ayoub is a self-professed music fan, and he said he's created a way to bring royalty-free music for commercial spaces. On Friday at Hotel Andaluz, he and 11 other firm leaders will present their companies at ABQid's Demo Day, which is part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

ABQid company InnoBright takes on Hollywood animation market at Demo Day — ABQid firm InnoBright says it has developed a new software algorithm that can dramatically speed up the process of making a digitally animated movie. Developing a feature film such as "Cars" or "Shrek" takes hundreds of hours of computer processing time, terabytes of data and many skilled animators.

Boeing CEO makes more than his company pays in federal taxes — Boeing likely has a lower tax rate than you, according to a joint study by the Center for Effective Government and the Institute for Policy Studies. The study measures the gap between CEO pay and federal income taxes paid by the 30 largest corporations in the United States in 2013.
Nov 21, 2014

"Boeing CEO makes more than his company pays in federal taxes" - Via @PSBJ…